Maulana Sheikh NazimWhat is this Lifeabout?
We must ask Allah to protect us. That is what we need. Satan does not bother with those who have left all belief and do not believe in anything. They are already directed by him. That is their way. They think that there is no life after death, no Judgement Day and no eternal life. It is their belief not to believe. This is the deepest ignorance anyone can have. If someone is refusing to use their mind, there is nothing you can do.
Abu Jahil looked at the Prophet*, but never saw the lights of prophecy in his face. Bilal looked and saw it. Abu Lahab denied it, Bilal declared it. If a person is blind, you cannot give any description to him about the difference of colours. You can say that it is blue, white, black or yellow, but he will not understand. In the same way a spiritual blind person will never be able to understand Divine Messages, Divine Books, Heavenly Commands or Divine Rules.

Those who are blind do not differentiate between their words and the words of the Lord. They think that one book is like the other. They do not have any lights in their eyes to clarify what is what. Some blind people can operate their eyes and begin to see, others are hopeless. Those who do not believe in Heavenly Messages are either born blind, or have become so afterwards. It is impossible to make them understand.

Ideas are from the mind. We can think something and then change it quickly. Reality cannot be changed. The biggest mistake people make nowadays is to think that Heavenly Messages can be compared with their own ideas. That is impossible. They cannot differentiate between an imitated diamond and a real one. They both look the same, even though one is made of plastic. Only an expert can tell the difference. People are learning from imitated diamonds, not from real ones. This is why, when they look at real diamonds, they still think that their own is more valuable.

The people of the 19th and 20th century all run after imitated diamonds, not real ones. They are cheating and lying. Those who come as leaders for communities are cheating people and telling lies. That is the reality of this century. People do not say the truth. They do not accept the truth. If you ask people to follow you, you must cheat them and tell the opposite of truth. That is the easiest way of making them to follow you. If you tell them the truth, they will run away from you because they like being cheated.

It is the most dangerous egoistic illness: to cheat or to be cheated. It is forbidden for a believer to cheat others. The Prophet* said that whoever cheats does not belong to his nation. It is forbidden to cheat people and we have been ordered not to be cheated. Allah has given you the Lights of Truth, why don't you use it?

If you have been cheated in this world, it does not mean a thing, but don't be cheated in your beliefs, in your religion, in your Islam, Iman and Ihsan. Open your eyes! Islam does not accept people to be drunk. Muslims should not be accused of being ignorant square-headed idiots. People should not be able to cheat us, or at least we should be aware of it.

Wake up, believers! Unbelievers want to cheat you. They want to lead you. They want to destroy your faith, because they are with the devils who represent satan. Their headquarters are in the capitals of Europe, with the people who say that they have reached the top point of civilisation. But they never say the truth because they haven't reached anything. Not only are they not on the top, they are on the lowest level. They cannot separate what is false and what is right, what is bad and what is good, what is real and what is imitated.

Life is a one time chance. No one comes into this life a second time. People who believe that are not dealing with realities. You are given a one time chance to understand something. You will be asked when you leave this life and come into the second life, "Oh servant of the Lord, what did you understand in all those years you lived?" Maybe you lived 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80 years... What did you understand in all those years? You travelled for so many years on earth, now you are under earth. What did you understand in all those years? Maybe you will answer, "I was a builder, a doctor, a lawyer, a carpenter, an Imam, a chief of a mental house..." all important titles, but what did you understand? What were you running after? Did it make you understand?

Try to find an answer when you will be asked. The most ignorant people think that we are like grass. But no! We are different than any other creatures.

- 01.01.1997
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