According to traditional knowledge, everything which is new will one day be old and then destroyed. For every building the time will come for it to be destroyed. Everything will turn old: buildings, people, plants... Everything on this planet grows old and older, and then falls down. It will come up for some time and then fall down. Every living aspect and every building must fall down. We see so many ancient buildings. First their builders disappear and then the buildings themselves fall to pieces.
So many tales are written down in books so that people might learn from them. Many nations lived on this earth, finished their period and then disappeared. Few people read these old books nowadays. Instead so many nonsense books are being read.

Once upon a time there was a great and very rich King. He wanted to build a huge palace. It was even bigger than Buckingham Palace or Windsor Palace. He gathered many builders, all of them first-class. He ordered that they should build a building without comparison. Whatever they would need in gold or silver to build it, he was prepared to give. They built a dreamlike building only to be found in fairy tales. They built for many years. Then it was completed. The King sent people from east to west in his territory to invite everyone to see the beautiful palace. There was a continuous feast and everyone came to have a look. Everyone who came ate, drank, enjoyed themselves and then went.

There were 40 entrances and at each door someone was put to ask the people coming out if there was anything inside which they found unsuitable.They came out well-fed and some even drunk and said, "We never saw such a beautiful building, not even in our dreams. It is so perfect, so beautiful!" One day two persons came, Jamalludin and Allaudin. They went around, looked, ate, drank and then came to the guardians of the exit. They too were asked, "What is your opinion about this palace? Is there anything with which you are not happy?" "Yes! There are two points." So they were ordered to tell the King. "Oh, your Majesty, this building will be in ruins after awhile and secondly, the one who built it will die. These are the two points with which we are not happy." The King answered puzzled, "How could there be a building which wouldn't be in ruins after some time? And how can someone not die?"

The King started to think about these two points and about the two guests who had said this. He saw that they were not average people, they were very clever. Who is clever? Those who see the end of things. Those who do not consider the outcome of something, is not clever. So whoever does not think about his final point is not clever, he is drunk. Everyone must reach a final point, an end. Whoever doesn't take care of that end, is not clever.

All the people at the celebration were drunk. The King realised that those two people were clever and he wanted to take something from their wisdom. So he said to them, "Oh, you foreigners, your level is different from the people here. It is much higher, you have realised that this building and its builder is going to collapse one day. But do you know of any building that will last forever, or of any life that will continue for ever? If I did, I would leave this foolishness and follow that way."

"Yes, we have been informed through Heavenly Messages given to us by Holy Messengers and Holy Men since the beginning of time, that when we leave this life, a new beginning will come. That is a heavenly life. When we finish our physical and material life, we will reach our heavenly stations. When we are free from our physical beings, our souls will leave the physical body. It is only through the soul that the physical body can function. Without it, it is nothing and has no value. It comes from earth and goes to earth. But our soul gets free. It does not come back and it is impossible for it to be changed with the soul of an animal. Their soul is so simple, but the soul of mankind is most important and perfect. Because of this they live for ever. The souls of animals are only appointed for this life and then they disappear. It is a very wrong idea to accept that a man's soul could become a donkey, monkey, cat, bear or fox. Never!

When your physical life comes to an end, your soul will rise and go to heavens. There it will appear in its original being. Our souls had an original form before they were imprisoned by our physical body. It looks like this body, but instead of being made of clay, it is made of light.

The owner of the palace will die, that means he will leave his physical body. When he has been dressed in light, there will be no more death, no more change, no more ageing and no more decreasing. Instead the lights will increase more and more. In this life we physically get more and more incomplete every day, but when we reach our heavenly stations we will find another world which belongs to heavens. There you will find much more perfect buildings, not built by bricks, stones, iron or by builders. No! In heavens everything is miraculous. You do not need tools, you do not need builders. You only have to say, 'Be!' and it will come into existence. The lights with which the human soul is dressed has been given by the Lord. He has given them a part of His Divine Attribute. That is the willpower. When the Lord wants anything to be in existence, He will say, 'Be!'. He ordered heavens into existence and it became. He said, 'Come into existence!' to the earth and it came. The Lord said to the sun, 'Shine!' and it is shining. He said to the night to come, and it came. He only says, 'Be, night! Be, day! Be, heavens! Be, earth! Be, winter! Be, summer!' His command is enough to make that which He is asking for to be in existence and it will come quickly.

