Maulana Sheikh NazimWho Refuses an Invitation to the Lord Cannot be Safe
When I was about 9 years old I learned the translation of Bismillahi rahmani rahim. It means that we are servants, so we must respect our Lord, the One who created us. We shouldn't be heedless of Him, we are living with Him. If He wouldn't give us life, we couldn't live. That is why we owe Him the highest respect. We should never forget Him. We should try to ask for His Divine Help.
Mankind are probably the weakest creatures amongst the countless forms of creation, even though we consider ourselves to be the most powerful ones. An unseen virus can bring a person down and you can't even destroy it. That is why we always need a support. We can support each other and everything in nature can support us. But it is not enough. The most important support is from the Creator of nature. His support and help is important. If He doesn't help you cannot do a thing either for yourself or for anyone else. We need support from the unseen powers all of which are under the control of the One Who created everything.

We should humbly request Him to give us His support by saying, "Bismillahi rahmani rahim." at the beginning of any action. It means that we admit that we depend on His support in whatever we do. "Oh my Lord, I cannot do anything without You. Even if all the nations in the world would support me, it would not enable me to stand on my feet without Your permission. If You support me, all nations can be against me. I would still be standing up."

Take the example of the Prophet*: he was alone in the desert, an orphan. No-one was supporting him. He had no treasures. Everything was against him but he was told by the Lord to stand up on his feet and to call people to His Divine Service.

Was he supported, or not? Because of him a billion and a half people today are saying, "Ashaddu Allahi laha illala wa ashaddu anna Muhammad abduhu rasul Allah!". Since 15 centuries people have been doing this and every day from millions of minarets there is a call for prayer five times a day. Everyone was against him. None of his people accepted him. The Christians did not accept him, even though they knew well that he was the last prophet who had been foretold by Jesus Christ*. He said, "I am going, if I don't, the last prophet who has been mentioned, would not be able to come." It is written. Jesus* mentioned al Amin. In any Bible you can find in the index the two words, 'amen' and 'Amin'. Muhammad's* name was Amin. It means the Trustworthy One.

The Jewish people were also very well aware of God's message. He told them, "When the Last Days approach I will send you a prophet who will be like Moses*. Ishaq* and Ismael* were two brothers. Their father was Abraham*. But the first ones to attack the new prophet were Christians and Jews, even though they had been informed before anyone else.

There were kings in the Byzantine and emperors in Persia. The Byzantines were at their time like the Americans today and the Persians like the Russians. Muhammad* sent his message to both of them, "Come to Islam. If you don't, your kingdom and your empire will collapse!".

The Persian emperor just threw the letter away and within 30 years the huge empire was finished! The Byzantine king respected the letter and his kingdom prospered. The Persian emperor had been very angry when he received the letter. He sent two people to the governor of Yemen to send two of his generals to Medina to catch Muhammad* and bring him. When they arrived in Medina, they told the Prophet* that they had come to take him to the emperor. The Prophet* answered, "Last night the emperor who sent you to me, was killed by his son who is now on the throne. The order you received means nothing anymore!"

Whoever refuses an invitation from the Lord cannot be safe, no matter what his position is. The Lord of Heavens did not support Muhammad* by ordinary means for him to be able to gain such power. He was calling people to Islam. He was calling them to surrender to the Commands of the Lord. His army, who were a unknown people from the desert, got out and destroyed the empire of the Persians and went all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.

When Allah supports someone, no-one can put him down. If Allah wants to destroy someone, no-one can help him. That is why I say, "Bismillahi rahmani rahim..."

- 01.01.1996
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