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Astaghfirullah al ‘Azim wa atoubu ilayh…Destur ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

What is Fasad, corruption? How it can be Fasad? Milk- when you are putting it in a pot (that) may be in it a little bit dirtiness, that milk quickly changing and loosing its originality for the reason, for the cause of that dirtiness. You can’t use it as you like…

Now- mankind has been landed on earth. S.Adam, peace be upon him, he had been sent on earth to be there and to bring their generation because Allah Almighty making Adam to be Allah Almighty’s deputy on earth and to make his best for his Lord Almighty Allah. And he was taking his most care not to repeat what happened from him in Paradise. He was very careful to follow his Lord’s Commands on earth, not to be again a rebellious servant. Because he repented what he did on Paradise and for that reason was crying and asking forgiveness from Allah Almighty hundreds (of) years. And then Allah Almighty He forgiving him and that was the reason he was very appreciative for keeping Allah Almighty’s Commands. And he was knowing that the honour which he had been granted by Allah Almighty no any other honour may be on it or above that honour, can’t be. The honour that Allah Almighty honoured him and promised to Adam that: “Everyone (who is) keeping my divinely Commands I am granting to him, to her, to them, what I granted to you, that honour. One condition: they must keep what I was asking from them the Day of Promising and (that time) they were all accepting to be My servants. That is their promise, oath, that they were giving to Me! I am asking only from them to keep that oath, nothing else. If they are keeping that oath that they were giving to Me the Day of Promising, just I am going to fulfil My promise for them to grant to them that honour that I am not giving to anyone else from other creatures, I am fulfilling My Promise also.”

And Adam was so appreciate to keep his oath and to make his descendants to keep their promises and oaths for their Lord, for their Creator. He was clean, just Allah was cleaning him and Eve also, and he was giving his advises, calling his generation: “Oh my children, I promised to my Lord to be clean on earth, to remain clean and I am asking from you to keep my advise to be clean and to keep yourself clean!” They were asking: “ We think that we are clean ones.”

Yes, mankind when they are coming, coming clean. No one (is) born dirty, everyone (is) coming clean. Up to the age of maturity (everyone is) clean. After the age of maturity the enemy of the Children of Adam (is after them) that he was (the) first rebellious one to his Lord Almighty Allah through creation. He was clean, and when he did what he did in (the) divinely Presence, taken from him cleanliness and he (was) becoming fully dirty. Shaitan (is) fully (a) dirty creature; through (the) whole (of) creation he is (the) dirtiest one. And he was running after the Children of Adam, (saying): “If I was becoming dirty for the (reason of the) Children of Adam, I am not leaving them to be clean ones, (but) I shall try as much as possible to make them dirty or to throw on them dirtiness.”

Grandsheikh, our Grandsheikh- Allah bless him- Sultanu-l Awliya, he was saying through his associations, that Shah-u-Naqshiband (was) the main pillar for this holy Tariqat, (the) most distinguished Naqshibandi Order; its main pillar. As a tent has a pillar at the middle of (the) tent; if that pillar you are not putting, that tent (is) coming down, can’t (stand up). When putting (it in the) tent, it is okay. Therefore- this (is an) example- we may say: if not Shah-u Naqshiband (was) coming in existence, that most distinguished Naqshbandi Order can’t stand up. He was saying: “I was looking for Shaitan to catch him a little bit making like this (resting). Day and night I was so keenly running after him to find him a little bit like this…(but) never (he was) making like this (closing his eyes)!” So keenly (he is) running after mankind to make them dirty, to throw on them dirtiness. Or, if he is not carrying them to dirty channels, at least he is trying to take from that dirty channels something and to throw on them. Some of them (are) surrendering and running with Shaitan. Whom they are running away from him, he is trying to throw on them dirtiness also.

