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Destur ya Sayyidi, Meded, Meded ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, lay haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Allahumma alhilma rushdana wa aidna min sharri anfusuna (?)

Who is lucky one? Lucky one is that one that his heart (is) opened and he may be able to receive from heavenly inspirations. (A) plane is not able to land everywhere, it needs prepared areas to come and to land on it. And angels from Heavens can’t be able to land through every heart. (Like a plane-) if it is an unprepared land, (it) can’t be able to land on it. A heart, if it is open, and the key for hearts is to say: “La ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammadur Rasulullah sws. I am believing in God Allah Almighty, I am believing in His Existence, and I am believing in His Unity or Oneness.” That (is) opening hearts to be in connection with Heavens.

But no one can be able to reach Heavens without a mediator. Not everyone can fly! If you like to fly from here to London, to East or to West, you must use a flight, a plane, you must get in and you may go, (and) you may reach. That is for our physical being. And our spirituality also can’t be able to reach by itself to Heavens and heavenly stations; (we) must use mediators that they are Prophets.

Therefore Allah Almighty (was) sending to every nation through (all the) centuries from (the) beginning (Prophets). S.Adam he was first one. Who was believing in him, that he brought heavenly Orders and Commands, those people (that) were going with Adam peace be upon him, may reach to their heavenly stations. Whom they were not accepting they were remaining on earth. And in such a way reaching from beginning up to end thousands of Prophets (to mankind); that according to our traditional knowledge Prophets (were) coming through different times (and) through different nations. They were using their heavenly Powers and whom they are reaching to them, accepting (them), the (Prophets) are taking them up to their heavenly stations.

Yes, when our hearts (are) opened- that we are believing in whole Prophets and particularly the Seal of Prophets, the last one, S.Muhammad sws, (the) most praised one, (the) most beloved one, (the) most respected one in (the) divinely Presence, (and) our hearts (are) opening- angels (are) coming and landing (on it) and giving to those people heavenly Lights. That Lights (are) coming through hearts, reaching to every part of our bodies. Every cell (is)

taking its share. When (cells are) taking their shares, they are changing; they are not going to be only material pieces, material parts, no! They are going to be as an enlightened house through (the) darkness of night: If this light (is) not coming in it, this house is going to be dark. When the light (is) coming, it is going to be enlightened. And when angels (are) coming from heavenly Lights (Heavens) with that heavenly Lights and that Lights are running through our veins, everywhere, every cell (is) taking its share.

So that (a) ‘lucky one’ is that one whose whole physical being and cells (are) enlightened. He is not in darkness, finished. And whom they are closing their heart, not opening to accept what Prophets (are) bringing, and no way for angels to come and enter through their hearts, they are unlucky people; they are in darkness, and darkness (is) giving people fear. They are fearful people and they are hopeless people; no hope for them for coming days and also no Lights to make them to be saved from fear. When a person (is) going to be in darkness, (he is) feeling fear. Those people, whom they are not believing, they are always fearful people, because they are in darkness. When (their) heart (is) open and enlightened, they are going to be fearless people. They are looking and seeing, no fear for them.

Now people (are) in darkness. 21st century people (are) in darkness, even you may say: “Oh, (but) through electricity (the) whole world nighttimes it is going to be so bright and enjoyful and enlightened!” It is imitated lights! It is outside shining, not through your heart shining. Yes, everywhere (there are) thousands and thousands, millions of lamps- what is the benefit? It is outside from your heart, no benefit, never taking fear from your heart or never giving to you a hope. And even (there are) millions, billions of lamps, but they are also looking (and asking): “When (is the) sun going to shine?” When (the) sun (is) shining, finished, that (electric) lights (also) just finished, never giving to you anything. And people (are) looking for (the) sun rising and shining.

Therefore people now are not asking to reach faith and its Lights that (are) going to be through their hearts and they are (thinking that they are) going to be enjoying by their imitated lights. That is the source of sufferings and troubles for people. Or this world (is) enough for everyone. Allah Almighty just granted everything that mankind may be in need, but they are not happy and they are not in satisfaction, (there is) no contentment for them: “We have everything, but no peace through our hearts.” How can (they) be in peace!

People (are) asking peace, and peace first (is) going to be through ‘Ahadu nas’ (selected people), (then it is going) to be with everyone. If peace (is) reaching to everyone, then (the) community (is) going to be in peace. If not, it is impossible to be peace through communities or (through) nations. And if they are not accepting (Prophets), not opening their hearts through believing (it is impossible)…

That Light is coming from Heavens, and people are looking that light is coming from sky, (because the) sun it is not on earth, it is outside, through space; from there (is) coming that lights. How you are asking lights from earth? Earth is in darkness. And man also they are in darkness, if they are not looking and taking Lights from Heavens (through Prophets) that those people are like suns. (The) sun (is) giving its lights to the material beings on earth, but those whom they are taking from Heavens Lights, (Prophets,) they are reaching to the real being of mankind and saving them from darkness. The(se people) are going to be reached to safety and peace, (and) according to their needs, according to their efforts, according to their hearts more opening, more Lights (are) coming. (If their hearts are only a) small distance (opening), coming a little bit, (if) fully opening, fully heavenly Lights coming and entering.

Therefore (the) Prophet was saying a.s.: “Should come (this) on my nation: when Last Days (are) approaching should be so many problems and everyone (is) going to fall into troubles, because everyone (is) going to be a troublemaker for himself and for others. Everywhere should be full with darkness and troubles, suffering and miseries, but (there) should be not too much, (only) some servants through those people- (that) they are going to be with them, living with them,- but their position should be up. People (should be) suffering, but (on) the(se peoples’) station, spiritual station, there should be peace, absolute peace. No any trouble, no suffering. People (are) going to be in troubles (and) sufferings, but those people they are not going to feel or to see sufferings or troubles. No problems for them, because those people are not troublemakers.

Everyone whom they are troublemakers must be suffered and suffering is a punishment for them. Punishment. Suffering is not a grant from Allah Almighty, no, suffering is a punishment, and now people (are) in punishment. Communities, nations- in themselves, through themselves and with other nations- all of them (are) in troubles; (there is) no rest, no comfort, no peace for them.

Therefore, o people! We are calling you to (an) enlightened area. We are calling you to a safe way. We are calling you to a peaceful land. Come! Don’t run away! Who (is) running away, (he is) running to Hells. Who is coming and surrendering, they should be in safety and in peace, absolute enlightening and eternal life, they should be for eternity!

We are asking forgiveness and blessings from Allah Almighty for the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 08.03.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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