Maulana Sheikh NazimWho can speak against the holy Prophet?

Ya Rabbi, Shukr!...As-salamu alaikum, ya ‘ibadallah! Salam alaikum wa
rahmatullah wa barakatuh… Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim,
Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l
‘Aliyu-l ‘Adhim.
Allah adin dhikr edelim awwala... it is Turkish… Let us begin by
Dhikrullah! This night is the beginning of Maulid; it is the last day of
Safar-u-Khair, insha Allah we will finish it with Khair. Tomorrow is the
first of the month of Maulid. Be awake!...

“Ad-dinu nasihat”, Allah Almighty is saying to His most Beloved and
Praised Servant S.Muhammad sws. The meaning of Islam (is) to call people
to Allah, subhana wa ta’ala. “Ad-dinu nasihat”; Din, Islam, means to
call people to their good future, to call people to Paradise, because
Allah Almighty (is) saying: “…wa-llahu yadau ila Daru-s-Salam…”.
Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah! Tauba, ya Rabbi!...

Allah Almighty (is) saying to His last Prophet that: “O My most beloved
Servant and praised Servant and glorified Servant! Servanthood is (the)
top level of mankind: when he is doing his best and following Holy
Orders of Allah Almighty, their ranks coming higher and every time they
are going to be dressed Glory from Allah Almighty. When you are doing
something from goodness, (then that is) making your Lord happy with you,
and Shaitan (is) going to be very sorrowful. If a person (is) doing good
things, (that is) making Satan to be unhappy, to be sorrowful, (but) if
a man (is) doing bad things, against (the) heavenly Law of Allah
Almighty and leaving servanthood, Satan (is) going to be ohhh, so
enjoyful, ohhh, and (he is) saying to (the) Prophet: “Look, I am
carrying mankind behind of me, you can’t do!” Ha sha! Shaitan is weak
and mankind also, whom they are following their egos, they are also weak
ones. Strong ones (are) never going to follow satanic teachings!
Shaitan, he is trying to catch people with (a) hook. What is his hook?
(He is) saying: “O people, come to me and you should be so happy and
enjoyful, pleased, in pleasure!” Whom they are following Shaitan, at the
end of their lives, they are going to be very sorry and sorrowful!
What do you think: those people whom they are following Shaitan, what
they found through Islam? Anything wrong? I am calling all learned
people and religious people, religious headquarters and religious men-
Pope or Patriarchs or Bishops- I am calling all of them: “Come here!
Come, I am sitting with you. I am only asking one question to you: Leave
people, (what) they are doing, people (are) doing some bad things, when
they are following Shaitan- but: you find anything (wrong) through (the)
Holy Book, (the) Holy Quran, anything bad against humanity? Look in it!”

