Who is Ignorant?

Destur ya Seyyidi ya RasulAllah, meded ya RicalAllah.
A'udhu Billahi Min ash-Shaitan ir-Rajeem
Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim.
La hawla wa la quwwata illa …

Tariqatuna as-sohba. Shah Nakshibendi says that our Tariqa is based on Sohbah (Speech). From
where does this speech come? When the world was in ignorance, Cenab Haq wanted to take
away this ignorance of the world population by sending our Master (sws). Through our Master,
ignorance was sent away from the earth. If our Master had not come, ignorance would have
carried on; and in this ignorance the people would have suffocated.

Today there is still ignorance. But today's ignorance is the opposite of the ignorance of our
Master's time. At that time, ignorant ones were a tribe who were accepting that they did not know
and they were admitting their ignorance. So in a community who could not read and who could
not write was the ignorance of that time. [Today] ignorance is the ignorance of the literate.
Literates read and learn and their ignorance rises through their education grade level, whether
they learn worldly knowledge or religious knowledge. As a sign of the Doomsday, in both ways
their ignorance is rising.

Today's studies do not remove the ignorance from the people. To somebody who is showy
or to a noble person, you may listen now. Because a person's mind can be understood through his
words, you can let him talk and you may check: "Yahu! Expensive for two piasters".
"Tujibuka ajsamuhum" (63:4)

Cenab Allah speaks about the form and the clothing. [The audience says], "I like it; the
appearance is very nice". But there's a dot in the middle of the letter Cim. Nothing on behalf of
knowledge is submerged in ignorance. When you look at the wall and his bureau, and when you
look around the office he sits in, you see them ornamented with diplomas of various schools and
universities. But the guy is ignorant. When you make him talk, you will see – ignorant.

How could they be so ignorant when they studied so much? Those who studied theology are also
ignorant. The theology they studied cannot save them from ignorance. Get them to talk. When
they talk, listen. "Yahu, this man is ignorant. How can it be? He's the opposite of the 'Ahl-i
Sunnah', the way of our ancestors which they believed in, kept, practised and lived for 1400
years. He doesn't like this way. He is doing the opposite. He is ignorant. How? What did he

Therefore this time's ignorance is much more than the past times' ignorance. This time's people
claim that they know; and they know nothing. When the matter is like this, the ways of salvation
and safety will be closed for them. It is hard for them to be saved because their egos condemned
them. They do not worship Allah, they worship their egos. Who is ignorant? - the one who
worships for his ego. Who is an ignorant? - the one who justifies his ego. Who is ignorant?
Anyone who denies Allah (swt) is ignorant. Anyone who rejects the orders of Allah is ignorant.
Anyone who denies Prophet alaihi s-salatu wa s-salam is ignorant.


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