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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**Who Can Represent the King?**

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar la ilaha ill-Lllah, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar wa lillahi'l-hamd

That is obligatory for everything to say this for highest respect and glory and majesty for the Creator, the Creator of whole creation from pre-eternal up to eternal.

If I can stand up from pre-eternal up to eternal, it is nothing for the Glory of our Lord, Allah Almighty.

But we are weak ones, therefore we are asking to begin, even one moment, or less, it is glorifying for our Lord's majestic.

Also we are saying alfu ’s-salaat alfu ’s-salaam for Rasulullah and we are giving highest honor and highest respect for that one that Allah created for his honor from pre-eternal to eternal and he is the only one in the majestic presence of the Divinely Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad and if he wasn’t (there) nothing (would be) in existence. For his honor it was created and going to be created up to eternal, eternity

O people, give your highest respect and honor and glorifying for that one who was created to be a mirror of the Lord of Creation.

And no one in that presence, that Divinely Presence but that one. only one Allah and only one representing him in his Divinely Presence, Ya Sayyidee Ya Rasulullah!

We are asking your intercession. and we are saying as-salaamu `alaykum, O our listeners, O humble ones, O our most precious Prophet Sayyidina Muhammad, his nation, salaam on you.

May Allah grants us to be under that divinely shelter here and hereafter.

We are weak ones and we can only stand up some seconds or minutes, and that is it. our whole life may be 1000 years and to stand up it is nothing for our lord's Majestic respection.

... and we are saying A`udhu billah min ash-shaytan ir-rajeem Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem.

O People! O human nature that the Lord of creation giving to you, some specialties that He never granted it to other creatures.

That specialities just granted from the Lord of heavens for the Honor of Sayyidna Muhammad (s).

We are asking ... for the most respect one that he is our Lord's reprsentative from pre-eternal to eternal.

We are asking a support. If no support, from Allah Almighty's Beloved One, nothing standing in existence.

And we have been granted specialities that have never been granted to any other creation, because no creation going to be respected more than human nature for man, because Allah Almighty keeping that honor only for the children of Adam, for Adam and his children, to be deputies.


Can't be in His kingdom, cant be after His Majesty King no one can be more respected and honored than of His Deputy

That we are saying "crown prince".

Crown Prince is most honored one from the citizens (ri'aya) of the kingdom, the most honored one in the kingdom after His Majesty the King, his deputy in silah, in the terminology of kingdoms we are saying "crown prince".

That is anything happening for king or for His Majesty's is absent, he may do on that Throne and he is putting crown on his head, when sultan or king is not present.

O mankind! If we are asking to speak of the honor that mankind, human nature granted we.. it is not enough to write hundred volumes or 1000 volumes or 10000 volumes for the honor of deputy of the Lord of heavens that he is saying asta'idh billah: wa laqad karamna bani Adam.

That takleef, honoring and glorifying mankind, their Lord, Allah almighty saying I am granting to them something that it is impossible for you to understand where beginning or ending for that honor and glory and majesty, Allahu Akbar!

You can't put a simple (symbol) or common to be crown prince. Therefore the Lord of heavens not granting that highest honor through creation through creatures only he granted to Adam and his descendants.

Therefore a King not bringing a simple person from street to be His Deputy. But His Deputy just prepared that must be next to Him to His Majesty that if He is going absent that must fill His Throne as Himself.

That is important, therefore Allah Almighty granting such an honor to Man to be His deputy and that point was the real reason that `Azazeel, the name of Shaytan before he was going to be (thrown away) thrown out and to be `asee, (cursed), against? Before refusing to bow to Adam he was asking to be that deputy. And he was doing everything for one purpose to be deputy of Allah Almighty and when it was granted to Adam, he said, "no" and his level is not level to be level of calipha, deputy.

His creation was not suitable but the creation of Adam special creation.

Therefore He granted to be deputy. That is Shaytaan: beginning to discuss with the Lord of Heavens, saying "why You are doing this? That must be for me."

"You are doing something istaghfirullah, something wrong. istaghfirullah."

And divinely angel saying, "Allah Almightgy never disucsssing or never red etmek, refusing? Allah Almighty, His Endless Glory ma fee tanazzul, to come and to address Iblees, Shaytaan, no. One of angels refusing, saying, "Demon!" What is demon? Get out.

You were only asking to be Lord's caliph you are not suitable for that mansab, not position, rank. you are not suitable for that! Demon go away!

bu cocuk.. burak

He was not suitable, his creation not suitable even he was praying no one praying and bowing and giving his most high respects to Allah Almighty but even though he was not suitable to be deputy of the Lord of heavens.

