Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim Who forget the Friends of Allah

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Allah, Allah… Allah, Allah…Destur, ya Rijalallah...Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…
(Those) whom they are forgetting the Friends of Allah, they are going to be rubbish. Whom they are not taking care for Awliya-ullah, (the) Friends of Allah, no value for them, rubbish, to be put in dustbin!
Now Islam (is) as it is, or as it was before the time, that Allah Almighty (was) dressing Islam a greatness and honour; who is dressing that dress, should be honoured and should be on the top level of honour and (they should be) respected on earth and on Heavens. Who (is) taking these clothes (off), that honoured dress that Allah Almighty (is) sending to nations, to all nations- that they are the nation of (the) most beloved, (the) most honoured one, S.Muhammad sws- who (is) accepting him, (they are) just granted an honour. Who (is) refusing to accept what the Seal of Prophets (is) bringing from Allah Almighty, they are rubbish people.
Subhanallah! Glory be for Him Almighty! He is asking to grant us honour and glory, but those two-legs-animals (are) refusing, they are running away. Heavenly people (are) calling them: “Oh people, why you are running away?” All nations (are) escaping.
And their example (is) just mentioned through the Holy Quran, from the time of the most honoured one’s time, S.Muhammad peace be upon him. His tribe first- Allah (is) giving their description, saying: “Those people look like donkeys when they are seeing a lion- (they are) running quickly away; they are not coming and approaching that honoured lion, but (they are) running away. And those people that are running away from the Seal of Prophets, (the) most honoured one in (the) divine Presence, they are on (the) same way, when the Prophet (was) calling them and saying: “Come to Me. Who (is) coming to me, (is) coming to Allah.”
He is not saying ‘I am Allah’, (but): “Come! I am coming from Allah to you. I am not Allah, but I have been sent from His divine Presence to you as an honoured presence from His divine Presence to you. Oh people, come to me! I am not Allah, but I have been sent by Allah, and I am not saying that I am Allah, but (that I am) representing (Him). He dressed me that I should be on behalf of your Lord- (the) Lord of Heavens, the Lord of creation- Allah’s representative. I am representing Him Almighty. I am not coming to show to you that I am something, someone, no! I am only coming and saying to you about my mission. My mission is to be His representative through creation, particularly to you, oh mankind. Don’t run away! I am calling you to your Lord, to my Lord, the Lord of creation!” They are running away… “Come! I have been ordered to dress you heavenly Dress and also I have been ordered to crown you. I am calling you for coronation, that honoured crown to be put on your heads.”
Anything Prophets (are) asking from you? Any Prophet (is) saying: “Pay me?” Which Prophet said to their nation to pay him? “Oh people! I am not coming to collect from you something, but I am coming to you ‘fi-llah’, ‘li-llah’, for His Honour. I am not asking (a) salary or something”, as foolish people from (the) time of ignorance (at the time of the) Seal of Prophets, (the) most honoured one, the honour of creation, (the) representative of (the) Lord of Heavens and creation from pre-eternal up to eternal. No one can come and say: ‘I am representative’, only that one, that he had been chosen to be Allah Almighty’s representative, caliph, caliphatullah, deputy, who (is) representing (the) Lord of Heavens.
Everything created (was) just given to that one: “That is for you, oh My beloved one, oh My most honoured one, oh My most beloved one, oh My most respected one, oh My most praised one! Everything (is) for your honour!” Allahu akbar!
Don’t think, don’t (even) try to think on Allah Almighty’s Glory! He has divine Dominions of Glory, granting, granting to that one. Don’t ask about His Glory, ‘Alamu-l Ghujub, (the) secret Dominions of Allah Almighty- no one knows, only Him Almighty. You can take something from that representative- Allahu akbar- Rasul-Allah!
People are looking and saying: “Oh, you are like ourselves, eating, drinking, going up and down, marrying, you have children, you are doing this and that, like ourselves. We (are) never seeing on you something different from us.” Haha! Look! Just their looking is deepest ignorance; they are in that depthless ignorance oceans and Allah Almighty granted to that one.
