Maulana Sheikh Nazim When Angels Speak

(Addressing a group of Russians)

…in WWII, the Germans surrounded them and captured them, then took them to Stalingrad. I was 20 years old when WWII began. There were so many German marshalls.

(Thank Allah, He is sending us to you.)

Thanks to Allah, that He is sending such good people to such a one who is not good. I am asking forgiveness. We have a saying, man ghashana …. The Holy Prophet (s) said, “One who cheats us is not from my nation.” There are so many kinds of cheating. I fear cheating people, because they think that I am a good one and they are coming from long distances. I am ashamed before my Lord not to cheat people.

(We are asking forgiveness, that you ask forgiveness for us!)

I am asking forgiveness. All of us, we are not angels. Sometimes we do good sometimes we make no good things. Therefore, I am asking forgiveness of Allah Almighty. laa ilaaha illa-Llah Muhammadan Rasoolullah! Your servants are coming here to me.

Do you think that if I speak English to Allah, do you think He knows English? Allah, the Lord of Heavens, knows English… if I know English, how can He not? Anyone asking and glorifying his Lord in English, Russian, German, French, or in any language, is He not understanding? He Who created, how would He not know their language?

Welcome to you. May Allah forgive us and grant you Paradise and eternal life. A person may live on this Earth a hundred, a thousand, a million, a billion or a trillion years, they will finish! Everything that has a beginning is going to finish. Allah is pre-Eternal up to Eternal, never-ending! He created time and the Earth. If there was no Earth we could not stand, as everything needs something to stand on. Zamaan wa maqaam, He created time and place. Everything needs a place, even atoms. We are not seeing them, but they must have a place and a time also.

He created time and place. For Him there is no time, no place; He is Allah Almighty, from pre-Eternal up to Eternal! He is granting His servants eternal life. And Man must run after eternity, eternity, eternity. I like from the English language the word, “eternity,” which is “samadhi” in Arabic, but we do not have a word in Turkish for “eternity”.

O Mankind! Run for eternity! So, so beautiful, so hopeful, so beloved a word I never heard in your language! Eternity eternity eternity. All religions are calling people to eternity, if they are not calling they are not real religions. 124,000 prophets coming from Heavens, they are calling people, “O People ask from your Lord eternal life, ask from Him eternity.” Eternity, eternity, eternity, Allah.

But Mankind is so ignorant, they are running for some short times in this life. And it is not more than seventy or eighty or ninety or a hundred years, but they are running after this life, they are not running after eternity. Russians, Germans, Tartars, Hungarians, French, English, Turks, Americans, all running for a very short time and they are fighting and killing each other for what? Wrong way, wrong way.

Once my grandson brought me an instrument that taught European language, for example English. That machine would tell you if you were saying right or true, and sometimes saying, wrong. Now Mankind are doing wrong things. A heavenly message, an answer is coming to people, telling them what they are doing. When a person does a wrong thing, the angels say, “Wrong, wrong.” Sometimes a person does something true, angels saying, “Correct, it is true, true, true.” Then doing something that is not acceptable, saying, “Wrong, wrong, wrong.” Angels now saying to people on this planet, everyday angels are saying to all people, “Wrong, wrong, wrong.”

All states are doing wrong. To all people, the angels are saying, “Wrong, wrong, wrong.” They are fighting each other and they are killing each other, giving trouble to each other for what? For a very short time. They are never asking something for eternity, therefore they say, “Wrong, wrong, wrong.” Ask eternity from your most glorious One, from your Lord. Ask eternal life. Run, O People after eternity. Don’t run for a short life and its pleasures. My age going up, up, up, I remember when I was five years old, it has past away, now I don’t know how much time there is for me to stay with you. May Allah forgive us for the honor of His most honored one, for the honor of Prophet Sayyidina Muhammad. Fatihah. (stands and sits)

Put your hands (baya`) shoulder to shoulder. Allah thabitna `ala al-haqq.

(Mawlana! We love you very much, all of Russia, Moldavia and Ukraine; we love you very much and we wish you a long life.)

Good health, long life will stop, that is why we have been ordered to ask for Eternity. Eternal life, pure life, clean life, wholly-enlightened life, never-ending life, never-ending pleasure, never-ending pleasement, never-ending satisfaction, never-ending love, never-ending Beauty Oceans!

Pray for me. I am accepting all of you. I am happy with you. I apologize that I am now old and weak, I am not like before to look after you as it is necessary. Therefore, I apologize that you are coming from long distances and you are carrying hardship.

(It is big happiness for us to come!)

Alhamdulillah, sending all of you to a weak servant, Allah is blessing you, your descendants, and your ancestors. Fatihah.

(Mawlana, here are some presents, sheepskin slippers and jacket.)

If I come to Ukraine wearing this, you will not recognise me! (laughter) I will come at night. “Ibrahim” is an honoured name; Allah gave that name to his servant and prophet, Ibrahim.

(These brothers are asking for names.)

“Ishaq” is a prophet’s name, a strong name. This one also powerful one, Isma`eel. Sayyidina Dauod use to make his hand like this and things would go like that! Moldavian (Romanian) origin is from Turks.

(Mawlana Shaykh recites a wedding blessing and instructs the newlyweds.) Keep her good, keep him good and don’t pour water on his head when you are angry!

(Mawlana Shaykh blesses water.) I don’t like plastic things; when you are going to your homes put in a glass bottle. I have been in Moldavia, so beautiful a country with forest and good-blessing smells. Yes, I was there about one week and I met so many people. Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah. But in some forests was written, “Caution: Bears!”

Thank you, my daughter (who translated for the group). Pray for me, pray for me.

Lefke, 15.05.2011

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