Maulana Sheikh NazimWho is weak, must ask for heavenly Support!

Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya… Destur, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya Rijalallah, Meded… Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.

Must be the title of our meeting every time to say: Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim! That (is) signing that you are surrendered (to) your Lord’s Command and (that you are) asking Support, heavenly Support, to keep His Orders. And Allah Almighty promised through His last Prophet, (the) most beloved one, (the) most praised one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, to say that: “My servants must begin for everything that they are asking to do or to make, to say: ‘Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim‘.” Because that is saying, that means, he is not forgetting Allah. And (the) most important thing for the servant (is) not to forget that he is in front of His Lords divinely Eyes. Don’t forget that He is looking on you, don’t forget that He is controlling you, don’t forget that He is controlling everything that you are doing, if it is for Him Almighty or for your dirty ego!
Therefore- that is the sign of believers to say: “Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, o our Lord, we are Your weak servants and we are in need (of) Your heavenly Support for ourselves to take away Shaitan from our meetings and from ourselves and even from inside of ourselves, to be awake.” If, Allah Almighty, you are not calling to Him to take away Shaitan from you, you can’t do anything, it is impossible, you should be winned- you can’t be winner or victorious. Who is asking to be victorious here and Hereafter must say: “Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim. O our Lord, our enemy is (a) so difficult enemy.” It is not powerful, but difficult. It is weak, but its tricks and traps (are) so difficult. And we are also weak ones, we can be caught through its traps. Maybe we can be caught, we can be cheated through its tricks, shaitan, therefore we are saying: ‚Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim‘, (and) then: O our Lord, we are so weak ones, and nothing, no one can give ourselves a support as You are giving us!”

Because all Children of Adam are weak. Weak plus weak, getting to be weak. Plus weak (is) getting to be weak also. Weak, weak… put there 1oo weak people- what is it going to be (in) total?… Weak! Make it weak, hundred times weak, with thousand weaks- (it is) going to be equal weak! (A) weak (one) can’t give power to a(nother) weak one- they are all weak ones! You can’t give any support to (the) second one, because you are weak. Only- therefore you must ask support, heavenly Support.

Main point of troubles of people now (that) they are living now (is that) they are asking support from (a) weak one. “Oh no, no, Sheikh, they are super ones!” “What is super one? That means super weak.” “No, American, very powerful.” “No! Americans, all of them weak ones.” “But they are 5oo millions!” “Even 5 billions- but (in) total (they are again) getting to be weak ones.” “What about Russia?” “Same history… For China also… We are passing Russia, coming to China… because (the) Chinese (are) also super-super and super-super weak ones (are) going to be totally weak ones…” Yes, Sir?

Therefore we have a saying: Don’t trust for a man (thinking) that: “He may support me.” Perhaps that man may die and you fall down. Don’t think: “That (is) a big wall. If I am putting my back on it and I think that it can support me.“ That big wall may fall down and you are remaining without support. If you are saying: “I am supporting my back; I am putting a huge tree, because (it is) so strong. I think that it may (be a) support (for) me.” Don’t think that a big tree can support you, because (it) may dry and coming ashes… fire making it ashes. (A) storm may take it away, (a) storm may destroy a big wall also down… or a storm may take that person, (a) hurricane may take that person up and… (then he is) falling down, finished.

Nothing you can keep it as a support for you, for this world, no, no, no!… Therefore He is saying: “O My servants, if I am supporting you, you are going to be victorious forever. Don’t think your technology (is) supporting you and your technology is (really) nothing, nothing! I may do that person’s mind to forget the most important point for that technology and (then) he is saying: “How was I doing this?” and he forget it.” Then that big huge technology, instrument (is) going to be (good for) nothing, because (one of them is saying): “What was it (again)?” and he is saying: “I am also forgetting…(and) you?” “I am forgetting also...” ”Look in the book!” “I don’t know which book…” Don’t think that technology can support you! Don’t think that these computers may save you! (Finally they will say:) “Now I don’t know how it is working“… May do the Lord of Heavens to make those expert people, scientists, to forget it, and when they are forgetting, finished!

(It is the) biggest mistake of people to think that: “Everything (is) depending on material or (on the) material world and everything (is) going to be through (the) material world. And we can be able to put our full control on material and we are able to order that instrument (and say): Do this, do that!” But He (Almighty) may do that you can forget that and you should be (confused, asking yourself:) “What was it?” if Allah Almighty (is) taking (away) that authority that you have been granted now, (what He has granted from authority) to (the) Children of Adam to do.

He granted to them, but when they are using it against His divinely Sultanate, He is getting angry. When (He is) getting angry, ordering: “Take away from their minds (the knowledge, so) to forget it“, they can’t work on it and never that instruments may be obedient or may obey to themselves.
Now with their commands, they are saying, with commands they may do cars to run by itself or to find where they are going or they are saying that (they are) under their control, they may command an instrument, to make a big aircraft to move by itself, under the command of that computer, or (a) plane (to move) under the control of (a) computer. He (Almighty) may do (that authority) in a second to be taken away- what you should be?

