Maulana Sheikh NazimWhat is the message of all holy books?
Q: I am a Christian and I am trying to understand Muslim people. I have come with a seeking heart.
Sheik Nazim: Do you know the meaning of Islam?

Q: To be a Muslim means to submit to God.

Sheik Nazim: Yes, submitting to God, surrendering to God. Are there any Christians who do not surrender to God?

Q: In that definition I can say that I too am a Muslim. I would like to know how Muslims view Judgement Day. When they die, what happens?

Sheik Nazim: Why don't start off by asking what the view is for Muslims of this life, before you jump to Judgement Day? When we leave this life we will have the Judgement Day. That will be when life has finished on this planet and a new period will begin which is mentioned in all Holy Books. That period will be endless, everlasting life. That is why our view of Judgement Day is not only the view of one religion, it is a common view since the beginning until the end of all Heavenly Beliefs, Heavenly Faiths, Heavenly Religions, Heavenly Prophets and Heavenly Books which make it clear that a Judgement Day will come, a Day of Resurrection.

Q: If I became a Muslim today, what insurances would I have that I will go to heaven? In the Bible it is written that I can be certain to go to Heaven.

Sheik Nazim: The Bible tells you to be a man. What does the Quran tell you? To be a man. What does the Thora tell you what a person should be?

Q: I don't know, I am still studying the Bible and the Quran, but in the Quran I cannot see a promise, a guarantee of everlasting life in heaven.

Sheik Nazim: I am asking, what does the Bible tell mankind to be? What are the teachings of the Holy Bible?

Q: It says that we have all fallen short of the Glory of God and it tells the world that there is one Saviour, Jesus Christ who came as a Messenger of God also to make attonement, to pay for sin. It also says that whoever worships the Son of God has eternal life.

Sheik Nazim: We know all that. But what is the purpose of sending Saviours and Books and Faiths to mankind?

Q: The prophecy is that we will be joined together in Heavens.

Sheik Nazim: It is to come nearer to truth. The main purpose is to make mankind good-ones, not to let them be bad-ones. All Heavenly Teachings through the Bible, through the Saviours, through Jesus Christ, Sayidina Muhammad, Abraham, Noah, Adam, David, Solomon and Moses, all tried to make people into good people. They tried to take away bad-ones and to make people into good-ones. That is the main purpose. Christianity came to teach people how they should be good. Moses also came and tried to make people to be good, not bad. The Seal of Prophets, the Saviour of all mankind, Sayidina Muhammad, was also telling people to be good-ones, not bad-ones. On Judgement Day the Lord will give His Judgement for good-ones and bad-ones. Whoever will be good, will be in happiness and goodness forever. They will be in lights. Whoever is bad will lose their chance to be happy forever and to be in lights forever. That is why we are trying not to run after titles and to say, Christians, Muslims, Jews... Instead we want to see if people are good-ones, be they from America, England, Pakistan, Germany, or Arabs or Turks or Greeks or Armenians. Because we are all from the same root, but on different branches.

Q: So how do we become good in front of God? I need a Saviour, I need a payment for my sins. I believe that I have received this through Jesus Christ.

Sheik Nazim: You must believe and be a good-one.

Q: No, he is good, I am not, I am a sinner who is saved by him.

Sheik Nazim: All of us are sinners. Who may say that he isn't? We all need someone to intercede for us in Divine Presence. Every nation has a Saviour. Abraham was a Saviour. All Prophets were Saviours. Now, according to the belief of everyone, the purpose is to be a good-one in Divine Presence. Not to sin but to do good deeds with each other and to worship the Lord.

Q: I have a question concerning Judgement Day. When on this day the believers walk across the bridge and they go to the other side, I have understood that there will be 120 rows in front of the entrance to Heavens. 80 rows are reserved for the Muslims and 40 for other believers, people who follow Moses and people who follow Jesus. Can you explain this and tell me what the criteria is to be allowed to enter paradise?

Sheik Nazim: That is true! You see, according to our belief all nations belong to the Last Prophet. We are saying that everyone who is living on earth at the moment belong to the Nation of Muhammad. That is why those 80 rows will be crowded with people. The others only have 40 because since the beginning until the time of Muhammad, there were not so many people living on earth. That is why they have 40 rows. But since the time of Muhammad more and more people are living and crowding this earth.

Q: Yes, at the time of Muhammad there were about 300 million people, at the time of Jesus 250 million and today there are almost 6 billion.

Now, even if I come with a seeking heart, I do not see a promise in the Quran that I am guaranteed an eternal life, the way I see that in the Bible. So if I become a Muslim today, I might lose that chance. Can you give me any guarantee?

