Maulana Sheikh Nazim The whole world is a big market

Destur,ya Sayidi, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah, Rijalal malakuti, ya Malakutiin…aiduna bi aunillah!…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

It is a free market…free or flee? If they are selling old things, means flee market. Free market means anyone may take something without paying- very good market! Flee market you must pay something, market you must pay more than this, hyper-market you must take your credit card… Looking…How much you are buying? 2ooo! Can’t be, it is not flee market hyper-market: Safeway market, Queensway market…But this here is free market that means: If anyone buying something and going away, even horses can’t reach to them…Therefore keep the doors!…Alhamdulillah, most people are not understanding, they are not knowing (the difference) between (a real) diamond and (a) plastic (stone)- therefore it is okay…

May Allah forgive us to be good customers for this big market. (The) whole world is a big market and people (are) running for gold, for example, to Russia, or they may run to buy diamonds from Jehennemburg, Johannesburg, South Africa, some are runing to Ceylon for Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires, some people are running to Iran for Firuz and other expensive or valuable stones. Jewels, not stones; what people step on, is stones, what I am saying (is not about) stones, they are jewels. No one (is) putting under their feet jewels, only (the) Prophet Suleiman (in) his big hall that people are coming for visiting him, (the) reception hall.

It was his Throne Hall, people (were) coming to give their respect and obedience to him, peace be upon him, (and) Sayyiduna King Suleiman, (was) sitting. That area that people were walking on it to reach to Nabi King Suleiman was (made with) tiles; one golden, (the other) one silver. When (the) Queen of Sheba sent a gift to him- (and) she was thinking that what she is sending is so valuable- and (they were) showing (it) to him, he wa saying: “Oh, what you are sending as a gift to me is under my feet, I am walking on it! I am not asking gold or silver; we are not slaves of gold and silver- we are (the) servants of the Lord of Heavens and He honoured us. When we are not slaves for gold and silver, (He is) making gold and silver- that people (are) worshipping (it) and quarrel and fight (for it)- to be under my feet. That is for you valuable, it is not for us valuable, it is under my feet. I am not asking from you, from that one who sent you with that gifts, I am not interesting in this, they are under my feet. I am asking something else from your Queen, (the) Queen of Sheba: to come to me (and) to surrender to the Lord of Heavens! I am that asking, I am not running after gold and silver. Who is running after gold and silver, they are (the) slaves of gold and silver. We are not slaves, we are servants for the Lord of Heavens, who created and (who is) giving value for gold and silver. It is only for you!”

Because they were slaves for gold and silver and their honour (was) going down and gold and silver (is) going to be over you. Making your value down and then, when you are making your value under gold and silver- silver also is white gold, platin, silver also that valuable one…silver that people are using it… Who are slaves, running to save more and more gold and silver, they are slaves for gold and silver, (and) no honour for them. They are going to vanish or to be vanished after gold and silver. But who is going to be servants for the Lord of Heavens that He created gold and silver for man, they have been granted honour from their Lord and their Lord (is) putting gold and silver under (the) feet of His servants.

The Seal of Prophets, S.Muhammad sws, he was hungry for some wisdoms and (the) Sahaba also were finding nothing for eating. To take (away) the suffering of hunger, they were putting a stone on their stomach, not to feel the pain of hunger and they were saying to Rasulullah sws: “Ya Rasulullah”, showing him the stone on their stomach, “we are so hungry!” and he was showing under his shirt there were two stones (tied on his stomach)…

And first Islam (is) teaching people to be patient. If you are not learning to be patient, you can’t be able to make your control on your ego, because (the) ego belongs to (the) animals world and (it is) always running after what it is going to eat or drink. If a person can’t be able to make a control on his ego, he is going to be under the order of his ego and he is never going to be a servant for his Lord. Therefore every religion (was) coming and their Prophets (were) teaching their followers to be patient, to be able to reject (refuse their egos’ desires). If you are not patient, you can’t be able to reject your egos desires. If you can’t do that, you are going to be always the donkey of your ego; you can’t be an honoured servant in divinely Presence, it is impossible! Therefore- every Prophet has miraculous powers; they may bring tables of food with so many kinds for their followers, but (if they are doing that) it is going to be (like) a patient in hospital: to bring to him every kind of food without making any limit and giving to him: “Eat”, not asking if this is good for him or that, no. If you are bringing to a patient to eat everything, you may kill him! You may kill their physical being and Prophets (are) coming to arrange, to give (the) real position to our beings: to be good servants, to carry servanthood in divinely Presence. Therefore they must learn first to be patient- Sahaba, the most honoured ones from beginning of mankind’s residence on earth…To be able to train themselves and to give the value of servanthood, Prophets (are) firstly making them to be patient. And (the) most difficult thing for man (is) to be hungry!