Heraklios, Byzantic Emperor, he was in Damascus. And (the) Holy Prophet,
(the) Seal of Prophets that just given for his honour good tidings
through Old Testament, through New Testament and Holy Books. Just (it
was) the time of S.Muhammad sws, (of the) Seal of Prophets, and by (the)
Holy Command of Allah Almighty he sent to every King, Kings or Queens or
Prince or whom they are the head of nations (a message) and (he was)
saying (in it): “O Heraklios, King of Byzantic Empire! Come and accept
me, that I am (the) Holy Prophet that you have been given good tidings
about him through (the) Evangelos, (the) Ingil! I am that one; come and
follow me and surrender (to the) Holy Commands of Allah Almighty!”
That Holy Letter from (the) Prophet sws just reached to him. And he was
in Damascus, Sham-u-Sharif. And he ordered his soldiers- whom they are
always coming, standing through (the) gates of (the) castle- he ordered
to them, in Damascus: “Look anyone coming from Hijaz, from Arabia,
Mecca-l Mukarrama! I must see them, I must meet (them), I must do (an)
interview with them!” There were guardians on gates: “Who coming from
Hijaz, arrest them and send them to me! I am asking about that letter
that had been sent to me from a person, who is saying ‘I am (the) last
Prophet, the Seal of Prophets and I am calling you to surrender (to the)
Holy Commands of Allah Almighty. I am that one that your Prophet Jesus
Christ just giving good tidings to you. I am that one!”
One day coming a caravan, asking to enter to city and guardians stopped
(them, asking): “From where (you are) coming?” “We are coming from long
distances through (the) Arabian deserts. We are people that we are
neighbours to (the) House of Lord in Mecca.” Then (the) soldiers,
guardians, (were) informing (the) Emperor that: “Just we arrested people
of (a) caravan and they said they are coming from (the) holy Land Mecca,
(and that they are the) House of Lord’s neighbours.” (The) Emperor (was)
saying: “Yes, that is! I was asking to meet someone from that one’s
neighbours and (from his) nation. Quickly bring them to me!” Bringing.
(The) Emperor (was) sitting and (the) people of (the) caravan (were
coming) in front of him, sitting (on the) earth as a new moon, (in a)
half circle. Some of them (were) standing up, some of them (were)
sitting and they were looking: “For what (the) Emperor (is) calling us?”
(The) Emperor was sitting on his throne and (he was) saying to them:
“I am Heraklios, (the) Emperor of (the) Byzantic Empire. Look! Just I
have been sent a Holy Letter from a person that (is) claiming he is the
Seal of Prophets. I was like to find some people from his tribe, to ask
them about that person. You are all from that country?” They are saying:
“I am asking also: Who is most closer to that one, and neighbour or
relative?” One person (was) standing up, (saying): “Your Majesty, I am
that one. I am more closer from anyone in our caravan to that person.”
“Look! I am Emperor. I am going to ask you, I am making a questioning
you about one person that he is claiming that he is (the) Seal of
Prophets and also the Bushra, the good tidings of Jesus Christ. I am
going to ask you and I like that you should give true answers! I don’t
like anyone speaks lies in front of me, then my punishment (is) going to
be very heavy! That ones head must be taken away!” (The) caravan people
(were) trembling. “You, come in front of me. I am asking to you, because
you are much more closer to his family, relatives.” “Yes, Sir!” “What I
am asking, say true!”
And he began to ask. So many questions he (was) asking, one of them:
“Who is that one? (Is he) from common people or from noble people?”
He said: “His family (is) the owner of the House of Lord and they are
(the) most honoured line through Arabs, Quraish. His family (is) just
honoured one.” And (the) Emperor (was) saying: “Yes, you are saying true.”
Then he was asking: “”How (are) his parents?” “His parents- (his) father
passed away when his mother was pregnant from him.”
“That is true. And his mum?” “She also passed away, when he was 4-5
years (old).”
“That is true. How many years he was, (when he was) saying: ‘I am
He said that: “When he reached to 4o years old, he said that ‘I am just
had been sent through (the) Holy Orders of my Lord of Heavens and I am
calling you to him, Almighty.’ He is saying this.”
And (the) Emperor (was) saying: “Yes, that is true. What was his tribe’s
reaction to him?”
“Mostly (the) powerful people and rich people (are) not following him
and (they are) trying to make him a liar” –ha sha!- “Only (there are)
around himself poor people and slaves and women and children- weak people.”
And the Emperor (was) saying: “That is true. Do you think that anytime
he said a lie?” He said: “Never we heard from him to say lies.”
“That is true… Do you think he was keeping his oath or changing?”
And that person (was) saying: “”Up to (when) we are leaving Mecca, we
never heard about himself that he was not keeping his oath. From that
date up today we are not knowing what he is doing. Only “ he was saying,
“I may put this.”
And (the) Emperor was angry, saying: “Up today, you are saying, never he
was loosing his oath and you are saying to me ‘through a few days that I
don’t know what he did now’? You are wrong!”
(That person was) trembling… (Later, when he was telling this story,
after he had become Muslim) he was saying that: “If we were not
surprised with this questioning, if we were knowing that (the) King
(was) going to ask so many things, we were going to make through
ourselves (a plot), to do every lie about that one. But (like this)
there was a fear through my heart (that) if I am saying (a) wrong thing
and someone (from our people was) saying ‘No, he is (a) liar’, then it
shall be no life for me. Therefore (I was) obliged (in) that surprising
questioning that I must speak (the) truth. Only I may put this in: that
I don’t know now what he did something wrong.”
Therefore (the) Emperor was angry and (he was) saying: “What he is
ordering to you? What is his orders?”
“He is calling us to worship one God and we have so many gods.”
“He was true, you were wrong! That is true!… What about other orders?
What is his ahwal shahsiya, his characteristics?”
”O Your Majesty! He is trying to do his best for everyone, to help
everyone, to keep rights of men and women, and to keep weak ones, to
keep slaves, and to make his best for people, preventing (them) from
zina, adultery, preventing (them) to drink wine…”
(The) Emperor (was saying: “That is true!”, “That is true!”, “That is
true”… “I think that your nation must be something wrong with them! That
person (is) calling you to every goodness through (the) life of mankind
and you are against him?
Ohhh my Lord! O my Lord,” (the) Emperor (was) saying, “I was like to be
with him and to carry his slippers!” He was saying, Emperor: “O people!
That is that one who our Prophet (was) giving good tidings of him,
Ahmad, (a) real Prophet, the Seal of Prophets! And if (what) you are
saying it is true- I am saying to you that his nation (is) coming to be
here! What I am putting my feet on it, on this land, his nation (is)
coming, to be here, Ardu Sham! Go away now! No mind people! Go away, no
mind people! He is calling you to goodness, to do, to be good ones and
you are insisting to be bad ones, bad people- get away!”
He was so angry and saying: “What my feet on it, this land, should be
(under) his nations command, under their command. His nation (is) coming
through this to reach to Constantinople…”

Now I am saying to Bishops, Popes and Rabbis; Chief Rabbi and other, (I
am) calling them, I am only asking: “Which thing you find through Islam
and Islamic Law, Kanun Islami, against humanity? Say to me! I am here
and I may say bravely that if anyone (is) giving (a) wrong declaration,
I am asking from (the) Lord to come on him a lightening to burn him
now!... No one comes here…
I am full up to here now! My heart (is) full with fire- not fire from
earth, (but) from Heavens! I may burn through East to West those people,
who can speak against (the) Holy Prophet, (the) most Beloved Servant of
Allah Almighty and against Islam! They can’t come here! I may call to
East and West: Come!
May Allah forgive us…
It is important, but Muslims also now they are also so heedless people;
they are running after Shaitanic ways, they are following shaitanic
teachings and (they are) leaving (the) Islamic Teachings, (the) Islamic
high position of (a) high life of mankind, a good life here and (an)
eternal life in Paradise!

May Allah forgive us and send us someone with such a power to cut (the)
ways to Kufr, to cut (the) ways reaching to Shaitan and opening the ways
for (the) whole world to His Beloved Servants, S.Muhammad sws’s, way.
By the honour and glory of the Seal of Prophet S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha…
Here there are so many people that have come from Christianity to Islam…

Lefke, 18.3.2007

Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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