And they were coming and saying to his uncle: “Say to him, say to your brother’s son, Muhammad sws: if he is interested or if he likes or (if) his interest and care and the last point of his desires it is to reach to be our King, we are ready to make him King on us. If the last point of his desires is to reach to be (the) richest one, we are ready to give to him everything that we have from gold and silver and silk and everything from precious things. If his last desire or the limit or his last target is to reach to (the) most beautiful ones from our tribe or from others, we are ready to give to him (the) most beautiful girls, ladies, to be for him, to enjoy. Ask him, we are ready!
Only we are putting one condition: he must stop to say (anything) against our idols and not to say to us:’ Come to the Lord of Heavens, to my Lord.’ He must leave that and we are ready to do everything, even ourselves (are) going to be his servants and slaves. Only we are asking (him) not to say: ‘Come to my Lord’.”
And he had been ordered to call people and he was saying: “Oh people, come to Allah! I am not Allah, but I am only inviting to Allah. I am only calling you to Allah. I am not Allah.” And then, when his uncle was coming and saying this offer and what they offer to him, he said: “Oh my uncle, say to these people, that their understanding area (is) less than a mm square, square heads, but less than mm 1oo times, 1ooo times smaller”, only you can see that square under radioactive microscope, “Tell those people (that) they are imprisoned, their understanding (is) imprisoned in such a small square, we may say in (the) square of (an) atom. They are imprisoned. I am asking to break down their squares of understanding, because they are not created to be imprisoned in such a small area. The Lord of Heavens just granted to them a free field to run in it, a free field for understanding (so) that without hindrance and limits they may run through that understanding oceans. I am not asking anything! If they are putting (on) one (of my) hands (the) sun, (and in the) other (one the) moon and all treasures, I am never going to leave what I am calling them (to), because my mission, no one reached to that glory!”
People (are) thinking that Prophets (are) asking something, no, Astaghfirullah! But their understanding (is) just closed on material. Therefore they are running away.
They were imprisoning themselves through such tight point, therefore they were never getting to reach a satisfaction and all of those people- billions of people on (the) same position, on (the) same conditions- all of them may be entered on that smallest square as (the) square of (an) atom’s distance. And all of them (are) so (much) getting (into) troubles and problems and fighting, miseries and sufferings, eating each other there.
And the Lord of Heavens is calling: “Come, leave your prison, come to an unlimited field of understanding, come to Me!” and (He is) sending His most beloved ones to call his people, his nation. People (are) running away; as donkeys (are) running from (a) lion they (are) running away.
And (the) same position is now also in act. People (are) never asking to leave that prison that is only (a) square in (an) atomic distance; eating each other and not coming (out). (Allah is calling them): “Come out”, they are not coming. That is biggest problem for mankind and Allah Almighty (is) calling them: ”Come out” through His most glorified servant, most praised servant, giving to him unlimited power and authority to take them out and to grant to them what they can ask, but people (are) saying: “No, we can’t leave our position here, we must be here.”
That is (the) source of troubles, problems, suffering, miseries on earth now and people (are) fighting for that, because they are in such a small distance, they are saying: “Go away. I must have little bit more.” That one (is) saying: “No, you go!” And saying: “We are going to make a group of our people to be all together against that ones.” And they are coming and making for each other a pact: “You must take our hand, hand in hand to defeat those foolish ones, to be all (of that) area only under our authority.” And they (are) saying: “Why you (are) saying that? We must be! On that distance we must be first ones, and glorious and victorious.” Now they eating each other.
That is real panorama of world that we are living in it, because people are running away from Allah Almighty’s deputy, Allah Almighty’s representative. When he is calling them, they are getting away, running away. Whom they are running away, (they are) finding other lions; if (they are) save from one, other lions are going to eat them.
That is (the) history of 21st century’s civilized nations. All are trying on that point: to eat one group another group, so that (they are) asking not to remain except their group only. They are asking to take away, to take off other nations and to be, to say: “We are now on that prison, we are prisoners.”
May Allah forgive us and send us what we are expecting and believing, that He promised us to send us from His divine Presence power and also supported by heavenly powers, supported by miraculous powers that making that miraculous powers material world under their feet to save the servants of (the) Lord and to give them their honour in His divine Presence.
May Allah forgive me and bless you. For the honour of the most honoured one in His divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha

Lefke, 03.07.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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