Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim Who is cheating us, is not from our nation

(After the big fire in the surroundings of Lefke)
Astaghfirullah, Astaghfirullah, Astaghfirullah tubtu wa raja’na ‘ala-llah…Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar wa li-llahi-l hamd...
Shukr, ya Rabbi, Shukr, ya Rabbi, Shukr, Alhamdulillah,
Subbuhun Quddus, Rabbu-l malaikatu wa-ruh, Subbuhun Quddus, Rabbu-l malaikatu wa-ruh, Subbuhun Quddus, Rabbuna wa Rabbu-l malaikatu wa-ruh…
Allahu akbar wa li-llahi-l hamd…
Allahumma ajirna mina-nar! Meded, ya Ashabu Nauba!
Destur ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Meded ya Ashabu Naubati ya adiil ruqa mina-l insi wa-l jan…
“Man rashana, fa laissa minna.” Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ’Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

“Who is cheating us, is not from our nation”, the Prophet sws was saying, the honour of the whole creation, the most honoured one in divinely Presence, the most glorified servant in the divine Presence, the patron of all creation. Patronage Allah Almighty (is) giving only to that one, the most beloved one, S.Muhammad peace be upon him! Allahu akbar!
One person was not taking care for that one’s honour, that one’s greatness, not taking care for him; he was thinking that that most beloved one is a simple person from mankind, no any difference between (him and) common people (and he was) saying: “Ahmad”. Not giving that honour, not saying his holy name, (but) saying (only): “Ahmad.” Up to morning his mouth (was) going from here up to his ear…just (he had a) stroke, his mouth went from one side to another side. I don’t know what (is) coming to Turks that they are never taking any respect, without respect, 8o years fighting…I don’t know what (is) coming to them…
That (person) was one (who was) claiming that he is a philosopher. Philosopher means he is balancing everything through his mind; no balance for him beyond his mind. Everything he is asking to bring a solution for understanding (within) the limits of his mind, that is philosopher. That means: all philosophers no mind people. If they have even a small, very small amount of mind, he was not going to claim and to say: “Everything (is just) through (my) mind field”, but they are claming and asking to bring a solution or an understanding that belongs to their mind and mentality area, asking to bring everything in that area. That person (was a) no mind person. Under zero. Or, his value- 1, if you are putting a 0 (on its) right hand, giving a value, taking a value, but that is zero. In front of 1 it has a value. If that 0 (you are) putting (it) left hand of 1, that means: no value.
In front of 1, 0 (is) taking (a) value, even it is 0. And real existence (is) for 1. And countless 0 may be put in front of 1, and countless universes may be, even they are 0, but, because (they are) in front of 1, (they are) taking an existence and honour. But behind of 1, 0 (has) no value.
And those people that are philosophers, because they are not accepting 1, they are running on the line of 0, saying: rurrrrrrr…. Going on the line of 0. That not accepting 1, running on line of 0, 0,0- nothing, nothing, nothing…When accepting 1, in front of it, you have been granted honour. One 0, one honour, two 0s, one another honour…and countless…Therefore Atauna ghaira mamnun… the Grant of Allah endless. Who (is) accepting His Existence that One (is) always granting. His Grants (are) never ending, even it is 0, but full with One’s Favours and countless favours (are) coming on that 0.
It is 0; therefore ‘lam yalid wa lam yulad’- Allah Almighty (is) giving countless Favours from Himself. That is a Grant. But when He is giving, it doesn’t mean that that Grants (are) going to be registered on that 0, no! Even it is 0, but (it is) full with divine Favours. ‘Yura’, divine Favours (are) through 0s, but 0, because it is nothing, only (is) going to appear; that appearance from 1 to endless countless 0s, continues and everything that Allah Almighty He is asking to be in existence- and their existence (is) not (a) real existence- on that 0s (is) coming (to) appear.
1. Philosophers are never accepting 1. If they are depending on their minds, (they are) not declaring 1. Therefore they are always 0, 0, 0…and those 0s that belong to philosophers, are empty; (they) can’t reach (to the) Favours from 1. And through that 0s the Lord of Heavens that He is that One (He is) giving and showing through (those) 0s countless universes, only in appearance. He is not making them to have a special being, special existence. That is ‘ajaib’, astonishing!
Therefore our minds (are) just stopping, you can’t think on it, you can’t say: “How?” No ‘how’! That is (His) secret of being (the) Lord of (the) whole creation, (the) secret from his Lordship, a secret from His creation, (a) secret for His endless and countless Favours and Blessings. Looking and seeing everything in it. They are sucking from 1, but never belongs to that 1s- all from Him.
