Kings of Kings! We are such small-ones. Be happy that you are not a donkey! Ladies, be happy that you are not monkeys! Germans, be happy that you are not camels! Thanks to Allah, He has given us the greatest honour by making us human-beings. "The foundation of our tariqat is association!" Shah ul Naqshband, the pillar of our most distinguished Naqshbandi Order, used to say. Why is our tariqat most distinguished? Because its methods are very special. What are the methods for? They prepare us for the Divine Presence, for the day on which everybody will be in Divine Presence. Whenever a ceremony is to be held in the Palace of her Majesty, whatever the occasion may be and she has invited famous and important people, they will be asked to wear such and such clothes. These will then come with their medals and uniforms and come. Her Majesty will also be dressed in a grand uniform. During this parade everyone is showing what they have.
In the same way, everybody has been called and invited on the Last Day to be in Divine Presence. And just like the people who have been invited to her Majesty take their most famous uniforms, everyone must come to the Last Day with their grand uniform. It will be a day of show and everyone will bring what they have. The grandest uniform will be worn by Sayyidina Muhammad, may peace be upon him. He will be there shining like the sun in the sky. No-one will ask where the sun is. On the Day of Resurrection it will be clear to everyone who the praised servant of Allah Almighty is. All prophets will come with their special uniforms made of light. Everyone will be there with their special uniforms, if they have any.
The most distinguished order, is the Naqshbandi Order and the most beautiful clothes are being prepared for its followers. There are some boot-sales where you can find clothes, but there are also clothes in Harrods or special tailors to make the clothes exactly the way you want them. Most distinguished means, it makes the best clothes for the servants for the Day of Resurrection. This tariqat is not for this world, it prepares you for Allah Almighty. We are not trying to waste people's life for the cheapest material. The Naqshbandi Order wants to spend all its authority for the sake of that day, to be able to come there with a special dressing. Others will not be able to look away, that is how beautiful, nice and sensational it will be. It will be perfect on the outside and in their hearts.
We ask of Allah Almighty not to make us ugly on that day. It is really bad luck to be ugly on that day. Ugly means that Allah Almighty will not look at them. If Allah Almighty looks at them they will appear with a wonderful look. When Allah Almighty's look empowers them, they will be so sweet. Unimaginable! And they will be in their paradise immediately without any hinderance. Nothing will hurt them. They will not have any suffering. That is the main target of the most distinguished Naqshbandi Order. It wants to make you a most distinguished one in Divine Presence. Try it and ask from your Lord to grant you. If you ask, He will give. You will then never lose your faith, or your good works, or your good intentions.
The intentions to do good will grow like plants grow and give their fruits. No-one will have tasted anything sweeter than these fruits that have grown through your intentions. The plant of good intentions is a very special plant. Everyone will be dealt with in the Divine Presence on the level of their plants of intentions. Everyone will find plants of the fruit of their intentions. It will give more and more and more. Try to plant trees of good intentions. Don't plant trees of bad intentions. It makes you ugly. No-one will then be able to look at you. Be attractive in the way that Allah Almighty will dress you with Divine Lights and you will be able to look at Him, the Almighty. If He doesn't dress you with Divine Lights, you will not be able to be in his Divine Presence. When you are in his Divine Presence, you will be able to look at his Divine Lights, into his Eternal Face. That is the biggest target, our final target: our Lord. From pre-eternity to eternity our endless and highest target is You, our Lord, nothing else! Nothing can be mentioned with Him. How can anyone make any other target that Him? Everything except his Divine Face will be finished and vanished. How can you aim at something that will vanish? Whoever makes the Divine Face of Allah Almighty the final target, will win everything. If someone leaves that target for anything else, he will find nothing in the end. He will look and find that he wasted his life for nothing. He will look at find nothing. Most people spend their lives running after something which in the end is worth nothing. That is reality. Millions leave this life every day. They look to see whatever they were running after, and they cannot see it. They are in a very narrow box and they shout, "Where is my target?"
What are we running for? For nothing! Don't belong to the heedless people who will not understand until they die. You must understand before you die what reality and truth is, so that you can reach your targets. Otherwise you will be like rubbish which will be thrown out of the city by the council. That is our history.
May Allah Almighty forgive us for the honour of his Beloved Servant Sayyidina Muhammad and for the honour of this Holy Month.
These are simple words which they are making me to say. If I was asked to speak in high level English or German or French, I could speak like a French, German, Scot, Irishman, Pakistani, Arab. It is so easy to speak a language of high level with high wisdoms. But what is the benefit? It is not a show. I am not doing a show like other people who make a show of their knowledge. There is no need. We want to give people a benefit and you are all like children in the kindergarten in front of holy people. Therefore we are speaking in this way, even if there are 70 or 90 year old people, all of us are kindergarten students. No more! Don't look at your beard growing and coming down...It is better to be people of the kindergarten, because there are never any exams and no-one is losing. Everyone is winning. In elementary school, secondary school, college, academies, universities, masters... everybody has to pass exams. Parents keep coming to me to pray for their children to pass exams, but no-one ever asks to pray for someone to pass the kindergarten exam! So you should be happy to stay forever in the kindergarten! No exams!
London - 01.03.1994
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