O people, come and think on it, you are not thinking! People (are) drunk, (they are) not thinking (on) such a fine points what (is) happening through nature and from whom that authority (is) coming to you and making that power, unknown power electricity, to be under your control. You are not knowing what is electricity, but Allah Almighty (is) giving to you such an authority. You are not knowing (the) real position of electricity. What is electricity, you can’t know, but you can be able to put your control on it. You have been granted that authority. If that authority (is) taken from you, you are going to be like wood. You and four legs zoo-garden people (are) going to be on (the) same level.

O people, Allah granted to you mind and your mind... it is enough one’s mind, to control whole world. No need several computers, no. If you have been granted from Heavens a heavenly Blessing to you, you can be able to control from Heavens to earth, from North to South- everything. Enough one’s authority. But they are not thinking, because they are drunk. Drunk by drinking, drunk also through their nonsense Fehlings. Nonsense, wrong shaitanic teachings (are) making them to be like Nimrod, like Nero, like Pharaoh.

O people, we must come to ourselves! We are running away from ourselves, that it is not for you to run after everything and to leave yourself! First you must try to look after yourself, to know yourself. When you are looking to yourself and knowing, then it is a…the entrance to divinely Knowledge. If you are not knowing about yourself- how you are going to know about your Creator? How?

I am looking to my body and scientists (are) saying that through our bodies (there are) billions of cells. Billions of cells and each one it has a private function. Each one it is not same; one’s function is not same of second one, because everything (is) created for something. You may find same cells, but you can’t say that they are really same, no, because Allah Almighty (is) never making (any) photocopy.
(He is Al) Mubdi’- everything that He is doing (is done) without (using) a model (for it). Because people (are) making models and then making photocopy. No, Allah (Almighty is) not making (any) copy. Copy making silly ones… first (starting) in school…(You were) making copy?… When (the) teacher (was) coming, making like this?… Ha sha, thumma kalna! Allah Almighty (is) never making (any) copy, never (is He) using photocopy machine… For everything Allah Almighty (is) giving a personality, everything it has a private personality! Therefore: Allahu akbar!.. Allahu akbar!….Allahu akbar!…. Wa li-llahi-l hamd!…

O people, come and make (Sajdah)... and bow to your Lord’s Command, if you like to reach to His Blessings. If you are not thinking on it, you (are) never going to be blessed people, (a) blessed community… Whom they are looking and seeing and bowing to their Lord, they are blessed communities. (Those) whom they are thinking and bowing to their Lord- a nation- then they are going to be a blessed nation.

Technology (is) never giving to you blessings, no, no, because material it is not your level, o people! Your level (is) not (the) level of material, no, your level (is) up, your level (is) reaching the level of Angels. Don’t dig wells to come down, to look: “What is under my feet?” no! Look what is over your head! (But) everything they are making ‘bi-l aks‘, opposite!
And they are saying also… Through Parliament there is opposition, because government, governing body, their levels up. (Always the level of an) opposition (is) down, therefore opposition (means:) no mind people… Oppositions (are) always down. (Those) that they have (been) granted (a heavenly authority) and (who are the) blessed ones, their levels (are) up, but people (are) running to be with (the) opposition, (because) no one (is) happy from (their) situation, everyone (is) complaining. Who (is) complaining, going their levels down, down, they are oppositions...
Whom they are happy, (their) happiness (is) making them to get up, (and) to get up (more). Therefore- whom they are thanking to their Lord, they are saving themselves from the darkness of this dirty life and (they are) saving themselves (going) up, reaching to heavenly Stations. But those oppositions they are always complaining and (this) complaining (is) carrying them underground, underground… Every time (that they are) complaining, one more (step they are) coming down, coming down, coming down…

Therefore- o people, you must think on such a things that is (are) spirituality; (but) that 21st century people they left it, (they are) never taking any interest! (And) if they are taking interest, what they are doing? Some people (are) coming, making…what they are doing? I am saying: “What you are doing?” They are saying: “We have a seminar.” “Seminar, what is that seminar (for)?” “To collect people.” “How many people (are) coming?” “Oh, alot of people…” That means 2o, 25...
Ya Hu- 7 billion people- (and) only interesting 7 people, 2o people? That means (that the) majority of people (is) complaining; they are not happy with their situations and coming on them cursing. When cursing (is) coming and riding on a person, (it is) taking him down, down and down… But who is thanking to the Lord of Heavens (and who is saying): “O our Lord! You created ourselves, and You are giving knowledge about Your Existence. We know You, You make us to know You and You granted us to be Your servants. We are so happy, we are so honoured, o our Lord!” then blessing is coming on them.
How many people (are) bowing to Allah? Therefore this world (is) turning through (a) cursed area. And just (people are) entering the tunnel of cursing and very few people (are) coming out… Most people they should be destroyed through that tunnel of cursing, (and only) very few people (are) going to be in safety and taken out from (that) tunnel…

That is the meaning of Armageddon; (it is) coming (now) and (it is) taking so many billions of people, whom they are never going to be happy with the Lord of Heavens. Because if they are going to be happy with their Lord, they are going to bow to the Lord of Heavens. If (you are) not making yourself to bow to your Lord, every cursing (is) coming, coming… (and) troubles, troubles... (The) Heavenly Anger (is) just opening on earth now… Allah protects you!
If you are running to Him, to your Lord, He is going to protect you, to save you and to shelter you. If (you are) running away, no one can shelter you…

May Allah forgive me and bless you! For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 21.5.2006

Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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