Maulana Sheikh NazimWho supports Kufr, will disappear. Who supports Islam, will be supported
Who supports Kufr, will disappear. Who supports Islam, will be supported. Who is lazy, is not going to be beneficial.
Audhubilahi mineshaitana rajim. Bismillahi Rahmanir Rahim, by the Name of Allah Almighty, most Beneficient and most
Merciful. We are asking from Allah Almighty not to fall into shaitanic
traps. Don't say: I am not falling, I know his traps. Ask from Allah to
protect you from falling into the shaitanic traps, and- glory to Allah-
Shaitan is putting countless traps. Like a hunter is putting traps in the
jungle for hunting, Shaitan is not leaving out any place on earth. On every
step he is putting a trap, and they are dangerous, may kill, may injure, may
catch. It is so easy in our days to be caught in one of those traps, because
whole mankind is being directed by Shaitan or his representatives who are
devils. And the Islamic world also, because of their heedless position, is
falling easily into shaitanic traps, because the whole Islamic world is
completely directed by their directors to follow western countries. You
can't find any territory in the Islamic world that is not orientated towards
western countries, and they learned through their leaders, their leaders
making them to believe that civilization is through western countries: 'If
you are asking to be civilized, you must follow the principles of the
western countries. If not, you should be uncivilized people, and no value
for you, but your value may be like the value of cattle or flocks, some
wild, some not.'
In the sight of western people the whole Islamic world is on the lowest
level, and always they give this idea, which is working on the Islamic
countries, to make the new generation believe that western countries are
civilized, 1st class people, top class, and we are uncivilized, because we
are on earth and they are on skies.
The whole world is now under shaitanic hegemony or direction, and always
oriental people including our people, never like to be from oriental people.
They look to themselves and ashame, if they come to be known as from Asia or
Oriental countries, ashaming to say what they are and where they live,
because western people always look down on them.
And in reality Shaitan has destroyed the western countries. They are not
civilized, but their image is shown as being on the top of civilization.
From out looking you may say: 'Oh, first class people', but inside they are
rotten. And Shaitan is asking to make Islamic countries to be like western
countries- outside and inside rotten, destroyed, and he is teaching the
leaders of the Islamic world, urging them to try to be western people. As
the Prophet informed 15 centuries ago, warning his nation: 'Should come a
time, when the last days are approaching, that my nation, who accepts me as
their prophet and accepts what I brought from my Lord, the Words of the Lord
Allah Almighty, should try to follow the People of the Book before them-
Ahlul Ingil and Ahlul Taurah, Christians and Jews.' Musa a.s. had been
granted the Taurah, the Old Testament, and Isa a.s. had been granted the
Ingil, the New Testament, the Gospels. Our most honoured Prophet Sayidina
Muhammad sws was warning 15 centuries ago and he said: 'My nation is going
to follow those two nations, Christians and Jews, who are not accepting and
following me, in what they are doing and try to do the same, and they should
follow them step by step in everything.' That is from his miracles. If some
of them would dig a hole like a rabbit, a mole or a fox, enter and only the
head is outside- if my nation was seeing western people bringing that as a
new fashion to do, they should follow them, because it is a fashion, and
they should say: 'We must do that also and enter in it, because Europeans
made that in their garden.' And they should do it. They are fully taking
care to follow the Ahlul Kitab, Christians and Jews. Blame on those Muslims!
Therefore- last night was not for us, but our heedless people prepared
themselves during one year to do what western people, Christians, do. I am
not saying Jews are doing, because Jews never participate in the New Year
ceremony. They only prepare everything for the heedless Muslim world and
Christians. They made the Christian religion and belief as a film, a
theatre. No meaning now for Christianity- finished. Only may carry people
through such nonsense things like to make a New Year ceremony. They are
trying to give it the image of a religious night, making it for their people
as a holy night, but it is not reality, because the Christian world is not
accepting that night to be the birthday of Jesus Christ, some say it is
nonsense, it has no meaning.
But Jewish people prepare it to milk the cows, the Christians. In one night
Christians give everything they saved in one year, spending it in one night.
Their boxes were full and the Jews always bring empty boxes, even they keep
their money, and when the Christians make this ceremony, they pour their
money in those Jewish boxes, filling them. Then the Jews put a stamp on it
and say: 'Put this in our treasure.' And this morning the Christians and our
heedless people look to their pockets and say: 'No money now.' The
house/keeper may say to bring something to eat, but finished: 'What we had,
we spent, today there is nothing. How you are asking? Sleep, take valium, so
you don't feel the hunger.'
