Maulana Sheikh NazimWhen a person getting older, getting inside narrow
When a person getting older, getting inside narrow. Young people's ways is to say :'I don't care'. Now whole new generation just trained or prepared not to be interested in anything. They have been taught…From East to West, North to South new generation is preparing or as they are saying: Brain-washing…this is a brain-washing just has been ordered from invisible people or unseen people who are as an army marching there is a small group of army going and looking around before army moving they are looking and preparing everything because then coming…in front of army marching to look around. Those invisible or unseen people who are in front, as we are believing, whole nations believing that when last days approaching should come Antichrist. Allah Almighty informed that sending Isa Messiah, Jesus Christ, just he came, he had been sent about 2000 years less or more, but when he reached to his people and he was the lat prophet of Children of Israel, he was not welcomed by them, and they said that he is not real Christ that we are waiting for. That is not what we were expecting, and because Allah Almighty is trying or testing his servants, that is Adatu ilaahi, Allah's habit. He is swearing on His greatness and says: I am going to test My servants if they are really keeping their servanthood to Me or to another one or to other ones. I am going to test. I am not leaving even prophets, saints and common people, on every level of people I am going to test them. I am swearing on My Greatness. And Allah Almighty sent Jesus Christ, in a way that never happened through historical periods from the time of first man and prophet S.Adam up to Jesus Christ's time: No one coming without father. Not created. And the Lord of Heavens, Allah Almighty, He is Creator, and no natural rule that He put- He is putting natural rules, that everything must follow that rule and must reach to their final point, their targets, but those rules never bound Allah Almighty. No, Allah is free, no rules on Him. Therefore, if He is asking to create a person without father, He can do. What is the matter to fight and say : This is good, this is bad, this can be? No. But Shaitan washing their brains, and it is not washing, because not using clean water. Shaitan always, 24 hours making this, preparing, and if he is asking to wash brains, washing with his urine…Big tanks…Saying: I must keep my urine to wash brains of Children of Adam, and reaching people to say brain-washing.
Lefke - 21.05.2002
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