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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**Who is coming here must take care to hear. Perhaps people may ask: ’Where you went and for what?’**----Who is coming here must take care to hear. Perhaps people may ask: ’Where you went and for what?’ This is an international mental-house, I am going for treatment, for visiting.’ ‘What did he say the chief guardian of the mental-house?’ ‘He said something, but I never understood. I forgot.’
The Prophet sws was saying: ’Some people are present in such a meeting, association, and they hear. They reach to other people, and some of those who were ready in that meeting and who carry that news understand less than those people to whom they reach.’ So perhaps you don’t understand, but those cassettes that you may take to your homeland, people may understand more than you. And those are the words of the holy Prophet: Perhaps other people take much more benefit and understanding and training than you. Therefore it is important…
What we are saying…O foolish ones: We are so small, so weak, weaker than ants. An ant is very weak in front of us, but we are weaker than ants through creation. Our material is so weak, but our value is not with our material. Therefore man likes to see himself big and great. If he is looking to his material, that is nothing; through our material we cannot claim greatness for us. But through such a small material the Lord of Heavens granted to us something that we call zarra, a smallest piece of mass, you may say atom or electron, proton or neutron. And through that smallest piece you reach to a point that you cannot cut it anymore. There is a last cut of mass; after that, if you cut, should be there zero. After that mass that we call the last, the smallest piece of mass that we can divide into two, we may reach to a point, that not practically, but through our mentality we are saying: ’It is impossible for this piece to be divided into two anymore, because after that division never going to remain anything.’ The one, a line under it, infinitely dividing- it is equal to zero. If you continue to make one into two, into four, into eight, and then you put infinite, the result is going to be equal to zero. That means: One, if you divide it and you continue to divide, finally going to remain only zero.
That means all creation is from nothing. Zero means nothing, finishing. If you say zero, nothing there, finishing. The Lord of Heavens is gathering zeros????and brings this appearance in existence. People say: ’We are here.’ You are not here. And all galaxies with their magnificent universes are all only appearances. They are all zero, coming to zero. Gathering zeros and coming in existence. Therefore: La maujuda illa-llah- there is no existence except Allah. Don’t say: ‘I am here’.
Therefore the biggest sin is to say: ‘I’, ‘I am here’. You are not here; you are nothing. Don’t claim for yourself this and that, no. In existence is only Allah’s Existence, not anyone’s existence. His Existence never leaves any room for anyone else to be there: La sharikallah- no partner for Allah, for His Existence. How you are saying ‘I am here?’ If you are not even??????1 ½ m person, but every man is like this universe. You are also nothing, on lineof zero, but zero, after the one, on the right hand, takes value. After the one a zero is going to be 1o, two zeros are going to be 1oo, three zeros: 1ooo, six zeros: etc., nine zeros:, twelve zeros:…as much as going…but yet you are zero. Allahu akbar!
But people occupy their head only with the ‘economical crises’. There is no other idea; they sleep with ‘economical crises’, they wake up with ‘bankrupt’, and all day they think on this ‘stock-market’, fighting…People are going to be square-head; enclosed in a mm square, never leaving their heads to think about the Lord of Heavens, the Lord of existence. Therefore man becomes infertile- their heads bring nothing except: ‘money, stock-market,???????3-4 ideas, and they are imprisoned in it. They become like Mongol-type children, just like this. Nothing else, they are not thinking anything. Whole day and whole night their Dhikr is this ‘stock-market: to where reaching, to where coming?’ Shaitan’s Dhikr: Dollar, Dollar, Dollar…Pound, Pound, Pound… Euro, Euro, Euro….How many times? Doesn’t matter, if you say it instead of: Allah, Allah…then Allah shuld fill the whole world in one night with gold, raining on them…
Therefore I am saying: Now we are 1 ½ or 2 m people, but Allah Almighty is giving a value to man that only one man may include the whole universe in himself. Allah is making the whole universe through yourself, putting it in you. And it is not difficult for Allah Almighty to make this huge universe through yourself. And His endless ability makes this huge universe through yourself without making it smaller or making you bigger- putting it in you. That is the Lord of Creation’s, Allah Almighty’s ability, even this universe in countless distances, so big, and you, in front of it, are nothing, less than an electron. He is able to put this huge universe through an atom, and He is not in need to make that atom big and the universe small to put it in, because He is Allah?????Don’t use your balance for Allah. Your balance and mentality is saying to you: ‘If we are going to put this universe into a???person, he must be bigger than the universe, so that we may find room through him to put it in him.’ That is your balance. Don’t think Allah is like you, no, Allah is not a man, He is Creator, not a creature. The balance of creatures is different, you cannot put that balance for Allah. Therefore we say that His ability is for everything. He may put this huge universe in an atom without difficulty, as it is, in an atom, as it is.
This is an opening for marifatu-llah…They are asking to reach to you for an understanding for the Lord of Heavens, that we have been created to know about Him. And this is as a first step knowledge that we can know. Then coming…coming…coming…up to eternal. Eternity- this word even it is from your language, European, English, but there is a kind of attraction in it with love???????and greatness, that belongs to Allah. Eternity- you must make your target eternity, ebedi, sermedi, daimumi Allah….Endless oceans, Alem-ul-ghughub: unseen oceans, worlds, creation. That is for our level, but for Allah - no one can reach to know anything in front of Him, the Almighty. Ghughub is Plural, of hidden oceans, countless, endless from pre eternal up to eternal, through eternity. People think that Allah is only for this world…Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar…This is a great Dhikr, giving satisfaction and pleasure through the hearts of mankind…Allah, Allah…It was closed to Adam through Paradise…If not coming on earth, it was still closed. Then Allah Almighty, when He asked Adam to reach to these closed hidden treasures, He said to him: ’Here, as long as you are in Paradise, you cannot reach these treasures. You must go and come down and you must reach from earth to those oceans, endless hidden oceans.’ Alahu akbar! Countless oceans! O people, bushra lana- good tidings for you, endless good tidings! Don’t think this life is something, but take something from it for an opening. When you are going to die, opening coming to you.
May Allah bless you and forgive me. It is a very deep ocean, we cannot reach even...countless distance…we must look…but it is a preparation for mankind, because mankind has been created to be deputies for Allah Almighty, and for a deputy it is necessary to know his Lord who granted to him to be His deputy. You must give your value for yourself and everyone from mankind, because the Lord of Heavens, the Lord of creation, of eternity, granted to mankind to be His deputies. And everyone must try to know who granted to him to be deputy, who is that one.
And we try to open such a small knowledge, so little knowledge about the actions of the Lord of Heavens. We are not even approaching the oceans of His holy Names, and after the oceans of His divine Attributes…never reaching…And His Essence- impossible! No possibility, finished. May Allah give us an understanding. It is important. O Allah, send us from Your divine Presence some lions to make away the wolves and foxes and dragons, and to teach us, to open for us understanding for Your actions, and through Your sctions to know something about Your Greatness and Your hidden oceans. For the honour of the most honoured servant of Allah Almighty. Allahu Haqq- and beyond Haqq everything is Batil…It is a grant from Allah Almighty to make you to understand something.---Lefke - 28.02.2002----
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