Maulana Sheikh Nazim“O My servant - what was your intention?”

May Allah forgive us!

And we are saying: By the name of Allah Almighty, most Merciful, most
Beneficent and most Magnificent
Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim
Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah!

It is a short meeting, we are asking (for it) to be for Allah. If anything (is) going
to be for Allah, it is an honour for listeners and for (the) speaking person, that
means for our Meeting (that divine) Blessings (are) coming. We are in need
of) His blessings and Blessings (are) only for those whom they are accepting
His Existence, who are saying: “Ya Allah“, or saying: “O my God“, or:
Theosmas“ [Greek for: "My God"].

Who (is) making his Lord happy, He is making that one happy. If you are not
making Him to be pleased with you, you (are) going to be pleased with

We are trying to change peoples minds and mentality, because now whole
inhabitants of this world, 99 %, (are on the) wrong way. They are following (the)
wrong way. They are following (the) way of Shaitan and (they are) following
devils. We are trying to change peoples mentalities, we are trying to show
people that they are on wrong direction. And an honour or the honour of you (is)
according to your intention, not for your acting. Your acting is so small, small
size, but our intentions - (there are) no limits for our intentions!

And Heavenly Knowledge that reaching to me and also for whole religious
followers, whom they are seeking real life of people, to make them happy here
and Hereafter; just reached up to me a Knowledge that whole Book given people
are believing [in] the Day of Resurrection. Everyone [is] believing [in the] Last
Day or the Day of Judgement. That must be, that is our beliefs. Whom they have
been granted Holy Books and believing in it - Old Testament, New Testament,
Psalms of David and the Holy Book, Holy Quran, the last Heavenly Message for
mankind - it is mentioned [therein] that a Judgment Day should come and (that)
everyone (is) going to be inquired; (everyone) should be asked what they did.
What was their intentions? What was their activities? For what they were
running after business? For what they were doing their main target to reach
always) a bigger business?

Because may be a small business for one person, but our desires never going
to be happy with a limited business. Our desires (are) asking to reach always a
bigger business, more money, more business, and more, to save much more
money, or they are asking to save as much as possible golden…

This is 50 Turkish Lira… If you are going and asking old cemetery people, "have
you ever heard that a King or Sultan was using paper money?" Old Greeks were
using paper-money? If you are doing like this (tearing it)…finished… And we
have another kind (of) money also that is ’real‘ (the Dollar)…There is (the picture
of) a person, you can’t know if he is man or women… long hair… This also (on
the Turkish paper money) you can’t know (if it is a) man or (a) woman, because
even (he has only) a little bit (of) hair, (but) no moustache, no beard…

It is easy to give [away] this (paper money), but if you have a coin, golden, if you
are asking to buy something, you are going to think on it: “Do you think that it is
really) going to be (necessary) to change this golden and take something?” It is
difficult (to spend a golden coin), but this (paper money is) so easy (to be spen
). You can give this (paper money) easily to children also, but you can’t be able
to give to your small children golden, no!

They are knowing that paper can’t be money. Therefore now people, when they
are feeling that a war (is) coming, they are running after golden to buy it,
because may be a big state, may be [defeated] and his money up to morning
is) going to be paper, therefore (people are) running to buy much more golden.
Therefore golden, when it is going up, you must know that war coming! It is a
unchanged rule. When golden (is) climbing in its price, that means (there)
should be a war and some big territories - their money that they were using,
paper money, (is going to have) no (more) value. But if it is golden - if (, for
example, the) French Government (is) going to be [defeated], their golden is (still
going to be) okay. Or Russia, (if) going to be [defeated] , (their) paper money
should go, but their golden is (still ging to be) okay.

Now people are running; their biggest target (is) to reach (always a) bigger
business and to save much more money. That is their target, but it is so foolish
ideas. People (are) running after it, (but) they are not reaching (it); always they
are asking more income, much more earning money, much more bigger
business, that is their only mentality. They are living only for business, and their
main target to save much more money.

Okay, you can do this, but what is going to happen finally for you? Finally what
you are going to do or to be? One day should be for you (the) last day for your
life. What you are thinking - (even) if we are pouring on your bed golden and
precious stones, jewels, if (we are) putting (them) on you, (there) should come a
day that you are going not to look [at] anything, even (there) may be some
rubies, some precious stones that their value (is) going to be millions (of)
Dollars, but you are not going to look after it, finished. If (we are) bringing whole
your saved money, even billions or trillions, you are going not to look, you are no
more interested that time. What happened?

Therefore, it is not a real target for a person to live to save much more money,
much more property, but finally (he is) going to leave (everything), not to look (to)
it. Therefore it is a wrong mentality that people (are) running after it now, but they
are (only) wasting their lives. They are slaves of material and (the) material (is)
closing their eyes and they can’t see beyond material any spirituality. You are a
material; a man is created from (the) soil of earth and you are looking that you
can move, you can walk, you can run, and that power (is) not coming from your
inside, (but from) outside, you have been pushed on it. But no more (are) people
interested in such a things that "material (is) under the command of spirituality."
Spirituality that is most important that (is) making people to understand
something for their lives, for their real purpose of being in existence. Only they
may understand from the spirituality. Material can’t give to you any answer that
you can be in satisfaction, no! But people now (are) never accepting a guide for
guidance, and (they are) making (it) their most important target to reach much
more, saving money and to reach much more material from (the) material world.

