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Ask for what you have been created! Or: Who is learning servanthood?

Destur, ya Rijalallah, Meded. Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya. Astaghfirullah,
Astaghfirullah, Astaghfirullah. As-salamu alaikum! Ya Rijalallah, Meded! Huuu!
A’udhu bi-llahi mina sh-shaitani rajim, Birmillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim, la haula
wa la quwwata illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyi-l ‘Adhim.
Fa-fuanna, wa-ghfirlana warhamna, ya Rabbana, nahnu ‘abiduka duafa wa-l fukara,
muhtajin. Eh, ya Rabbi! Ya Rabbana, ya Rabbi-ghfir wa-rham, wa Anta khairu
Rahimin. Ya Ghiyatha-l mustaghithin, aghitna, bi mubadid malakut, ya Rabbi,
aghitna. Ya Allah, kama yabta, ya Rabbi, habibika salawatullah wa salamun alayhi
wa ashabu-l kiram. Aiyad ‘ibadaka duafa, halli yaishin, ya rabbi, fi ardi yaqin,
halin fi akhiri zaman (?).
O people, o people! O people, what do you think? Allah (is) looking (to) us,
Allah (is) seeing, what we are doing or (He is) sleeping? Hasha! “La tadhuzuhu
sinatun wa la naum.” Allah Almighty (is) never sleeping. Never sleeping. Who is
sleeping, must lie down.
Wali, a holy one – who is (a) holy one? (A) holy one is that one, who may be
able to ride on his nafs, ego. But now commonly whole people they are going to
be donkeys of their egos or their nafs. That means they are not, never thinking
about their Lord, about their Creator. Allah the Creator, He is saying: “I
created you, o mankind, to be My servants. I am offering to you servanthood in
My divinely Presence; that is what I was putting into you to do or that is, what
I am offering (to) everyone. Ask, for what you are created!” “Wa ma khalaqtu-l
jinna wa-l insa illa li ya’budun.” Allah! Allah Subhana wa ta’ala (is saying:)
“I created man, the Children of Adam, as well as Jinns, to be My servants in My
divinely Presence.”
Where we are now? To whom we are working? People commonly they are working for
Shaitan. People (are) living to make Shaitan pleased with them; (they are) never
thinking to do something, (so) that their Creator may be pleased with them. What
do you think for such a creatures - that all of us (are) in such a way? We are
working for Dunya and we are working... We are servants; not servants, but
slaves! Servanthood it has an honour, but Shaitan (is) never accepting servants.
He is saying: “You must be - men and women - you must accept to be my slaves and
I can do everything as I like on you. Men and women, you are my slaves.”
Servanthood that is an endless honour that (has been) granted (to) the Children
of Adam. Heee! Who is learning that? Where they are teaching that Order and
Command and (what) Allah Almighty is offering (to) His creatures? Where?
They are leaning everything, except (the) Holy Quran. And if... (In) some
countries that they are teaching (the) Holy Quran, they are trying to bring some
meanings and to make (the) Holy Quran according to their understanding. And they
are saying: “That Verse means that one, that we are on it.” People (are)
becoming Shaitan or agents of Shaitan! And Shaitan (is) teaching them, how they
should be able to destroy themselves, their countries, their people, man and
women and children, how they can do, to take them away. Making Shaitan mankind
to be enemies to each other. Therefore you may look through families: (A) man
(is) never getting happy with his wife, and so many women, they are not happy to
be with their husbands. So many families (are) never getting happy with other
families. Everyone! Even children, they are not happy with their brothers or
sisters. Everyone (is) going to be a Pharaoh; everyone’s last point that they
are asking to reach, (is) to be a Pharaoh.
Therefore Allah Almighty, Subhana wa ta’ala, was saying to His most beloved,
most honoured, most glorified servant S.Muhammad sws (Maulana is getting up) -
Destur a Sayyidi, ya Rasulullah!... Saying to him: “O My most beloved, most
honoured, most glorified servant. You are not only My servant, but you are also
- servant (that is) everyone else – (but) you are My representative! O my
beloved one, you are representing Me from pre-eternal up to eternal. For your
honour I created everything that I created and also everything that I am
creating from pre-eternal up to eternal. You are with Me, in Me. Your name I am
putting in front of My divinely Name: La ilaha ill-Allah, Sayyidina Muhammadun
Rasulullah... Everywhere.” Huuu!
So many no-mind, but their name (is) ‘Muslims’, they are jealous. Jealous,
jelaous for the Seal of Prophets. And (the) first jealousy (was) coming for Adam
from Shaitan. Shaitan he was thinking or he was asking to be (the)
representative of the Lord of Heavens. He was not ashaming with his, with its
dirtiness to be (the) representative of the Lord of Heavens, Shaitan! (He is)
whole dirty and it was asking to be representative! (It) can’t be! That appeared
