Maulana Sheikh Nazim When a person is losing his physical strength

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim…May Allah grant us strength and good intentions to be suitable for His servanthood! That is something that all our works or activities may built on it. If a person is loosing his strength he can’t do anything (of) what he may be in need for his life here and what he is going to ask form his Lord: Obedience for his servanthood! If a person is losing his physical strength by any reason he is going to be useless. (And) if he is loosing his intention to be a good servant for Allah Almighty, (it means that) he is also loosing everything, (and) he is going to be a useless one, to be a rubbish one.

Therefore we are saying: “La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim”, to change our real being towards Allah’s servanthood and to leave our physical being’s desires that they are just against what our obedience is asking. Therefore, if a person is not leaving his physical desires it is impossible to be an obedient servant. Finished!

If you are saying time-by-time (I may do servanthood)- what do you think: If we are going sometimes with our egos and sometimes we are coming to make a service for our Lord- what is the judgment, ‘hukm’, (for that attitude)? Allah Almighty (is) describing it in the Holy Quran and) saying: “Thumma amanu, thumma kafaru, tunmma amanu wa thumma dhalu kufrun.”

When you are working for your ego you are not with Allah, no, you left Him! You are going to be (the) slave- not servant- but the slave of your ego, the slave of your egoistic physical desires. You are running to fulfil such useless and poisoned desires, (poisoned,) because such desires are poisoning your heavenly desires. When you are coming on it and becoming your ego’s slave and trying to fulfil your physical desires and to enjoy with such works and activities, you are not for Allah. You are out of (the) obedience of your Lord, you are in Kufr! In that moment a person is becoming Kafir, because he is not working for his Lord, but working for Shaitan and his ego, that it is (the) representative of Shaitan through yourself. That one just fell in Kufr; his level is going to be the level of Shaitan, no doubt; Shaitan, that he refused to be with Allah, to be with Allah Almighty’s Order. Shaitan- how he became Shaitan? He refused to be for Allah and he asked to be with his ego and (like this) he was becoming Shaitan. Any everyone who is with their egoistic works, trying to fulfil their physical desires, they are not for Allah! Just they are falling from the level of Iman, (faith), the servanthood of Allah Almighty, to the slavery for Shaitan!

If (the) last moment is coming to a person and he is caught that he is following Shaitan, he must be with Shaitan! And (for) every trouble (that is) coming to mankind through their physical being, (the) main reason (is) that people are following shaitanic ways to fulfil their physical desires. Every problem physically and commonly (is) coming for that reason. And if a person is listening to his Lord and asking to be His servant, he must observe (himself), he must look and must use as a balance for his activities: If it is for Allah or not. If that balance is showing that you are now working for his Lord, with that activity you are on the right way. Or (else), if that balance is showing (that) you are not on the real way, (that) you are running to the wrong way, you are in danger.

Subhanallah- shaitanic teachings (are) making some instruments…I was sitting in a car and in front of me there was a screen. I was asking: “What is that?” “This (is) showing the position of the car, if it is in a safe position or (it is) coming to touch (something) from this side or that side or from in front of it or from its back.” New cars (are) warning (the) driver: “Look that! Don’t go like this or like that, or you are touching something and (it is) coming to you some harm, harming you or your car or (the) other car, touching, coming some harm to you.”

A man may think (abut this) for a car, man is taking care for their metal, a car, to be safe- but (they are) not taking care for themselves, if they are coming and harming themselves from their eyes, from their mouth, from their ears, from their heads, from their hands, from their legs, from their third leg…No one! They are saying: “No, we are free!” You are free, but you are touching (something) and (it is) coming a punishment on you, because you are heedless, not looking where you are touching, how you are driving! Blame to mankind, all of them! They are thinking to keep their cars (safe), but they are not taking care for themselves, if they are going to be hurt and harmed. No! They are saying: ”We are innocent ones”, or: “We are such ones! We can do everything as we like. We may touch (someone or something), (it) doesn’t matter! Someone (else is) touching and hurting us, (it) doesn’t matter (also)- we are free!”

What do you think? It is true or not? (A) muqmin, (a) believer must look to everything to see and look and learn wisdoms. That is a big wisdom! Before I was not seeing that screen, but someone was bringing a new car and I was seeing there is such a thing in it (and) I was saying: “Oh! That car (is) carrying such an ability in itself to show (its) driver (and) to warn him: “Look right hand! Look left hand! Look in front of you! Look back!”, and for himself they are making themselves cheaper than a car. They are thinking not to be touched their car, not to be damaged, but themselves- doesn’t matter! So foolish mankind! La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llah! Look people- (to) where they are running, and we are asking peace on earth! How we can find peace! No mind people, drunk people, heedless people, dirty people, dirty mind people, dirty intention people!

