Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim What making people here in trouble and hereafter in Hells

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

Whole sufferings, whole badness, wickedness, bad characteristic that making people here in trouble and hereafter in Hells, that must be well-known. So many people (are) complaining, because they are suffering and their life is in troubles. They have countless problems; they are running to bring a solution for one problem and after that (there are) coming two problems. (They are) trying to bring a solution for that two problems, (and) behind it (are) appearing 4 problems, 8, 1oo- countless problems. What is the reason?
Awliya are (the) inheritors of Prophets (and) also they are inheriting (the) heritage of (the) Prophets. They are Awliya. They are taking pearls of wisdom from (the) Knowledge Oceans of Prophets. What they are saying why people (are) falling in endless troubles and (there are) appearing countless problems and they are not getting in peace? Troubles (are) running after them and never leaving them to say: “Oh, I am in peace today, I am happy today.” No one (is) saying (this) from these people that they are the servants of Dunya. They (are) never going to say: “Oh, I am today in peace.” Dunya (is) never leaving its servants- not servants, really (they are) its slaves- to say (this), because (it is) making them to think about tomorrow. They are finishing today perhaps, (they are) bringing solutions for their problems for today, they are finishing, (but) when they are sitting, Shaitan (is) coming, Dunya (is) coming, and saying: “Look to me! Don’t sleep peacefully. Don’t be in pleasure, because tomorrow you have such and such and such a problem, countless, you must think about tomorrow! Don’t sleep peacefully!” And this person (is) saying: “Oh, my head, oh, my head, oh, my head (is) going to be like Dunya!” Yes, because (the) whole Dunya (is) in his head. “Ohhh, I can’t sleep! Please, oh, my wife, bring to me Valium, (so that) a little bit perhaps I may rest.” Nothing (to worry) for tomorrow (yet), but Shaitan (is) giving that (to his mind) to make him not to be happy or to be in peace. “Bring Valium!…Ohhh, what is the time? Only half an hour, but yet my head is growing more, growing more…and this Valium that is 25 mg, it is not enough…How you are sleeping? Stand up and bring 5o mg Valium.” Up to morning 25, 5o, 25, 5o and (in the) morning he is lying like a dead body….

What you are saying? Do you think that I am making joke with you or it is reality? No rest, no peace, no pleasure, no enjoyment, no contentment, no satisfaction. How that person (is) going to be saved from this? They are not asking. They are thinking that they may save themselves by Valium. No!

(The) next day (that person is) carrying that Samsonite to bring solutions, taking suitcase, making like that…”Oh, my Darling, what was (the) code number for this? I am forgetting”, and ½ hour (he is) asking to find (the) code-number. (Then he is phoning home): “Oh my Darling. I am in (the) office, but I forget… I am looking (for the) (code-)
number, but (I am) not finding (it). Look if you can find (it) there.” (One) problem (is) bringing another problem…until he is opening that Samsonite, (it is) going to be noon. Openong…”Ohhh”, he is saying, “Where is that paper?… Hello, my Darling, I think I am leaving some important documents (at home). Look (in) my room, where I put it.” And she is saying: “I am sorry, I am looking also in dustbin?” So many papers in it…”Look quickly there, because I was not in myself last night, perhaps I am making like this, putting there...” “Yes, yes, just I found...” “Make copy and send here...”

Problems (are) bringing (other) problems. What is (the) reason (for that), no one (is) asking! Now all (the) world’s people (are) in that way. If anyone (is) saying: “No”, I am sending (him) to make (a) check up for him in (the) mental-house… and I am the expert for check up… I may check up their doctors also…All people! Do you think I am joking or saying (a) lie? That is (the) real report, (the) real check up for all (the) world. No one can say to me: “You are wrong, oh Sheikh.” I am making him then not to sleep 3 months. (And even) if (he is) drinking one kg- not mg, but kg- (of) Valium, (he) can’t sleep (for) 3 months.

What is (the) reason? Why? Allah Almighty, He likes His servants to fall in such bad conditions? Why? But Shaitan (is) carrying them to fall in endless problems (and) sufferings and they are now beginning, from here, falling in a valley of Hell. What is (the) reason? Those whom they are representing Prophets, whom they are on (the) steps of (the) Prophets, who are (the) real followers of Prophets, (they know the answer). (They are) inheriting (knowledge) from (the) heavenly Knowledge (that is coming) through (the) Prophets, through traditional knowledge. It just reached to them through (the) Holy Books particularly (through the) last one- (the) last Message- (that) just it had been sent to all mankind. I am challenging all other religious people from Non-Muslims and I am also challenging the Muslim doctors to come here and to say to me what is (the) reason, (and) what is their cure and treatment for mankind!

