Maulana Sheikh NazimWHAT IS THE USE OF SUCH PEACE Conferences
The people at this conference are doing this for worldly reasons, they are not doing it for the sake of Allah. The ones present here have not been appointed here by the whole world. So many come here, but how have they been selected? As they like. They bring different receipts and then they are accepted. So this meeting is more like a holiday where people can enjoy themselves. This Riva del Garda is an attractive place. If I would call them to the hot desert in the Sinai for a peace conference, I don't think that even 8 would come. Not like here, 800! But this place is very attractive, people can enjoy themselves. They are also able to fulfil the secret desire of being famous, because they can speak here in front of big crowds. This is a characteristic which has been planted within the egos of mankind. Everyone wants to have such titles to be able to stand up and speak to others. It is like children playing the game of government: you can be president, you can be prime minister... Like this the game can go on for a few days. They can fool themselves for some time, but nothing of all this will have any influence on what is happening in the world. Big armies are marching outside and a little baby is coming with a rose in his hand to stop them. What is this? Who is listening to them?
Italy - 01.11.1994
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