I am speaking for the Muslim world, because for Christians it is according
to their belief. But our heedless people don't believe in any prophet, only
in Shaitan and what he is teaching them to be true. New Year ceremony- from
yesterday up today people came from up to down, falling, and nothing is with
them. Now they think what to do. Shaitan is telling them: 'Don't worry.
There are so many kinds of works, I may employ you to kill people, to
assault people, to burn people, to steal from banks and markets, and you are
excused, because you have no money and you must do this.'
The crises is coming now. From today on it is going to climb. That is the
way of Shaitan, everywhere he put his traps, and billions of people are
caught by them. Everyone is thinking in a bad way, and their vision of Dunya
yesterday was pink, today the whole world changed to black. How it was
yesterday? How quickly it changed! I am dreaming or awake? I think I am not
sleeping, but today Dunya is black and yesterday it was pink. No sun
shining? We don't see. Pink colour finished. The world today is like burnt-
a shaitanic fire is burning the whole world in one night. Shaitan is
cheating people to prepare them for one night, and it passed so quickly, and
he is giving them only chance for one minute, when the lights are
extinguished. That moment he is giving to them the chance to do everything;
that is the top point of their pleasure. And all people are drunk, can't
taste anything from those pleasures, from eating, drinking- finished. For
one minute they do something, but never they taste anything, no pleasure,
because they are drunk. And today they say: 'I am not remembering, because
first time I used this drink, so I lost myself, I was not an ordinary
person, I never know what I did, I didn't taste.' Shaitan is saying: 'It
doesn't matter. Next year you may try more than this year. There are more
New Years for you- 2oo3, 2oo4, don't worry. I am teaching you. Now I prepare
something for you to be for you forever. This year was experiment, you
Next year so many people who make this since 5o or 6o years, will say:
'Every year Shaitan has been our guide, but we find nothing. And we lost
our will-power, we can't command ourselves, we are carried like a stream is
carrying people, when they fall in it.'
O people, don't be cheated by such a ceremony, it is the biggest trap that
includes billions of people. Other days or nights are for a part of people,
but this night is for all mankind. Shaitan prepared that biggest trap for
mankind to fall in it, and they fell in the shaitanic baptising pool,
entering, jumping in it, and it is the dirtiest sewage sea or ocean.
And today people wake up and they see that all clothes are so dirty
everywhere, that they cannot clean them in one month. That is shaitanic
guidance for mankind, to make them unhappy, to fall in miseries and for
their suffering to continue.
May Allah save us from the satanic traps. O people, use your mind. What we
say is reality. I am not speaking imaginations but reality. I am not
cheating you; I make you to understand, what I am saying. Europeans say:
Realist. I am realist to show you everything on its real position.
If you can, save yourself and follow good ones. Our Grandsheikh said that
happiness for mankind here and hereafter is to be with friends of Allah,
Saints. Who is with them will be in safety, happiness, contentment,
satisfaction, and in peace, because the friends of Allah are in peace,
endless happiness and enjoyment. They are taking enjoyment and peace from
Allah, and mercy and blessings are coming on them. Therefore those, who are
going to be with them, are also going to be blessed and should be happy
forever. But who is going with the friends of Shaitan should sink down in
misery and suffering. O people, ask for good ones, who belong to Allah, who
are the servants of the divine service. Look after these people. I was
asking one brother whom I sent to Hijaz if he saw in the holy places of
Mekka and Medina any friends of Allah, and he said that all those whom we
knew, passed away. Now there are some ones who think that they are friends
of Allah, but they are so far from that. They are closer to Shaitan than to
Rasul. That means finished and disappeared- the friends of Allah are veiling
Who is asking for them should ask seriously to find them. It is not easy to
find a ruby without tiring. Rubies, emeralds and diamonds are not like black
stones, they are rare minerals, but of black stones you can find tons, you
can find them everywhere. The friends of Allah are rare. If you are asking
truly, seriously, they may show themselves to you.You must look for them.
May Allah not separate us from His good servants. There was one dog that
went to Paradise, because he never left the Seven Sleepers of the Cave.
But people are not looking after holy ones anymore. Rather they follow
liars, hypocrites and unbelievers to hell. Now the sword of Haqq is about to
be drawn.
O Allah, may You take the power from those who are against You, who don't
want to know about You. The holy ones are asking for that. This year the
power will leave those people.
Lefke - 01.01.2002
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