Maulana Sheikh NazimI hope it is growing up what our Grandsheikh just planted in Damascus from Naqshbandi order, and it is the season to grow and reach to East and West, from North to South
…I hope it is growing up what our Grandsheikh just planted in Damascus from Naqshbandi order, and it is the season to grow and reach to East and West, from North to South. Everywhere people may ask the ways of Allah. No one is going to make a hindrance in front of the most distinguished Naqshbandi order- he could be taken away, should pass away. It is dangerous to touch Naqshbandi people now… everywhere that belong to our ways now…We represent the top of Naqshbandi order, who comes against our Tariqat here now, anywhere, could be taken away. Beware. Don't touch. It is not like before. Before there was a wire only, but no power running in it. Now beginning to run in it- if anyone touching there, may be taken away. According to their intentions- without any intention touching, coming a warning, but who knowing and coming against our way, should be touched by high power and should be taken away. Therefore I am warning now- from high position people up to lowest position people- everyone. That is my mission. May Allah forgive me and bless those who help people to come to the ways of Allah Almighty. Fatiha.
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillshi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim
What is the number of vocabs in English? It is one of most important languages. How many words you are using? You know 'Redhouse'?
People waste time. That is from Jewish people's wish, cheating people. Whole teaching systems that the Islamic world use, are Jewish style teaching systems, means: they try not to learn anyone. They make so many years of university, not teaching anything, only occupying people's minds with useless works and ideas. If you sit alone without going to university, every day you may learn at least 40 words, so that through ten days going to be 400. In 100 days going to be 4000 words! If you sit to learn only holy words of Holy Quran, you may learn all the vocabulary of the Holy Quran in 3 months!
But they don't do that. They cheat people. Big advertisement, but it is empty. Therefore I like, but it is not now a time for establishing an Islamic teaching school for foreigners. It is too late, because all teaching systems people like them and if you establish a school, the government is not going to accept it and not going to give value for what we give to graduating students. If you give some diplomas for people, the government is saying: 'We are not accepting your diploma.' Therefore it is finished. May Allah forgive us.
That is a big trap and also very big trick for Islam. If anyone coming and embraces Islam, they make a short way so long, so that who is asking to learn the holy language of the Holy Quran should be fed up. Wasting so many years, but not learning anything.
There is a English system to teach people English. I began when I was 8, 9 years old to learn English, and it was a new method: Reader 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. If reaching to Reader 7, at least you learned 3000 words. Very good system. Putting at the beginning 'i' and 'a'. 'I' is a letter and same time it means 'myself'. 'A' is the first letter of the English alphabet. Using 'i' in a small sentence and 'a', using in front of it two 's's and saying 'ass', donkey. Then one page these new words written with a different and bigger letters to be known that they are new. Beginning and you learn 3, 4…At the end of that lesson it is written: You know now 2 words, vocabs. Lesson 2: Making new words first at the beginning, then these new two words using in sentences, and in the end making another kind of writing: Now you know 4 words. Day by day your vocabulary going to be richer and richer. What I learnt that time I am using now; just I forgot half of it and it is okay.
But Arabic- they are not teaching. What is that they learn? Nothing. No system. Teaching is a particular system for everyone that they may learn easily. Making that they may loose their way. How many holy words in the Holy Quran? I am asking! How many Suras? 114. How many words? 4444. Ayats: 6666. 144000 and more sentences. Subhanallah! May Allah forgive us…What is coming on the Ummah is for the reason that people lost to learn Holy Quran and its holy language in an easy and correct way. If not, you learn what is in it. It is so difficult to follow the holy Orders of Allah Almighty. If not learning and using His Orders and keeping, always your steps are wrong. And Allah is saying: 'Qadamu sidqin'- true steps; you must go on Sirat-al-Mustaqim with true steps.' You can't walk on Sirat-al-Mustaqim with wrong steps; you must fall down. If a person never knows to drive a car and goes on the street, both sides deep valleys, he must fall either right or left side, because he is wrong driving. And Allah Almighty is asking us to be good drivers, and that is only who is going true steps. You must follow the true way. You can't follow wrong steps, because you will fall down. And very few people have true steps. They are lost, wrong steps, because Shaitan is cheating them.
They say: 'We fight Israel'. We represent everything that Israel makes; for using Israeali ways we are first to run after it. We are saying 'fashions' or asia. Everyone is following what Israel is making from wrong things. First our Muslims run to use it. Why? Why you follow Israel? Wrong steps! Why not following Sahaba? What is the reason? They say: 'These are no mind people. We must be modernized, 'western Muslims'.' What is that? Then you must be Christian. You are Oriental Muslims, not 'western Muslims'. Islam is not coming from the West, but coming from the East, from the Orient, not from the West. Why you follow (the West)? They say: 'No, we must follow. Whole world running after them, we must follow also.' That is a wrong idea, but planted in schools, universities, teaching schools. Everything is wrong.
We must say(this). If people are accepting, they are accepting. If not…'La iqra fi din.'
(No compulsion in religion)
Damaskus - 21.04.2002
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