Sheik Nazim: The guarantee can only be given to good-ones. That is the same in every religion. There can never be a guarantee for bad-ones. But for good-ones, be they Christians, Jews, or any other religion, if they are good-ones, that is if they deal good with other people, and best servants to their Lord, then they are good-ones. We are not discussing with anyone if he is doing his servanthood for the Lord and if he is doing his best for the other servants. He will never be prevented from paradise. The Judge on Judgement Day will be the Lord of Heavens. The Lord of Heavens is not refusing good servants. He is accepting everyone who is good. No-one is being accused for being this or that, the important thing is to be a good servant and to be good with other people. We know that every prophet from beginning to end, includung Jesus Christ called people to servanthood to the Lord and to be good-ones with mankind.

Q: Who can claim to be good? I can't claim to be good. I need to go infront of the Lord and ask Him to forgive me.

Sheik Nazim: You mean that you have bad desires. Yes! But you also have a control over yourself. You cannot leave your bad desires to their actions. Why do you think that the Lord gave mankind will-power? To control the bad desires! We have an ego. It belongs to satan. If we leave it without control, it will do every kind of evil. That is why we are using some methods from the Holy Books to put a control on our egos. If not, you would be a terrible creature within the community.

So every prophet who brought a Heavenly Message brought with them some methods of how to train people to be able to control their egos. We have a system in Islam to control our egos. That is why we are fasting this month, so that we may use our will-power. We are hungry and our ego wants to eat, but we say 'No!'. We want to drink because we are thirsty, but we say, 'No, you must be patient intil the time of breakfast.' That is a kind of training for the egos, so that we can establish a control over it. You also have such methods in Christianity and in Judaism and in Buddhism and in Hinduism. Every kind of belief trains their followers to be able to control their egos. If anyone can control their egos, they will be good-ones. If they leave their egos without control, they will be terrible creatures. That is important. We do not care what title of which religion you give yourself. Important is only whether you can control yourself.

You can use any method to control yourself. All kinds of people come here. They are from England, Germany, America, from the East and from the West. They all want something, otherwise they would not come here. They must try to train themselves and get much more power in their will. If not they will be like people from the zoo. Animals do not have a will, but mankind has been granted will-power. We must know what we are doing and what we must do so that we are not carried away by our egos. We need cleanliness, we need to clean ourselves from bad desires. It does not only mean to take a shower, that cleans only your body. Your mind and heart must also be clean. Your intentions must be clean. Your knowledge must be clean. Your actions must be clean. Your works must be clean. Your look must be clean. Everything that you do must be clean. That is not easy. You must train it.

Q: Do you bless people?

Sheik Nazim: If I receive blessings, I pass them on.

Q: If people do not receive those blessings, what happens to them?

Sheik Nazim: Rocks do not receive anything from rains, but fields do. If someone comes here like a rock, they will not receive any blessings. If they come like a field, everything will grow on them and they will take blessings.

Q: How is it possible that you receive blessings more than anybody else?

Sheik Nazim: We have a line from the Seal of Prophets. Since his time until today there is a spiritual channel through which blessings run from heart to heart. It is passed on from one saint to the next.

Q: My Bible does not mention the Quran. It says that Jesus is the first and the last. That means I do not need Muhammad, I do not need the Quran.

Sheik Nazim: If there wasn't a need for the Holy Quran the Revelation would not have come. Mankind needed a new revelation to come. After Jesus Christ, Christianity changed into so many different ways. Allah Almighty spoke through one bible, but you have hundreds of different bibles. Which one do you have?

Q: I have the American Standard.

Sheik Nazim: Where does it come from?

Q: It is translated from the original manuscripts.

Sheik Nazim: Where are they?

Q: They are in the British Museum?

Sheik Nazim: Why in the museum? Is it material for the museum? But it is wellknown that you have 4 gospels. But I am asking for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I don't want the Gospel of Matthew, John, Mark or Luke. I want the one from Jesus. The 4 gospels were written after Jesus Christ. Neither Matthew, John, Mark or Luke were with Jesus. Only Barnabas was with Jesus and he wrote a gospel. Who did Luke hear from? He was not with Jesus. How can we trust what he is writing? Where did it come from? We have traditional knowledge, but before we quote anything we must say who has wittnessed it and who has passed it on. That is why the knowledge of Christianity has no base to stand up on. I want to know: who taught Matthew, Mark, John and Luke? Why is it not mentioned? This is why it was necessary to send one more book, the Quran.

May Allah forgive us.
LONDON - 10.03.1993
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