Allah Almighty appointing His deputy from pre-eternal. He was appointing and bringing the time that He was asking to show whole creation, who is His deputy.

That point that we are speaking on it very few people may understand. That is a sacred and secret knowledge. Sacred you understand? (sacred) muqaddas. sacred, muqaddas. No one understanding only He Almighty giving an understanding therefore so many empty-head people, so many ignorant people they are objecting on that point, first of them that they are representatives of Shaytaan, Wahabi school, they are like Shaytan's school. They are not accepting to be deputy for the Lord of Heavens Sayyidina Muhammad, peace be upon him (standing) up to the end of the world I am standing up, raghman `an anfan kulli madh hab that not accepting ta`dheem, glorifying the Lord of heavens.

Those no-mind people saying, "He was like before there was like some people bringing from one king to another king or from one king to the inhabitants, sultanan shey, His Majesty's Order bringing.

Like post office man, they are saying. Tuhh! on their madhhabs, demon on their Wahabi madhhabs.

They are not asking who is Sayyidina Muhammad peace be upon him? And he is never going to understand who is that One. Saying: (only) bringing firman and his position just finished.

If his position finishing why are you saying after, la ilaha ill-Llah - Muhammadan rasulullah? Take it away.

He did his messengerhood saying "O people you must say la ilaha ill-Llah" and it is finished. Why it is written on Divinely Throne: la ilaha ill-Llah Muhammadan rasulullah (s).

But no mind people they should be taken away soonerly and some reality for Seal of Prophets should appear when Mahdi Alayhissalam coming and then that is what is going to happen through this life but real appearance of the Seal of Prophets should be on Judgment Day.

They should know that one day that Allah Almighty saying, "O my Beloved One, come and sit here.”

"That one I am giving my Last Divinely Judgment. You come now here!"

To where calling Allah Almighty, calling his Beloved One? to Maqam al-mahmoud.

asta`idh billah `asaa an yaba`thaka rabbuka maqaaman mahmooda

I am asking Wahabi people is it not Arabic? Is it Turkish?

I am asking them what does it mean: `asaa an yaba`thaka rabbuka maqaaman mahmooda

Is it in dunya or in next life, and if not heavenly whip coming even their names not to be dhukkir, mentioned.

O our Lord. O our Lord! We can't say, we can’t say more than these, it is not our authority or imkaan, possibility. We can't carry, we can’t carry that a little further. it is impossible.

O people! come and hear what is truth O people! O Muslims! Don't go on wrong way, keep full respect for the Seal of Prophets Sayyidina Muhammad (s).

Ya Sayyidee! Ya Rasulullah (stands) shafa`tak.

Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah `azeez Allah

dummm, dummm,dummm, dummm,dummm, dummm,dummm, dummm,

Whole singings from heavens
glorifying that one
whose name is taken
from Holy Name
of the Lord of Heavens,
the Lord of creation
for His Most Beloved One,
I am, I am, I am,
I am ashaming to say
for that One,
that He is servant.

Who is going to sit
on Maqaam Mahmoud
I can't say for him "servant"
We are servants for him!
We are servants
for that One
that His Lord dressed him
on His Glory Oceans
Who has been dressed
from the Lord of Heaven's
Majestic Oceans,

O people! Come and listen.
O people! come and obey
what heavenly messages
bringing through messengers
from heavens to you.

Huuuuuw, Huuuw, Huuwwww,
Huuuuuw, Huuuw, Huuwwww,
only You,
Huuuuuw, Huuuw, Huuwwww,
Huuuuuw, Huuuw, Huuwwww,
Huuuuuw, Huuuw, Huuwwww,
Only You!
Only You!
O Majestic One
Istaghfirullahh, tubtu wa rajatu il-Allah.

It is nothing.
I am ashaming to say
such a simple things
for bringing a description
of that holy one.

Allah Allah Allah tubna wa rajana ilayk, forgive us our Lord forgive us Our Creator. We are asking your good pleasure we are asking Your pleasement to make you pleased with us and we are asking Your blessings from pre-eternal up to eternal.

Huuuuuw, Huuuw, Huuwwww,
Huuuuuw, Huuuw, Huuwwww,
Ya Huuuuuuuuw

(46 minutes)

They know how much they are granting, never changing. 40, 45 (minutes) then closing it down. It is enough. May Allah forgive me and forgives you and forgives everyone for saying "You, Allah, and we are Your servants"

You are Allah our Lord
and we are Your servants
and creatures,
O our Lord
forgive us
and give more and more honor
to Your Most Beloved One through creation
from pre-eternal up to eternityyyyy


Lefke, 12.08.2009

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