Maulana Sheikh Nazim You must ask what is your works value

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah, Destur, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Sayyidi!…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

It is an association. It is not a school-class, no, it is a free place; anyone (who is) asking to come (and) to attend (may do so) freely, as (in) an exhibition- people may come, may look, but they are not forced to buy something, no, if he likes, (he) may take, if not- free…We are in such a way. It is a humble gathering and we are not claiming: “I am this one, I am that one”, only I am trying to be an obedient servant to my Lord, the Lord of Heavens. That is my real target: to be an obedient servant in His divinely Presence.

And every clever one that he has a perfect understanding (must ask for this real target)- and a perfect understanding is coming from a perfect mind person; if he is not a perfect mind person, they are not asking that point, (the) real target. And when you are going to be a perfect clever one? When you are using all (of) you mind; then you have a perfect understanding.

If you are using only 1 part of your mind, you are not reaching a perfect understanding. If you are using 1 % (of) your mind, your understanding (is) going to be 1 %. Full clever ones, whom they have perfect understanding, they are Prophets, because they are using their minds only for ma’ali umur; Allah Almighty likes from His servants such a work, such efforts and activities that their value is high, very expensive. He likes from His servants to work for valuable, expensive works. Don’t be like a donkey. (A) donkey (is) working. You are putting on him water (and) he may carry (it), wood, (he may) carry (it), any other goods, things you may load on it and it is doing (his work), but that work- what is its value? Its value (is) just granted to that creature that it did its best, just it brought its importance, because it is created to help mankind to carry their loads. It is okay, (so) that they are going to be finally rewarded. But (they are) working from morning up to evening.

(And) you (also) are working from morning up to evening. Your work is not same (with) the work of (a) donkey, but you must ask what is your works value. “Inna-llaha yuhibb ma’ali umur”, He, Almighty, likes high level and most valuable works.

A goldsmith is working, perhaps that goldsmith is making a crown for an Emperor, for a King, a Sultan- what do you think? That one’s work and a worker’s, (a labourer’s) work who is working in a building, working through a ship, working through streets, working through farms- (do) you think that (that) one’s work (is) same with the work of a goldsmith? (It is the) same work as (a) goldsmith (is) working? (The) Sultan likes (the) goldsmith’s work, but he is never saying (it to) who (is) sweeping (his) palace-rooms, making cleaning. This is work, that is work. And (there are) so many (kinds of) works through this life for mankind, so different works that (the) community may be in need, and people choose one of them and work.

Through traditional knowledge that (is) reaching to me also, now as well as before, and now (it is) coming to me to say that: When Allah Almighty (was) bringing our beings as small forms, miniature forms, that we were there. How we are now you may see everyone with their outlooking and their inner capacities, it (was) just clear. They were in divinely Presence and Allah Almighty (was) ordering to bring, to be brought every kind of work that mankind may work through this life: every kind of handcraft and other works as an exhibition and then Allah Almighty was ordering the Angels to say (to the) whole (of) mankind that everyone (was) just represented in a miniature (form), that they may choose one of these handcrafts or other works; which one they should choose or prefer should be for them. And all people (were running to choose).

And this is an important point also to be known, but they are not teaching. They are making in universities only 7 or 8 or 9 or 1o branches and then all people must be engineer or physician or lawyer or liar or economist or teacher or pharmacist or architect- after this no work, and foolish mankind now, foolish youngsters also (are) running after (to study in) universities. “What you are learning?” I am asking. “Nothing…”

(There are) hundred and thousands of jobs, works and handcrafts that you may be in need (of). Shoe repairer- it is also one craft to be learned (so) that people may take benefit. Those people that graduated from universities are sitting down and no one (of them is) earning money and that shoe repairer (is) better (off) then them.

Someone may bring (some shoes and ask): “Make this. How much?” “Two Euros.” “How much?””5 Dollars” (he must pay) or (he) should be without shoes… That shoe repairer is sitting on his seat and there is a machine. Like (a) King. Saying: “Yes, I may make. Sit down there”, and there is a box…(making), finishing. “How much, my friend?” “5 Euros or 1o Dollars or 2o Marks”- Mark finished- Euros (now)!