(on) the Day of Promises, when Allah Almighty created man and (He was) ordering
to (the) Angels to make Sajdah to Adam.
That honour (was) coming to Adam, because he was carrying the pure germ, seed;
that (he was) carrying on his back Rasulullah sws. Therefore Allah Almighty
(was) ordering (to the) Angels: “Make Sajdah to Adam.” And Shaitan (was) knowing
(it) and (he was) saying: “I am not making Sajdah (to) Adam that You are... I
was expecting, o Allah, I was expecting that You are going to grant to me to be
Your representative. Now I am knowing that You are not giving to me that honour,
(but You are) giving (it) to another one, Muhammad sws. Therefore I am not
making Sajdah to him!”
And (the) divinely Addressing (was coming): “Get out! Get out, devil! You are
Shaitan! Get out from My divinely Presence! Get out!” And he was thrown away and
every Angel (was) kicking (him), Shaitan! And yet every Angel (is) making like
football Shaitan... Yet (he is) going down, going down, going down. Na’udhu
bi-llah! Na’udhu bi-llah. Eh! Heeeh!
Now, I am sorry to say that so many wrong ideas (are) coming through Islam from
(the) wrong people, because they are very jealous and greedy for the Seal of
Prophets. They don’t like him. Who likes you?! Likes those people only Shaitan!
Angels (are) cursing them. And (there is) no more time for those people, they
are going to be disappearing.
I am asking - and I am nothing - I am asking: (Is) Allah Almighty looking? Say:
Yes! (Is) Allah seeing? Yes! (Is) Allah hearing? Yes! Ahhh! They are trying to
make what Allah Almighty (is) making that one’s rank “a’la rutab”. (There is) no
rank over that rank that Allah Almighty granted to S.Muhammad sws. Greedy people
- even in Islam. Now they are jealous why we are making for Muhammad sws
“ta’dhim”; (they are saying): “You are giving so high respect to him. Respect
(is) for Allah!” No respect to Allah! Allah, for Allah “ta’dhim” (is) “takbir”!
We are not respecting (Allah). Respect (is) for creatures. (For) the Creator you
can’t say: “We are giving high respect to Allah!” Respect, what Allah Almighty
(is) giving (from) greatness to him; you must respect him. And they are saying:
“He is like ourselves.” No! No! Even Christians they are not saying: “Jesus
Christ (is) like ourselves”, how you are saying: “The Seal of Prophets, he is
like ourselves”?
Yes, those people (are) new growing up ones, but their time is over to be taken
away. Now (there is) coming someone and with him someones, (who) should give
(the) highest respect that should be given to a servant; his respect that no one
can understand. No one can understand! Eh.
I am a weak one. If I am (a) strong one, I can do for them, what I am doing. But
I am a weak one; I am zero now, (a) zero on left side. If (they are) putting me
and I am zero, (if) they are changing my personality, if they are putting me in
front of (the) 1, I may take Dunya like this... and throw it away!
Allahu akbar! Huwallah, yaf’al ma yurid. Allah! That word (is) not giving to me
to be proud. No, I am speaking reality, reality. I am not saying that I am
becoming some(one) else. When I am doing something... Now I am (a) zero on left,
but when I am going, (when) the Lord of Heavens (is) putting me on (the) right
hand, ohhh! Uhhh! Huuu! Hu! Yes, Sir. As-salamu alaikum.
Ya Rabbi, Sen bilirsen. Afwak wa ridaak, ya Rabb. Afu, afu. Afwak, ya Sayyidi-l
awalina wa-l akhirain. Anyone, you think that anyone to be Sayyidi-l Awwalina
wa-l akhirin? That is his “ridwan”, title. (The) title of Prophet sws (is):
“Sayyidi-l Awwalina wa-l Akhirin”. Who are you? Who are you! Should come...
Rasulallah sws was saying: “Should come “fi akhiri zaman”, when (the) Last Day
(is) approaching, (there) should come some people, (whom) they are saying: ‘We
are Arabs’ and their language (is) Arab(ic), but I am far away from those
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Aziz Allah,
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Karim Allah,
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Subhan Allah,
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Sultan Allah...
O Allah, send us a Sultan to finish the empty heads and the Pharaohs and the
tyrants on earth and clean it from those who claim to be someone. May the honour
of Rasulullah appear and his flag be raised in East and West. Amen! Wa salamun
‘ala-l mursalin wa-l hamdu li-llahi Rabbi-l ‘alamin. Rabbana takabbal minna,
fa-fuanna fa-ghfirlana, wa-rhamna. Ya Mughitu aghitna, ya Mughithu aghitna, ya
Mughitu aghitna.
Kalamun haqq: “La taqnatu min rahmatillah.” Ya Rabb, we are hoping (in) every
second (for) Your endless Mercy Oceans. “Wa’duka-l haqq.” What You promised,
just it is true, true. Let us to reach to that honoured days, o our Lord, to be
Your servant in happiness and in safety, sheltered here and (in the) Hereafter
through divinely Sheltering. Bi jahi man arsalta alayhi Surata-l Fatiha.

Lefke, Sohbet after Cuma, Friday, 15.5.2009

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