Maulana Sheikh NazimWho is sitting on Arshu Rahman?

Alhamdulillahi-ladhi hadana li-l imani wa-l islam wa sharafana bi Nabiyi Sayyidina Muhammadin
alayhi salat wa salam. Ya Sayyidi-l awwalina wa-l akhirin, ya Sayyidi, ya Rasulallah, ishfa lana,
ya Sayyidi! Destur, ya Rijalallah, Meded, Meded!
Audhu bi-llahi mina sh-shaitani rajim, Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim, la haula wa la quwwata illa
bi-llahi-l Aliyil Adhim. Allah, Allah... Ashadu an la ilaha ill-Allah, wa shadu ana Muhammadan
abduhu wa habibuhu wa rasulu.
Audhu bi-llahi mina sh-shaitani rajim.

O people, run to Allah from Shaitan! Shaitan (is) asking to take you to Hells! Say: Bismillahi r-
Rahmani r-Rahim! That is (the) greatest honour that you have been granted, to say: Bismillahi r-
Rahmani r-Rahim. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. O our Lord, we are so, so happy, grateful
and (it is a) big chance, (the) biggest chance, (we are) fortunate that we have been from the
nation of the Seal of Prophets, (the) most glorified and most beloved and most honoured
servant of the Lord of Heavens. O people, give your most high respect to that one that he is in
(the) divinely Presence (the) most high servant.
I am asking some no mind doctors: What is your opinion about Arshu-llahi-l Adhim? Allah
Allah! Arshu-llahi-l Adhim (is the) divinely Throne. Allah Almighty created that most respected
Throne, (the) divinely Throne, and He ordered to four Angels - S. Gibril, S. Israfil, S. Mikhail
(and) S. Azrail - to take, to carry (it). But they cant be able to carry (the) divinely Throne.
Huuu! Then Allah Almighty created such (an) amount from Angels, they are huge Angels, for
helping, for carrying that divinely Throne. They also cant be able to carry (it). Then Allah
Almighty (was) ordering to (the) Angels to say: Allahumma la haula wa la quwwata illa bi-llahi-
l Aliyi-l Adhim. Qulu, say: La haula wa la quwwata illa bi-llahi-l Aliyi-l Adhim! They said (it)
and they are going to (be) able to carry (the) divinely Throne.

But they were looking that under their feet (there was) nothing. They were standing on their
Stations. When they were saying: La haula wa la quwwata illa bi-llahi-l Aloyi-l Adhim, their feet
(were) getting up also, with (the) divinely Throne up, and they were fearing to fall down and
they (were) also catching (the) divinely Throne and now no one (was) knowing, whom (was)
carrying (the) divinely Throne: (these) Angels or (was it that the) Angels, just they have been
held through that divinely Throne? This is an introduction or preface that we are saying for
some doctors. All doctors (are) empty ones; they are not understanding anything from
spirituality. They are material people, like materialist people; their ideas, all of them, (are)
material or materialist fault thinking. They are not understanding (anything) beyond materiality.

Doctor filan, that he is chief of any religious university. Whole religious universities, (those)
that they are teaching people, (those that) they are teachers, all of them, (are) so closer to
materialist ideas, but never they are coming closer to spirituality. Therefore they changed their
names, as materialist people, saying: Who is that one? Doctor Haci Mestan... Doctor Ahmad
Majnun... how their names (are)... Wa Rasul yaqul, nabi alayhi salat wa salam, (was saying):
Man tashabbaha bi kaumin, ??? minhum...; who is making himself to look like any group of
people, or (any) group of ideas, they are from those people. Why you are using (the title)
doctor, oh Muslims, Muslim professors? Muslims, why you are not using Alim, Almaa (?),
why you are using doctor? What is the value (of) that title (doctor) through Heavens? (It is)
just thrown down! But you are going to be proud that (it is) written in front of your names
doctor Ayhan... doctor Sayhan... doctor Shaitan... No doctor in Islamic
literature, no! That never accepting! La haula wa la quwwata illa bi-llahi-l Aliyi-l Adhim! Those
people that they are more closer to materialism than spiritualism, if you are asking (them): That
glorified Throne, (the) divinely Throne - you know Throne - for whom (it is)? For whom? We
may say for an understanding: Through (a) Kingdom, through their palaces, there is a Throne
that (there is) sitting on it (a) King or (a) Queen or (an) Emperor or (an) Empress. That
Arshullah, (the) divinely Throne, I am asking those doctors, for whom (it s)? Who is going to
sit on it or to be on it? No answer. No answer. No answer, but (there) must be (an) answer!
For whom Allah Almighty created (that) Arsh, (the) holy Throne, (the) divinely Throne? Like
that divinely Throne, if (there) may be a Throne more than (it), bigger, more than enlightened
from that Arsh, what do you think - to whom or to whom (is) that Throne, (the) holy Throne?
No answer. But they must say, they must learn!

