Maulana Sheikh NazimWHO IS A MUSLIM?
We are all servants and we do not ask for anything from Allah Almighty except that He may accept us as his servants. You can reach everything in this world, but it will never give you honour. Everything which you can reach belonging to here, is not valuable. If it was most valuable to have riches from this world, then I don't think that any people could be richer than the Jews or the Christians or other kinds of people who do not believe in Islam. The only honour mankind is able to reach in this life, is that his name may be written in the list of good servants. There are two tables. One written on the top is the one with the good servants. Then there is another one with the names of the bad servants. Whether someone is a believer or an unbeliever, they are all servants. But believers are good servants. Unbelievers are bad servants. Believers follow prophets. Bad servants follow satan.
When we go to the airport the announcements of the airplanes are changed very quickly. Names turn up and then disappear again. In the same way the tables with our names, according to our actions, change quickly. Sometimes your name will be written as a good servant. Then when you lose your control and run after satan, your name will appear quickly on the list of bad servants.

I heard of Grandsheiks, who are obedient servants of the Lord, that around the Seat of the Lord there are many, many Sheiks. They look like humans and everyone belongs to someone of us. Everyone's name is written on it. If someone whose name is written there does something good, his name there will start to shine. Others who suddenly change and get an ugly shape and colour, will by that prevent any angels to look at them They can't, it is too ugly. Those are the names of the ones who on earth do what satan is telling them to.

Do you think that you can do what you want to according to your desires? Do you think that you have been created free like the animals in the jungle? Do you think that you are like animals in the zoo? You go there and look at them. But they are looking at you and telling you, "Oh, mankind, you are coming and looking at me. Look and take your lesson from me. I am someone without any responsibility. Allah Almighty created me on a line without any responsibility, but you have. Do you think you are fulfilling that responsibitlity? Never!" If someone says that you are a donkey, you will be very angry. But the donkey says that he is angry with you. Why? "I am a donkey and Allah Almighty has told me to be your servant. I am your obedient servant. You are hitting me, loading on me and making everything so bad for me. But you, mankind, were created to be the servant of our Lord. Are you His servant, or only a servant of this world, or satan or your ego? For whom are you working 24 hours? Why are you then angry if someone tells you that you are a donkey? I am doing my duty, you are not."

May Allah forgive us. It is a difficult time and people are trying to keep their faith according to their understanding. But Islam is so clear, the direction is so obvious. It is a straight path. Why are people making such a misunderstanding about it? Islam is only calling people to servant hood, nothing else. Islam never makes you the inspector of the second one. Everyone wants to make their own wrong ideas into the right idea.

If a person comes and wants to be a Muslim. What does the Sharia tell us to do? We offer him to say, 'Ashaddu la illaha il Allah, wa ashaddu anna Muhammadan Abduhu wa Rasul'Allah'. Would a person having said that still be a Christian or a Jew, or would he be a Muslim? Of course a Muslim! If the person gets out of that door again, then he is a unbeliever. Remember that, because nowadays the scholars call you an unbeliever even if you step a little bit to the right or to the left or a little bit forward. They call Muslims unbelievers! There are so many foolish and ignorant people like that now who say that. With every step they accuse Muslims to be unbelievers. But they are the ones who are becoming unbelievers themselves! It is the money of the oil that makes them spread over the whole Islamic world and non-Muslim world. Beware of those wrong people and remember that whoever says, 'La illaha il Allah Muhammadun Rasul'Allah' is Muslim. Whoever does not accept that, is the unbeliever.
This was the order, that before starting to pray, or before fasting, people were called to accept His Existence and the existence of His Prophet. It is a difficult time, but Islam is so clear. There are still so many sins. We are not prophets, we are not innocent ones. Sometimes we fall into sins, but when we ask for forgiveness, Allah Almighty will open the Door of Forgiveness until your soul has come up again. The Door of Forgiveness will not be closed until the sun will rise from the West. Until that day Allah Almighty will accept repentance from his people. How can you cut the hope of people?
LONDON - 01.03.1993
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