What (is) coming to ourselves from that knowledge through spiritual knowledge?
A person should be asked [on] the Day of Judgment; he should be asked: “What
you did?” and according to his works (he is) going to be granted; if their works
(were) good, (they will also be) rewarded by good, (by) Allah Almightys

And then there is another question that you should be asked (on the) Day of
Resurrection: “O My servant, for what you were intending when you were living
on earth and you were running? Every day you were running, asking to do
something and more and more and more - what was your intentions? Yes, we
know what you did now! It is… I am rewarding you for that, a little bit, but I am
asking to grant to you much more from My endless Favours, endless Blessings,
therefore I am asking you: What was your intention to work hard, to run hard
after so many things on earth?”

Eh - it should be two answers:

One, he may say: “Yes, o my Lord, I ran after so many business and I was - You
know everything - that I was running to catch (the) top level for Dunya, to reach
the) top level from Dunya treasures. That was my target.” Eh! Lord Almighty
may say: “That was your intention and just (it) happened. You reached what you
asked (to reach); you were on (the) top level for Dunya, for material aspekts, you
were on the top level. Okay. Give his reward, what he did for Me, give.”

Some other (one) may [be] ask[ed by] his Lord: “O my servant, what was your
intention, for what you were running so hard and tiring and making big business,
saving big money? What was your intention?” He may say: “O my Lord, just I
ran to reach much more material from (the) treasures of our lives, to give (them)
for You, to do my best to Your servants, to Your creation. I was thinking to reach
much more richness and to give, to make bigger charities, bigger donations for
humanity, not to leave anyone opening his hand and asking something (as a)
beggar. I was intending not to leave any beggar, to give them. I worked, as You
ask from Your servants, to be for You good servants, and, (the) second pillar
that) You were asking from me, from mankind (is), to make their best for others.
I was trying to give to You my most high respect and praising and second also I
was running and taking much more money, to make your weak people, poor
servants, not to be in difficulties, to live with their honour, not to fall down from
their humanity to people and (these) people (are) kicking them by their foot. That
was my intention: not to leave through East and West a person to ask
something and to be refused!”

“I gave to you double and double and double! What you did, I am making it up
and up, double over double I am giving to you!”

Therefore, O people, our perfection - because Allah Almighty (is) opening
treasures of this word also and trying you, if you are saving money only for the
pleasure of your ego or for the pleasure of our Lord - therefore give!…

“If (that) was your intentions - as much as going to be your intention bigger, I am
giving to you much more!”

But people lost their ways; they are saving money and it is (the) worst habit: if
they are not giving for the sake of Allah, that is worst habit for mankind. But if
they are using (it) to make their Lord happy, because you are giving for His sake
and (you are) looking after weak people, poor people, you should be rewarded
as a person granted whole world, and it is a biggest treasure, just giving to His
servants, (the) servants of (the) Lord Allah Almighty.

O people! I am looking and hearing that now economy (is) getting bigger, bigger,
bigger, because people (are) running after big business; small companies (are)
getting to be big business centers, going to be holdings and more and more, but
poor people, poverty also (is) growing, because rich people are preventing their
charities from poor people, from weak people. When they are carrying and
keeping their charities, Allah Almighty (is) punishing them with some unknown
illnesses or crises (so) that their lives (are) going to be so bad, unhappy. And
even) they have millions or billions coins or treasures, they are going to be
suffered. If people (are) asking to make this life a good life for themselves and
for others - rich ones, big business people - (then they) must spread their
hands, to look after poor and weak people, and to reach to them with their
charities and donations. Then their life (is) going to be here sweet and (in the)
Hereafter they should live through eternity, eternal life (should be) for them: [N
ever ending pleasure, [n]ever ending tastefulness, [n]eve rending beauty, [n]ever
ending life, [n]ever ending wisdoms, [n]ever ending lights to be for them.

May Allah forgive us and let us to think, to keep such a realties, because what I
am saying it is through Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Holy
Quran. We are not getting out of (the) Holy Quran or Holy Books (in general), no,
we must be in it. Therefore - no fanaticism in religion, because we have been
ordered to give our lives on such a routine. If you are keeping (it), you are going
to reach endless life through eternity, eternal life, [n]ever ending pleasure, [n]ever
ending pleasement, [n]ever ending contentment, [n]ever ending satisfaction
should be for you! And the Lord of Heavens (is) saying: “O My servant, I am
happy with you!” If you can reach (this) - that is the limits of Heavenly reward: to
address to you your Lord and to say: “O My servant, I am happy with you! You
made Me happy and I am happy with you!”

[Is there] anything else through churches, through cathedrals, through mosques,
through synagogues? Anything else? They may say! Everyone (is) saying (the
same). (In) synagogues learnt people (are) saying: “Keep away yourself from
Shaitan!” (In) churches, cathedrals, priests and more than priest, they are
saying: “O people, keep away from Diabolo!” “O people“, Muslims (are) saying,
“Keep yourself from the friendship of Shaitan! Keep away from Shaitan, you
should be with your Lord and your Lords Blessings and Pleasure should be for

May Allah forgive me and bless you.

For the honour of the most honoured one in His divine Presence Sayyidinâ
Muhammad - sallaLlahu ´alayhi wa-sallam,


Lefke, 05.02.2006 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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