When our souls reach heavens, which is our original homeland, the spiritual world, the conditions will never be like on earth. Everything on earth needs rules for some reasons. If the reasons come together something will appear into existence. If man and woman do not come together, children will not come. But in heavens there is no need for that. Here if you do not plant, trees will not grow up. If you don't cook here, you cannot eat. But there without reason, only with the willpower of the Lord which we have been given, is enough for you to say, 'Be!' and it will come into existence."

This is what they said to the King, and he was very happy. He said, "I am sorry, I am very sorry that I wasted my life uselessly. I wasted everything for a building which will be in ruins. I must ask for forgiveness from my Lord, even if my time here will only be for a short time, to grant me of His Blessings, so that my soul will rise to its station in heavens." He repented and was forgiven and blessed. Blessings give people refreshment, confidence, contentment, satisfaction and peace. If you get blessings from your Lord, you will find that you are in peace and in pleasure. If you are not blessed, it is so difficult. People cannot be in pleasure and in peace with something that is only around themselves. A King or a Queen can sit on their throne, but they will be unhappy. There is no contentment. On the other hand a person can be underground and still feel contentment in himself, he is pleased. Pleasure and peace is something which comes from heavens. No market can sell happiness or peace or contentment. Or do you think that any shop on Oxford Street or any night club or any cinemas or any discotheques really give contentment? No! People go inside with happiness because they are thirsty and when they come out they are dressed in sadness, because they are disappointed.

Particularly in our days we need peace. This life with its difficult conditions takes away peace and happiness from people. It does not give them pleasure in their hearts. The King was happy when he was listening and accepting their advice. He became like a holy-man who leaves everything and comes to reach his heavenly station. Everything in this life comes down. The most important thing for him was to look for his heavenly station in Divine Presence. People are thirsty and run to the sea to drink. The more they drink, the more they realise that their thirst is not disappearing, but instead increasing. This is how people are nowadays. They run to reach a pleasure but they find it so difficult and become even more thirsty. One ocean is not enough to quench that thirst.

In the Old Testament there are so many stories mentioned about the Prophet David. He was appointed King for the children of Israel. They were ordered to fight against Goliath. Allah Almighty ordered David, peace be upon him, to order his soldiers that when they after a long journey reached a river, they should not drink. Whoever would drink, would have to leave him because they would be useless. He only permitted his soldiers to drink a handful, even though the huge army was so thirsty. When they reached the running river, they fell into it and forgot. They were not able to control their egos. They drank and drank and drank until everyone fell down and couldn't move anymore. They told David, 'We cannot follow you, we are finished!' Only 313 people were listening. The rest were lying on the banks of the river like buffaloes. These Holy Books give best lessons to people, but people are not concerned to find out what really happened.

Whoever takes more than they are in need of, will be useless. Only a handful of people followed the order of David and formed his new army to defeat Goliath. Which they did, because the Lord of Heavens was with them, they had listened and kept His Holy Command.

Oh, listeners, we must try to follow Heavenly Commands. Even if it is only a little bit. Don't be like those people who became like buffaloes! Don't go through this world wanting to drink everything. No! You may be rich, richer or even the richest and still be thirsty. There is no meaning to it and that gives you to suffer. You must have less of everything. If you take less of the material world, you will reach much more pleasure in your spiritual being. That is a balance. If you take more from this material life, your spiritual life will get less and less and less and your life will be tasteless. Don't run after everything that this life has to offer. Take what is enough. More than enough is a burden on your physical body and it prevents you to improve in your soul. Finally you will find yourself being like a buffalo. Oh, people, don't be buffaloes, try to be human!

Soon there will be change of life on earth. People will change from the material side and will start taking much more care of their spiritual lives. They will want to have meetings like these more often. We hope that this will be in near future.
HOLLINGBOURNE - 04.04.1993
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