If a person is hungry, asking to stop (the) pain (of) hunger, he is looking after everything to eat to fill their food-sack; they are going, coming, asking to eat. And we are asking to move from the level of animals to the level of Angels. With (a) full stomach you can’t get up; you can’t be able to rise from your level- that (the) material level is (the) level of animals- you can’t be able to rise up to Angels‘ level. Therefore don’t say: “What is the reason that Sahabas time by time were getting hungry?”- even several days (they were) not finding something to eat and (they were) putting on their stomachs stones not to feel the suffering or (the) pain of hunger! That is the reason!

Islam is asking from people to learn to be patient. Now (people in) all (the) world no patience for them. They are asking everything instantly. Like Ali Baba and the 4o thieves (that were) coming to the entrance of that cave, saying: “Open, Sesame!”, people now (are) asking for their desires to be (everything) instantly ready in front of them, and it is impossible, until you may teach your ego to be patient!

A person is fasting and coming nearby to break his fast (Maghreb time). He is looking his watch and someone is saying: “You may eat!” “No, we have yet 3 more minutes!” If anyone is saying: “You may eat before”, saying: “No, must be at the time: beginning and ending!” That is such an important wisdom through our worshipping kinds towards Allah Almighty: you must learn to be patient! If you are not learning (patience), (you are) never reaching (up) and never leaving (the) level of animals. Therefore (the) Prophet was keeping two stones and his followers, Sahaba, Allah bless them, they were putting one stone and (he was) saying (to them): “Be patient!” If Rasulullah was ordering, he may fill fields and lands with countless foods and drinks, but (he was) not doing that! He may say: “Be!”, and (it) may be, but (he was) keeping that power, training and teaching his disciples and his Ummah, his nation.

And (one day) he went for a visit of the holy tomb of S.Hamza- Allah bless him-, the uncle of the Sal of Prophets sws, (at the feet of the Mount Uhud). He was walking and he was hearing in a place behind himself a sound (like) when you have gold and you are pouring (it), (a) very nice sound is coming from gold. He was hearing behind him that sound of gold and he was turning (around) and seeing that (the) Jabal Uhud- that big and holy mountain- was running after him as gold and silver, and gold was making that good sound. The Prophet was seeing (that), stopping and saying: “Stop! Why you are running after me?” And a sound from the holy mountain was addressing to him, saying: “Oh Rasulullah, the beloved one of our Lord! You are suffering and your disciples are suffering from hunger- how it is going to be from us a good manner to be stones! We have been changed to gold and we are running after you so that you may use it any time and we (even) don’t give any trouble for carrying: anywhere you go, you may take from it and do, what you are doing with it.” And the Prophet was saying: “No, I am not in need for you! My Lord (is) enough for me and I like to be one day full, one day hungry. It is much better; I prefer to be in such a way: when I am full, I am saying to my Lord: ‘Thanks and praisings to you, oh my Lord’, (and) if I am hungry, I am going to be patient and say: ‘Oh our Lord, look after us!’ And for being patient we have been granted also a reward here and Hereafter- therefore you stay there, our Lord is enough for us!”

People now are running after golf and silver to save much more so that they are thinking if they are saving more gold and silver, they may reach their targets- that no doubt their targets are only targets of their physical being. They like gold and silver for fulfilling their physical beings’ desires. But it is never going to be as they like, because day-by-day, if you are reaching to a table that may be (as the) table of a King or Queen, and every day (it is the) same table, you may feel a kind of (being) fed up, you may be fed up from that. You may reach everything, but day-by-day your taste is coming to be less, less, less and the Favours of the Lord Allah Almighty is same.

Therefore- when you are going to be patient for Allah, not to be slaves for your desires, He is accepting you as His servants and servants have been granted something that should be honour for them and light for them and pleasure for them here and Hereafter. Or (else) they should remain on the level of animals that they are eating straw and every kind of grass and they should be happy on their levels.

May Allah forgive us and make our desires as He likes (them to be)- to change our level from the level of animals to reach the level of Angels. That is important!

May Allah forgive me and bless you, for the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 14.06.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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