Maulana Sheikh NazimWhat is the Example of Sunna of the Prophet?
ANSWER - It is simple - the way of the Prophet is the way of Allah. Our Prophet, like all prophets, called people to Allah. That is his way towards Allah. As long as he and his companions came near to Allah, then Allah Almighty supported them.
Our ways are not to Allah. Muslim ways should not be to dunya, i.e. the world, for this life and not for eternal life. Most of our activities are only for this life. We are living only for this life, for the pleasures of this life.

For Muslims, in these days the most important aim is not to move towards Allah - but only towards dunya. For a temporary life, no-one can reject this point. We have twenty-four hours a day and I don't think Muslims give more than one hour for Allah. You may say two hours, three hours, even five hours. Do you think Muslims give five hours for Allah every day? If they are giving, it is not enough. But the Prophet and his companions - their whole life was for the sake of Allah. They lived and died for Allah. We are living and dying for dunya.

That is the way of the Prophet. He called people to Allah and to eternal life. He said that this life is only a bridge from pre-eternal up to eternal. Do you see anyone building on a bridge - houses, palaces and enjoying them? Or do they pass? We are such foolish people. We build on the bridge and say that we will never leave the bridge.

We are coming from pre-eternal and moving to eternal, but we are not thinking. We are thinking that we are on a bridge for ever.

That is the difference between the Prophet's life and the lives of present day Muslims.

I am telling you the short, simple answers - No need for great volumes, everyone can understand.

Story - Once upon a time there was an Imam, Friday Juma Imam making Khutba, which he wrote and tucked in his turban. When he was in the Mimbar, he would take it out and read it. One day, when he was making wudu, his turban was left on the side, and some naughty youngsters came and stole the sermon. That day, when he climbed the Mimbar and said Alhamdu lillah and searched for his sermon in the turban, he couldn't find it, so he recited Fatiha and Salawat and came down. He was angry and said: "It is exactly suitable for the level of understanding of these people."

Therefore, my answers are very suitable for people nowadays.

(Der Morgenstern 1995(4))

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