Foolish ones now all nations, making youngsters to run through universities, not to learn anything else an they are sitting down (unemployed). Then (they are) going to (their) government (And say): “Give us some money.” “Yes, I shall give you, you should be happy- until we are employing you, take 2o Pounds or 5o Euros and quickly go away!” (And) finishing their ability and capacity. Those universities (are) all working for Shaitan, for shaitanic purposes and shaitanic teachings!

We are saying (that there are) so many handcrafts to make people to work and to reach to their provisions.

(And that time) everyone (was) running and choosing, (saying): “This is good for me, that is good for me.” Why (there is a) crisis now, growing and climbing up and never ending? Because people who choose that time they are not using it (here). They are only running to 1o or 12 (kinds of) jobs for (their) provision and (there is such a) crowding, they can’t enter. Other doors are empty. “Ya Hu- use that doors!” “No! I graduated”! taking this diploma and (they are) putting a Jewish hat on their heads, (taking photograph and saying): “This is memory for our graduation”… “What you are doing with this diploma? (It is) giving (you) any benefit?” “No…”

That day everyone was running and taking (a job, saying): “This (is) good for me, that is good for me, okay. (And)- Allahu akbar- only one group of people was sitting, not moving, not running to anything. They were sitting and Allah Almighty (was) ordering Angels: “Why My servants, these servants are not running to choose one suitable craft for themselves?” (And the) Angels (were) asking (them) and (they were) saying: “We are not interesting in anyone of these.” Then the Lord (was) asking (the Angels): “In which thing is their interest? Which thing they are preferring?” And they were saying: “ We are preferring our Lord’s service.”

(Then) Allah Almighty (was) swearing on His Greatness, on His Glory and saying: “These My servants that they are asking only My service, My divinely Service, I accepted them and I am making all people to be servants to them.” They are not working, but people are working and (they are) coming to them; people are going to be servants to these people. They are not Kings or Sultans (from) outlooking, but they are (the) real Sultans (in the) here and (the) Hereafter, because they preferred ma’ali umur- (the) most honoured work, choosing to be servants in His divinely Presence.

Therefore Allah Almighty is saying: “I like from My servants that they are working expensive work; (the) most expensive, most valuable, most precious work! I like those who are giving themselves for My divinely Presence!” (Therefore) perfect mind (is) for Prophets; they are not using anything for Dunya- their works (are) only for Allah!

And Allah Almighty is hating such works that (have) no value- as we said- all works that are for Dunya. Not only (the work of) street sweepers or building workers, labourers, no; even (if) they are governments (employees), MPs, Prime Ministers and such- all (of) their works (have) no value! Don’t say (that) when he is going to be Prime Minister, his work is going to be valuable, no! If it is not for their Lord’s service, (that work has) no value and Allah Almighty never likes it!

“Pray!” “No time for prayer.” “No time for prayer? No time for divinely Service? (So) your rank (is the) rank of animals, no more!” Don’t look what (they are) carrying on (their) shoulders from swords, eagles or crowns, no! Never (this is) giving any honour to them!

Therefore it is a short but perfect association to be well known for all of us! When you are working, you must look what is the value of this work: if (it is) for (your) Lord’s service or not! There are 5oo branches of works that belong to (the) divinely service; those people (who are doing that) they are accepted in the divinely Presence. And there are 8oo forbidden works; (who is doing that they) are dirtiest ones that their works (are) only for Shaitan (and that are) never accepted. As long as people are working for Shaitan (there is) no peace, no rest, no pleasure, no pleasement on earth or among themselves; all of them (are) going to be in such bad conditions (that they are) never going to be happy here or Hereafter.

Oh people! Wake up! Look what you are doing, what you are working, what is your intention and (according to that) you should be rewarded or punished! And Islam (is) bringing 5oo works that belong to the divinely Service and (it is) bringing also a list of 8oo jobs, works, activities that all of them belong to Shaitan and they are forbidden; who is doing that (kind of work), (there is) no value for them, Allah is hating them, He never likes to look to them and address them.

May Allah forgive me and bless you for the honour of the most honoured servant in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 02.06.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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