They are all liars now, all governments and statesmen! They are saying: “(The) treatment that can save mankind (is) democratical rules.” They are liars! Democratic rules (are) never coming from Heavens; (they are) coming from toilet people, (they are) not coming from Heavens. But people like what (is) coming from toilet people; they are not taking any care (for) what (is) coming from Heavens- they are denying (it). Therefore their punishment just reached to them and (they) can’t be able to bring peace on earth through their democratical rules. All of them (are) imitated, false. Never, useless, (the) whole world (is like this). Look everywhere! Beginning from America, ending in Turkey; coming to Iraq, Palestine, going to Russia, going to Germany, going to East and West. All (countries are) asking to find peace through the imitated or plastic, synthetic, rules that (are) shown to people from democracy.

I am sorry to say (that the) Islamic world also (has been) cheated. They are leaving (the) Holy Commands, (the) heavenly Rules and (they are) running after democracy. I know, I understand (that) Christians have no any heavenly Rules through (the) Archangel, through (the) Bible and (they are) using (the) Old Testament Rules. But (they are) not using that also! But we, Muslims, we have been granted from Allah Almighty heavenly Rules for arranging our life peacefully, but- I am sorry to say (that) (the) Muslim world (is) refusing (them) and saying: “Democracy.“ For what? Why you are changing? And (they are) falling down, (they are) not going to be successful: Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran… Iran (is) saying also saying: ‘Islamic Republic'. No republic in Islam! No parliament in Islam, no democracy in Islam! This (is) all for (the) Non-Muslim world, not for Islam. They lost their honour and (they are) falling down also.

Rules that should save people from (the) darkness of their life, from Hells here and Hereafter, they are heavenly Rules only. Till (they are) bringing (them back), (people are) eating each other. Not civilization, but they are running after violence. People (are) becoming much more violent and (they are) asking to destroy each other.

Therefore- oh people, we are coming now to the important point that we fell in it for that reason, because democracy is something imitated, as plastic figures, (it is) never giving any power to us, (neither) physically nor spiritually.

When people (are) never reaching to that point, they can’t reach a peaceful life. It is prevented. (There is the) holy Order (coming) to everything (in creation, saying): “Give trouble to these foolish people!” Therefore countless new illnesses (are) rushing on mankind and (the doctors are) saying: “We never saw such an illness through our knowledge, through our books.” Whom they are making these heart operations! What is that! Everyone now is making now operations. (And) after (it, on the) second day they are saying: “We must open your heart.” How you are doing this? Leave that person to die, better. For what? After six months (they are saying): “We must change another…” (for money…)
One of our brothers in Istanbul who built this Dergah was in reanimation, (in a) special control room, (because) they (had) made (a) second operation on his heart. And they are putting (him) in that room, (putting) so many machines on him and through 24 hours (he was) passing (away). (The) doctors (were) saying: “We must do another operation, because we lost something in it.” And he was (already) dead! Really he was dead, because I heard (it) through (the) telephone from his wife; she (was) saying: “I was (the) only one (who was) permitted to go in (that room) and to look to him and, oh Sheikh, I was seeing (that) his eyes (were) never looking anywhere.” (His) eyes (were) showing that he was a dead body. But even (he was) dead, (they were) taking (him) into (the) operation room, making another (operation), and after 2 hours (they were) saying:

Everything (is coming) against mankind who (is) not obeying heavenly Rules, heavenly Commands. Finished. Allah Almighty (is) saying: “If you are changing, I am changing. If you are coming to My way, I am changing My dealing with you in(to) (a) peaceful dealing. If you are not (changing your dealing with Me), you are going to be (punished). “And (the) real reason for all troubles (is this:) because peoples’ hearts (are) connected through this temporary life. All our efforts for this life (are) connected (to it), and we are leaving (the) connection through our soul to Heavens and (therefore) all (the) heaviness of (the) material life (is) falling on us and we can’t be saved.

May Allah forgive us and bless you, not to be slaves for this, nothing, imitated life that all people (are) running on (this) imitated life, leaving to ask (for the) real life. (The) imitated life is for only a very short time and (people are) leaving the real life- (and) that is (the) trouble. Until (they are) coming back, (people are) not coming to be in peace or happiness.
May Allah forgive us and send us quickly one of His deputies to save people from (the) traps and tricks of Shaitan. For the honour of (the) most honoured one in His divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 06.07.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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