Now we are living in a time (that) if a man (is) getting out from his home to (the) street, waiting in front of doors of houses or shops or anywhere that people may be in it, looking for man 7 Shaitans. Waiting. When looking (that he is) coming out, quickly running after him. Second one coming (out), another 7 Shaitans (are) coming to make him heedless and to carry him into dirty channels or at least to throw on him dirtiness. If women- 7o Shaitans waiting (for them). If a woman (is) getting out by herself, alone, or two of them, or three of them without a man, 7o Shaitans (are) waiting for them and quickly surround them to carry them to dirty channels. If they are asking to run away at least they are throwing on them dirtiness. Shah-u Naqshiband was saying: “I never find Shaitan even a little bit like this (resting, closing his eyes), no, always awake!” Running from East to West, from West to East, even from Mecca Mukarrama to Medina Munawwara, fro Medina Munawwara to Mecca Mukarrama, or from Damascus to Mascid Aqsa, from Mascid Aqsa to Baghdad, from Baghdad to Yesher- from East to West (he is) running, running to make mankind to fall into Hells. Dirty channels reaching to Hells.

Shah-u-Naqshiband was saying: “If I can catch Shaitan even a second making like this (closing his eyes), I was trying to make a veil between him and (the) Ummah (so) that he can’t be able to see where is (the) Ummah. But I can’t reach!” Shaitan (is) running after the Children of Adam and making them to forget their oaths in (the) divinely Presence. When you forget it, you can do everything! (The Prophet was saying:) “If you are not ashaming you may do everything…” Now people (are) never ashaming, men and women; (and) therefore they are doing everything, every dirtiness they are doing! If (in) a pot you can find a dirtiness, (even) very little, (and it is) collapsing what it is put in it from milk- what about this world? Everywhere full with dirtiness! And people (are) running in it; they are not ashaming from their Creator. No one (is) thinking that: “Allah Almighty (is) looking to us and seeing what we are doing!” No one (is) asking and no one (is) remembering or no one (is) asking to remember what they just gave from their oath in (the) divinely Presence.

And this world now ( is so dirty!)… therefore Awliyas (are) saying: “We can’t find a clean place for Sajdah, we can’t find clean earth to make Tayyamun.” The Prophet was saying: “Should come a time that my nation (is) going through Fasad, corruption”- this is the time- and he was saying: ”Who is trying to keep himself clean and to keep my way, they should be granted the reward of hundred martyrs, Shahid.” (It is) so valuable now to keep the way of Rasulullah sws, (the) Seal of Prophets. To try to be clean it is so valuable, that Allah Almighty (is) granting hundred martyrs’ reward for one person who is keeping (himself on the) clean way.

What is going to be? You are looking sometimes may be Gala Night, big feast (in) big palaces or halls. Everything (is) prepared, (and) people (are) coming- eating, drinking, dancing, enjoying and what (is) there remaining? Remaining their dirtiness there. When (people are) going away, the owner of that place (is) ordering servants: “Quickly change everything and clean! Clean everything. Throw away!” Because second (time) you can’t use this place as it is. Now corruption reached (to everywhere) in such a way (that) from East to West, from North to South- all dirtiness! Therefore it is now His Order- His divinely Order-, reaching to (the) Qutbu-l Mutasarrif, the Pole of Awliyas that he is in charge for looking everything on earth and he is also in charge for cleaning everything. But he is looking until they are finishing. As that feast; (the) owner of that palace (is) waiting (until the) last one (is) leaving, then (he is) cleaning. Now (for) all people who make this dirtiness on earth, (the) holy Command (is) just reaching to that Grand Wali: “Now close the doors that no one can enter in it to make another dirtiness! Keep doors and begin to clean!”

Now time is over! Just (the) Order (is) coming: “Close the doors and everything from dirtiness take them away and change everything in it! Now it should be opened for My sincere servants and believers. For My clean people clean this dirtiness!” That is the time of Mehdi a.s!

May Allah forgive me and bless you and we are asking to reach to that clean time of Mehdi a.s. as well as with S.Isa a.s., Jesus Christ- and he is not coming on a dirty world, no, he is coming to a clean place!- to reach to them and to be from clean ones. For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 15.03.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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