They must learn - it is not for Allah! It is not for Allah. Allah Almighty, no anything from His
creatures may carry Him, ha sha! No, no! Allah Almighty, no one knows His Greatness, and
(no) any creature may... how can be able to carry the Lord of Heavens, the Lord of Creation?
They are saying nothing, no answer, but I may say: That is for the honour (of the) most
honoured servant of Him Almighty, S.Muhammad sws!
Where should be (the) Maqamu-l Mahmoud? Where it should be? (The) Maqamu-l Mahmoud
(is) on (the) Arsh also! That name (is) for the honour of (the) divinely Throne; that is Maqamu-
l Mahmoud. (It) cant be for anyone, only for one. And the Seal of Prophets, (the) most
honoured and glorified one, was saying that: It is only for one and I hope to be that one!
Therefore you must ask that: Allahumma ati S.Muhammadan sws ashafaa wa wasila wa
bathhu Maqamu-l Mahmoud alladhi waadta! That is (a) Dua, you must ask that he should be
granted (it) and (be) honoured and glorified through that Arshu Rahman. Allah Allah...

They are saying: What you are saying? (You are) making Shirk! Your Shirk (is) under my feet;
your understanding also (is) under my feet! You are understanding nothing! You are materialist
people, but we are believing in spirituality and spiritual worlds and beyond that, beyond that,
beyond that! O people, give your most high respect for that one, who (is) glorified in (the)
divinely Presence (in a way), (in) which no one (has been) glorified, as he had been glorified!
You must be happy and you must respect him and you must follow him! (He is) teaching you
the ways of spirituality and spiritualism (is) beyond materialism. No materialism there, but
spiritualism. O people, now (the) whole world (is) running after material, materiality, and
they were thinking that materiality can save them or can take them to such a highest positions
that nothing may take them from that level. And whole materialism (is) under the feet of that
one and he is standing on it and his honour and his lights, no one can reach or can understand
who he is. (There is) no measure for S.Muhammad sws, for his greatness and honour and
glory that (has been) granted (to him) by Allah Almighty. Ohhh! Allah! Allah! Allah!

O people that (you are) living on earth now: you are all Dhalim, oppressors, because you are
not giving the rights that (have been) granted from Allah to S.Muhammad sws. And you are
not giving your respect, therefore you are coming down, down, down; daily you are going
deeper, deeper through dark worlds. (There is) no way for mankind now to save themselves
from crises and wars and fightings and everything that (is) giving to people unrest positions.
You cant save yourselves from that, only when you are coming and giving your high honour,
(your) highest honour and glory that (has been) granted by his Lord to S.Muhammad sws.
That is the way! Your materiality ideas (are) never bringing to you anything, but (are only)
making much more trouble and much more problems for mankind. O people, come to (the)
right way! I am calling every religious people, first of all, to think what had been said now; to
think on it. If not thinking - the (divine) punishment that just fell on nations, whom they were
denying and getting rebellious and disobedient for their Prophets and not giving high respect to
their Lord - that punishment (is only) looking (for) an order to fall on earth, to take from 6
(people) 5 and (there will be) remaining (only) one. May Allah forgive us. May Allah bless you
(and) me also and give His Mercy to whole nations and a good understanding for their
Prophets, particularly whole Prophets that they are followers of the Seal of Prophets S.
Muhammad sws wa sharafa wa karama. Al Fatiha.

Lefke, 13.2.2009
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