Troubles never come without a cause. Nothing ever comes on people without a reason. Their way must be against the rule of Allah Almighty, and when He is not happy with them He will send punishment to them. Like everything that comes to Iran and Iraq, to Egypt, to Libya, to Jemen, to Pakistan, to Turkey... Everywhere where problems come politically there must be a reason. Because no-one hits his horse if it goes the way he likes. If nations would be going on the way that their Lord wishes them to go, Allah Almighty would not be hitting them or punishing them. The Kurdish people are not rising the flag of Islam to say that they are Muslims. They are not asking for Islam. They say that they are Kurdish people and that they must have an independent land called Kurdistan. They are not rising up and saying that they are Muslims and that they want the Calipha of Muslims and that all the lands from East to West should be the land of Muslims, the land of the Calipha.

Because they are asking for the wrong thing Allah Almighty is punishing them and is saying, "You must not claim a land to be Kurdistan, you should ask me for a land of Islam from East to West and for a Sultan for all of you. You are only thinking of the people of Kurdistan and not about the other nations that belong to the Muslims!"
Now every test is coming on them: heavy snows, earthquakes, troubles, wars, fires... All of this is not a reward of the Lord of Heavens for them. If they could claim to be best servants, which they have been offered to be, like every other nation. If they were the best servants Allah Almighty would not be sending snows and fires on them, or earthquakes or armies to fight them.
This is now going to happen to every nation one after the other. As long as they are not holding up the flag of the Prophet,sws, they will be punished.
The Saudis are putting the pillar of Islam on their flag,"La illa ha illa la Muhammad ul Rasul Allah", but they are not keeping it in their hearts, only on the flag, so they are also going to be punished. The order is not to have it written on the flag, but to have it written in the heart. They have already been punished last year and if they continue those holy words only on their flag and not in their hearts, more punishment will be waiting for them.
The Turks were carrying the flag of the Calipha. Now they have taken it away, and they will also be punished. The trouble with the Kurds is happening on their lands, and that is part of their punishment.

In Somalia and in Sudan there is no rain. It is very dry. This is also a punishment. They are also doing something wrong, there must be something wrong with them, that is why Allah is punishing them with dry weather.
Wherever there is a trouble, there must be a disease within the people which Allah Almighty does not like. In Pakistan there is trouble, in Cashmere there is trouble, in Libya there is trouble, in Algeria there is trouble, in Bosnia there is trouble, in Cyprus there is trouble, in Aserbijan there is trouble, in Iran there is trouble... Everywhere there is a kind of disease with people and that is why these troubles are coming.
It is not a reward for the Islamic world from Allah Almighty. In the newspaper they are writing that the Islamic world is crying tears of blood instead of tears of water. Do they think that Allah Almighty is not seeing that they are crying? Still they are insisting to be on the wrong way. Insisting! They are crying and still not saying that they arewrong. They are still not changing their directions. They are going to cry many more tears of blood until they are changing their directions in the direction of Allah. Allah Almighty is sending this punishment on them.
Allah Almighty is informing the nation of Muhammad clearly, "As long as you are with me, I am not going to punish you.If you leave me and realize that you have been wrong and truely regret, and correct your ways, then I will not punish you." All these nations must say, "Oh, our Lord we are wrong, forgive us. We have changed our ways, our actions, our minds, our characteristics and our manners and we now want to do as you like!". Then Allah Almighty will change.
But until now no-one has said, "Astaphirullah, we are wrong!" This applies very much to the Turks who are claiming that they have secular system. That means they have no belief.They are following the way of the unbelievers. For 600 years they carried the flag of the Prophet sws. and now they say that their territory is not Muslim but that they have a secular system. They are hiding the flag of the Prophet. Now look at the troubles in Turkey. But nevertheless they are not taking out the flag of the Prophet and saying, "Oh, Turkish people, come under the flag of the Prophet!" If they don't do that, Allah will punish them. But still they are saying, "We are Turks!" and the Kurdish people are saying, "No,we are Kurds!".
And look at the Arabs! Since 70 years the flag of the Prophet sws. has been locked away and they are not asking for it! They just say, "Palestine, Palestine, Palestine, Palestine!" But there are no Palestinians who are asking the Turks where the flag of the Prophet sws. is. They should say," Bring it to us. If you don't want to carry it, then give it to us!"
Allah keeps on hitting them, and they don't understand. They don't understand that they should ask for the flag. Like this they will never be able to get even one foot of Palestine. They just keep on claiming that they are Arabs. They haven't even started to use their mind and to ask why the Turks are keeping the flag locked up .They should demand them to bring it out. The whole Arab world are like drunk people. How can they forget to ask about the flag of the Prophet?
During 13 centuries the flag was held up and now the Turks are imprisoning it. Why are the Arabs not asking for it? Allah Almighty will not help them like this. There will be no support. Since 1948 there has been a standstill. Since then no group has been supported like the Palestine organisations, neither financially nor militarily.They have been given billions and trillions of pounds and dollars, and the newest models of weapons. But still they have been unable to enter Palestine even with one foot. Allah is not supporting them. They are not asking for the flag of the Prophet. Why?
Some of them joined the side of America, some of them joined the Russians. Allah Almighty has left them in the hands of the unbelievers. They haven't even entered with one foot. Israel is going further and further inside.
I am not someone who is speaking on behalf of myself. It is the sound of truth, the thundering and lightening of truth on those heads which are like rocks. It is to crush these heads. Thousands and thousands of lightening is coming on earth now. In that Muharram terrible events will be coming on earth now.
May Allah forgive us.
London - 07.04.1992
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