That, the second ones, philosophers, that are not accepting one, they are going to be nothing and disappearing, never reaching to anything. They are running through the darkness of satanic oceans, disappearing. But others, the Lordship of Heavens, the Lordship of the Lord of Heavens, all 0s, 0s (are) running through His divine Dominions’ Oceans…ohhh…Azamat! Through His Dominions’ Oceans: Dominion- you (are) understanding something here about Dominions, but everything that belongs to Allah is just 1oo % different. “We are not accepting 1, we are accepting 2, 3, 4…” No. No value. No value to say: “I am not accepting 1, but 2,3,4…four can’t be in existence without 1. Therefore you must say: “1.” Philosophers! Therefore I am bombarding them! All philosophers! They are thinking that they are knowing something. They are so proud ones! They are so foolish ones, when they are feeling something and running to toilet, their personality is something… before getting in toilet, when coming out, their personality is changing…going to be another one…
This is written through antique books, in our days, Awliya all laughing, happy…We have been authorized for bombarding the castles of Satan and satanic ideas.
Philosophers are representatives of Shaitan. Because Shaitan (was) not accepting his Lord, discussing, fighting and bad mannered... (They are) like Shaitan’s representatives…
Take it away, your mind! Leave to run through your being heavenly Currents! Don’t put your ego (there). Philosophers are worshippers of Shaitan; Shaitan’s representative through themselves is their ego. Philosophers are worshipping to their minds and minds are a means through the hand of Shaitan for cheating people!
That is an introduction. We were saying the holy words of (the) Prophet sws that it is not (the) fruit of minds or thinking, no, he is bringing pure knowledge from Heavens. Others- that they are claming (to be) ‘knowledge’- (is) running through sewage and sewage (is) never getting to be clean, always (the) ego (is) supplying (the) sewage (with) urine… Everyone reaching there and Shaitan saying: “Quickly urine in it, not to come down.” Everyone- both sides, banks, full with philosophers…and everyone urinating…Shaitan (is) saying: “Be ready! Now begin!”… Sewage…
Therefore- cheating. Shaitan first cheating from men philosophers and (he is) selecting who is most suitable for him for that purpose and (he is) beginning to cheat that selected ones. Shaitan has an academy; selected ones (are) coming there, (he is) teaching them, then sending (them) East and West and one saying something like this, another coming, saying opposite, this (one) saying: East, that (one) saying: West. This saying: Up, that: Down. This saying: Fire, that one: No, water…Preparing, treating them, or training them, all philosophers, and then leaving (them to go, saying): “Now you go and cheat people!”
Therefore- (these are the) Prophets holy words that coming from Heavens: “Who is cheating us is not from our nation.”
And also through his nation so many people that have been cheated, also they are trying to cheat common people and common people (are) so easily cheated.
Once upon a time one person, learned one- this is an example how they are cheating common people, those representatives of Shaitan:
A learned person on his way found a mosque in a village and (he was) coming and asking to pray. And ‘ahlu-l qura’, pheasants, showed (it) him: “This is our mosque. You may come and you may pray. We have an Imam also, a learned person, very good, “ He went in and after (the) prayer he was looking and seeing that that person (was) knowing nothing, everything (he was) doing wrong and he said: “Oh people, your Imam (is) knowing nothing.” “How!” They were coming to (the) Iman and saying: “Ya Hu, that person (is) saying that you don’t know anything. Why you are cheating us? “ Demagogy: “How! I don’t know anything? We may do (a) test. Yes. Come! All (of) you should be jury and we shall be here discussing, and you may know which (one) of us is a learned person. “ All pheasants (were) sitting and looking. And (the) I mam (was) coming and saying: “Oh, you are saying I don’t know anything and I am Imam here, come for debate. These pheasant people are jury, they may say which (one) of us is on perfection, which (one) of us is much more learned.” “Yes.”
Sitting and saying: “You are claiming that I don’t know anything. Look, oh our attenders, you are jury. Take this paper and I am taking one paper also and I am saying to you write: Ox. Write: Buffalo. And I am writing also.” That learned person was writing and he also was writing. “Now you finished? You wrote, ya Sheikh?“ “Yes, I wrote.” “Show to people.” They were looking: “Make it like this…like that”… they were not knowing which side (is) up or down. “Look, what I am writing, my writing: buffalo”, showing and he was drawing a buffalo, painting, drawing with horns, four legs, and making like this, like that…(chewing)...”Look, oh jury people, attenders- which (one) looks like buffalo? Which (one) of us is knowing?” “Ohhh. This is buffalo! That one we don’t know.” “Look! Take your shoes and go one. These my people know that I am (the) most important learned person for them. Look. Put there, on (the) door of (the) mosque (for) everyone to know that I am (a) so learned person, I can write buffalo…”
That is demagogy, cheating, that 21st century people (are) just cheated, but the representatives of Shaitan (are) in such a way. They (are) never saying for truth: “That is truth”, but what Shaitan is saying, that is truth. Those people are not from my nation, saying Prophet.
Ya Rabbi, ya Allah! Ya Allah, send us (someone) who may teach us what is right and what is wrong! Ajilnana bi faraj, ya Allah! For the honour of Your most honoured servant, most honoured Prophet, most glorified and most beloved servant in (the) divinely Presence S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 30.06.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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