May Allah Almighty make our way to be on His Way and lead our lives towards the Divine Presence. Since the day of our birth we are approaching the second entrance step by step with every new day. We are entering through one entrance and leaving from another. Once we have entered the first entrance, we begin to walk towards the exit. Every moment and with every breath we are coming closer. And no-one knows when he has reached his exit, when he has reached the way out. In spite of this, we are still proud and we do not want to be humble servants. Even though we are such weak ones and we don't have any power of our own to keep life as long as we want to. We are completely under the Divine Will. Still mankind insists on not accepting the Supreme Power of Allah Almighty and they do everything as they like. We are still opposing to be humble servants of Allah Almighty.
We are still running after useless targets, very useless targets. When we say useless, what we mean is, that these targets will be nothing when our lives are finished. But we want to reach things which are going to be completely worthless at the end of our lives. But Shaitan is the biggest advertiser alive. He cheats people with his terrible advertisement. Oh, people you will find advertisements everywhere for targets of no sense, no meaning. It means it will end up being worth nothing. Man runs and gets tired, and at the end, what does he gain from it? Finally nothing!
That is the history of most of our lives. Most people are running after something that they will never reach. There must be something else in our lives. There must be some real target of this life. But most heedless people don't even have the time to ask for that real target. The foolish advertisement of Shaitan makes people like drunk-ones. Drunk people never have the time to look for something carefully. In common, people are careless and never take care to find the real target. Then it is finished...
One more year has passed, and it is as if it was yesterday. A full year means goodness and badness, happiness and sorrow. We have a saying in Arabic, that no situation which is surrounding us, individually and commonly, is ever going to be permanent. It is temporary. So many things have happened in this one year, but they have passed away. It is now a new year, a new Ramadan, but this will also pass. So many things appear daily. Every day we have new conditions, bad conditions, pleasant or sad ones. But none of these are going to continue forever, none are going to be permanent. They will change.

During this life everyone is being tested. The whole life is a collection of tests. Thousands and thousands, yes, even millions of tests come to us from the Lord Almighty Allah. He says, "I am going to test you with every occasion of goodness and badness. I am going to test you, oh, mankind. Beware, you are being tested! Your whole life is a test. You must face that test. That is important. And to be successful in your test, that is important. Even the way you look will be tested. Even while you are thinking, you will be tested. Every action is a test for you to see if you decide to go the good way, or the bad way. You must be aware of this and you must be careful not to break your nose."
Every thing comes and goes. Everyone comes and goes through this life. Look and see how you are living this life. Are you bringing goodness to this life, or are you living this life and bringing badness? At the end of the term students are given reports and on them it is written whether a student has been successful, or not. It is important for everyone to think about this, to know whether they are living this life successfully, or not.
It is not important to be Kings or Sultans, or to be rich ones, or ministers, or such and such people. It is not important to dress in clothes of silk, or golden dresses, or to wear golden crowns, or to fill your arms with golden bracelets,or to wear diamonds and to live in palaces or to ride a Rolls-Royce or to fly in golden aeroplanes. To swim in golden swimming-pools. It is not important! It is more important which certificate you will get when you leave this life. Have you passed with success, or will it be written on it, "Failed!"? What is the benefit of a crown then?
In our days, mankind needs more than anything to think. They have lost the ability to think, even though they need it more than anything else. Because when you start to think, you will try to do your best, not your worst. When you think, you will reach peace. Try to think, even if it is just for a few minutes, about the targets of this life. That is important. At least you should try to find out why you are living. If you know what you are living for, then you must also start to think of what you are doing to reach that real target of life. Think about it!
No peace will be found in this world if the people do not find the real target of life. Especially the statesmen, they must find it. Because they are the shepherds, the leaders of the people. They must think much more than anyone. Because they are responsible for common people, and until they start to think, peace will never come back to earth.
London - 05.03.1992
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