Yesterday I was looking for news and in that TV Channel there was a person, they were saying (a) ‘religious one’. Everyone may ask some questions to that person (and) I was looking (and it was) written under it that question, what someone was asking: “Enjoyment for mankind, it is prohibited?” That was a question! If we are saying: “No”- their whole life is (already only) for enjoying their egos! That (is a) satanic question (and he was) asking through his ego: “Enjoyment is prohibited or forbidden?” That (religious) person, I was not understanding what he said, I was not following, but that question was making me to think on it: People (are) trying to do every dirty thing for their enjoyment. (There is) no (more) limit for enjoyment now for mankind. To make their egos happy and enjoyful, they are doing countless ways and (with that question) he is asking to make all of them (the same- Halal and Haram enjoyments), (asking): “If enjoyment (in religion) is prohibited or not.”

If we were saying “No”, no more, nothing you can do (to prevent them); (and) their lives are running only for their egoistic enjoyment. (And) they are asking to do that, they live for that purpose! (There is) no (any other) purpose for them to think any other thing. All people’s mentality (is) only for enjoyment. Everything! Look! That is their beliefs, that is their lifestyles! Why they are asking such a question? Who may say: “Yes, it is Halal enjoyment”, and behind ‘enjoyment’ (they hide) every dirtiness! Full! La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim!

People (are) becoming drunk! (That kind of) ‘enjoyment’ that people (are) running after, it is not Halal enjoyment, no, (but) dirty enjoyment, directed by Shaitan and shaitanic ways and shaitanic teachings, bringing mankind to that dirty enjoyment! And children from seven years (of age are) beginning to ask enjoyment, boys or girls, up to finishing with Heroin and dying…That is the way of Shaitan!

Therefore (there is) no balance for mankind now to bring a discipline on egos. Therefore all nations and all governments (are) against discipline and they are making by themselves such a foolish ‘discipline’ that (is) much more harmful for generations, for youth! No one (is) asking a real discipline, because real discipline (you can find) only in Islam! Beyond Islam you can’t find discipline, no! Anyone may come here and discuss (with me). Where is their discipline, to where (it is) reaching? (It is) reaching (to) their enjoyments. (The) dirtiest style of life they are living and asking enjoyment and finally their life is going through their lives’ springtime, they are passing away, passing away, passing away…And Shaitan is laughing to them: “I am so happy! So happy to destroy (the) human nature on earth, to destroy the Children of Adam, that (for) his cause I was thrown away (from the divinely Presence and) I lost that honour that was granted to Adam! I am taking my revenge from them in such a way!”

Whole nations and Muslims also (are) on (the) same line; they are asking to be “Westernised Muslims’ or asking (for) a “Westernised Islam’. ‘Westernised Islam’- how it can be? With Kufr! You are working for Shaitan and you are saying (that) you are Muslims? How it can be! Even (if) a person is going to work for his enemy from morning up to noontime and then he is coming to work (in the) afternoon for his army- who is accepting such a foolishness? (And) those people 24 hours are working for Shaitan and they are happy with that, never thinking! Therefore (they are) asking (if) enjoyment, playing, dancing, singing, every kind of dirty life (that they are) doing for their enjoyment- (if): “It is Halal (or) it is forbidden?” What is that question! This is (the) mentality of 21st century’s people!

If Allah Almighty is not sending Mehdi a.s. and not sending Jesus Christ, it is impossible! All people (are) drunk! All of them are running to fall in that fire! As the Prophet sws was saying: “When Dajjal is coming he is saying: ‘(Your) Jannat is fire and Paradise (you find) with me, come to my Paradise”, and people should run to his ‘Paradise’ and really his ‘Paradise’ is Hells, fire, and his fire is Jannat!” That means: Don’t follow the Anti-Christs, that they should be 3o before (that) famous one, who is coming, preparing himself to come to people.

Now people are running to a life-style that is leading them to (a place that) at its entrance it is written ‘Paradise’, but everyone (who is) going in it, he is falling into fire. (And there is) no way to come out. And what they call ‘Hells’, (that is Paradise). “Go to their Hell, that is Paradise! Don’t go to their ‘Paradise’, because that is Hell”, (was) saying (the) Prophet, warning his nation!

No warning (now), therefore people should be killed, until they are coming from six only living one and five should be taken away. (The) divinely Revenge (is) coming!

May Allah forgive us! For the honour of the most honoured servant in His divinely Presence S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha…

La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llah…No any other way! This is Haqiqat! If a physician is not understanding the reason of an illness, he can’t do anything for his patient. He must understand, then he may give medicine. (And) that is the illness from East to West, through the whole world, including the Islamic world, also they are falling it.

May Allah forgive us and send us quickly someone from Heavens, a heavenly being, to save believers and His servants, for the honour of His most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha... La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llah! Allahuma thabitna ‘ala-l Haqq!

Lefke, 22.06.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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