Maulana Sheikh NazimWe shall look from our headquarters, from spiritual world heavenly commanders, what they are sending to warn people in such a difficult days
Destur, ya Sayidi, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya...Audhu...B.r.r., la haula... Einer sollte sprechen, die anderen zuhoeren, und es koennen tausende sein, es macht nichts, aber wenn alle reden, und keiner mehr zuhoert, kommt nichts dabei heraus...
We shall look from our headquarters, from spiritual world heavenly commanders, what they are sending to warn people in such a difficult days that we are entering in it, and we are asking heavenly support, heavenly support is much better from whole material supports or technological supports. Every time mankind when they are trusting on their material powers or strength, trusting in what they have from weapons, that they are all belonging to our material being, they failed. When they are trusting in heavenly support, they never going to be failed. This is unchanged measure or balance, nizam. When mankind trusts in their material power or capacity, ability, they failed. But when they are feeling that they are weak and ask heavenly support they never failed. Therefore mankind must be directed to a save direction through their minds, they must use their minds on a safe direction. Or they should be failed. And how they are going to be able for a direction on safe way? Holy Quran that last message coming from Heavens to the last messenger for the last prophecy, the most honoured prophet in divine Presence Quran Kerim, Holy Book coming and you can find everything it, what is necessary for the safety of mankind here and hereafter.
And main teaching pillar through the holy Quran is to remind believers from beginning of mankind on earth bout their lives that we are saying now for that knowledge history. To remind them for the lives of mankind how they began and continue up to time of Seal of Prophets, bringing knowledge from past times, past nations, about their lives an about their dealing with their prophets, in another words, development, how happened up to time of Seal of Prophets. Then it is going to be a strong foundation for a nation that they have no knowledge kaumu-l jahiliya, people that were through the darkness of ignorance. This is teaching style, method, of holy Quran for mankind. Because if not knowing about past times, past nations, how they were, how was their dealing with their prophets, the messengers of Heavens and what happened to them, that must be known. Therefore it is first important point for education programs to put first the knowledge of past times that is history. You must know your history. About your nation and about for common nations, most important knowledge. Others if you are not teaching people, if not teaching youngsters, you can’t be able to teach them anything. They are going to be ignorant. Don’t think that if they learn physics, or chemistry or arithmetic or astronomy or so many knowledges, they are not… they haven’t any base to sit on. All of it is like something just hanged but can’t sit on a strong base. A person may know arithmetic or physics or chemistry or mathematics or medicine, but all of it is on air, no base to sit on. Therefore first point is to call people and to train them in a safe way.
If you are asking new building you must do and make a strong foundation. You are architect. You are going to build on sandy land? Sandy land you may put tent or such weak places, so simple, as people making now for some moving markets, fairs or flee markets. Every Saturday and Sunday in Europe flee markets. Flee markets only one or two days. People can’t be able to live in it whole year; but shops that building strongly, everything in it in safety, and who going on it also going to be in safety, they did strong buildings. Bazari. Now education system is like flee markets. No any strong base foundation, no. They are teaching architecture, law, medicine, engineering, this and that, but they are never using a strong foundation. Even the faculty of history they are also never using a strong foundation, it is only like a show. In most important point the time of tyrants, period of tyrants, that they are mainly supporters for their hegemony, they are using lies and cheating. They are teaching they say we are teaching history. Everything through story that they are mentioning, there is their system’s… they use it to show that past times worst and our time now best. Changing every reality into lies and using lies for cheating people. That is the time period of tyrants now. They are saying ‘National policy’ for their benefit. Everything changing and bringing, showing everything bad and every bad what they are doing, showing to people as best. Showing golden as no value, bringing tin with the colour of gold and saying this is the best. Throwing away diamonds and bringing plastic diamonds, if putting, people think: o, this is much better, because real diamond is natural, it has some signs that signing its originality. But when they are making from plastic you can’t find any sign, it is so false…Therefore they are trying to change valuable things from past time and to throw them away and bringing new ones that are only so quickly described with technology, no value. That is their states policy, to make for them a strong base to be in it and to continue on it.
And now whole world they do this only. They are not teaching real history, that holy Quran and holy Books all of them try to teach people what happened in past times for nations whom where living thousand years ago and they have been sent holy Books from Heavens and how they were dealing with their Prophets…I may ask a question: I learnt also through their schools and university. In their history books I never learnt about flood of Noah. You learnt through your schools books? Most important event of the past time! Sometimes people coming and going to Turkey to find the remaining parts of Arch of Noah. Why they are coming? Why not putting in history books? They write about Zeus, Greek mythology or Roman mythology or Assyrian or Egyptian mythology, they write as a knowledge, even writing about their Gods and wars among them! But I am wondering how people run through streets and say: We don’t like war, no war. Ya Hu, their schools teach as mythology that eve their gods fighting each other, how you are saying ‘no war’? If your gods going to fight each other, what happening? How they are running on streets and say ‘no war’? What happened to those people? Shaitan teaching them that gods may fight each other, killing each other I don’t know or sending them to exile? How happened? Now people ask ‘no war’, and Muslims.
O believers, just it is an order that Heavens stamping on it, sealing, and it is an command from Heavens for Muslims to fight! Battle, fighting. How you are running on streets and say ‘no war’? What happened? Which time you are looking people are not fighting? Always fighting running and you ask now to stop war? Oh, how happening? Everywhere battle, fighting going on. I mean to say that people…now those no mind people tyrants, writing through their books as a knowledge, historical knowledge for Greek civilization, old Greek, Old Roman civilization, and making as a knowledge about their gods, and they are putting also their statues and pictures on say: This is Zeus, that a another, that is another, and top Zeus. Zeus they are saying, Theos, Zeus coming from theos, the God. They are writing this but not one world you can find about Noah. It did not happen? If they are saying Yes, they must believe in holy books!
Therefore they are writing lies and changing everything in opposite, not from front but from back. And they are going ton fail. They failed, and they are going to be failed, all those people whom not knowing about their histories, never going to stand up on their feet, because their feet can’t carry their bodies, so weak. History giving power for nation to stand up on their feet.
And I am speaking through Holy Quran and its style of teaching. Beginning Holy Quran through the creation of Adam and then coming, coming, coming and explaining, bringing so many events what happened to the Children of Adam at is a real way of education but now they lost it and changed, because ..first pages in Holy Quran changing hidayet with dalalet- leaving real way that Allah Almighty
Sending to them realities and changing truth with lies and asking to make a trade, but never reaching a benefit, because they changed reality and asking to make on it benefit, but never happened. What Allah sending throwing away and bringing something form their devil, form their Shaitan and asking to make a trade, a profit. Never bringing. What they do now against the laws of Heavens they lost. No profit. Everywhere you can see that they failed, and now they run to a dangerous way that never happened before, the cost of this crises perhaps going to be billions of people, Now they are saying 2o people, 4o, 2oo people…not millions, but billons should be cost of their wrong way that they try to make as a profit for themselves and never going to reach a profit but it is going to be biggest lost for mankind through this most dangerous war. And nations day by day running on it, and reaching to them bottom of loosing and finishing.
May Allah forgive us. And blessings for new generation before going to be dirty ones. Whole dirtiness from earth must be taken away and should remain a clean land with clean people. We are asking forgiveness for the honour of most honoured prophet in His divine Presence S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha
Lefke - 23.03.2003
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