Shah ul Naqshband told us that our way is the way of association. So we ask ourselves what is necessary for us now. Let them send us what we need. Our Holy Masters always know what we need. They are authorised people who know what is important for the people here to hear right now. If they need something and you give them something else it doesn't matter. It is as if you ask for a tomato and I give you a potato. Or if you ask for bread and He gives you water. Or if you ask for a cake and He gives you bread. All that doesn't matter. Even if you ask for a cake and you get straw, it doesn't matter. Eat straw! But people who have reached the level, to accept such things, are becoming very rare. Even in a million maybe you can find only one. There are so many imitated people and when you ask them for strawberries they will give you straw. We have straw, the berries you have to get. You must know the time when to plant what into the hearts of the people. If you plant in summertime nothing will grow. Wheat, barley and such things must be planted in wintertime. Now is the time of Holy Ramadan. Whatever is necessary to be given to your hearts, they know. That is why I am asking, "Oh, our Masters, so many people are coming from every level, send us what is necessary for everyone. And, thanks to God, even though we are such unsuitable people, they are sending something to us to make us happy and enjoyful. When I am sitting here, I am under their control. Anything which we say comes through their channel.
Yes, may Allah forgive us and send His Blessings in this Holy Month. If there is no forgiveness, there is no blessing. Forgiveness cleans people and then blessings come. Blessings are like new clothes and forgiveness is like a bath. When you clean yourself you will be dressed in blessings. The whole of Ramadan is only for cleaning. It is a learning for every level of people. All people need cleaning. After that they will be purified. Clean yourself as much as you can and purification will come. Fasting is a cleaning for the first level of people, for the common people. Then, when you are clean, the elements of our physical bodies will be pure. When that is pure, clean blood will run through your heart. When clean blood runs through your heart it will make you to be with you Lord, Almighty Allah always.
Fasting will first of all clean our physical beings and take away the veils between you and yourself. When I say between you and yourself I mean between you and your soul. When the veils are removed you can reach the territory of your soul and that belongs to Heavens. When veils are removed, you will get in touch with Heavens. If Divine Wisdoms grants it to you, there will be an opening. Allah Almighty was speaking to Moses, may peace be upon him, and there were thousands of veils between Himself and Moses. But when people who are fasting reach the end of their fast, just before they break their fast, the veils are taken away and only one remains. If we can remove that one veil, we would be in touch with Heavens. But that veil is the thickest one. It is very strong and you only have a very simple knife. It is too difficult. You need a big cutter to cut it. It is the veil of the ego. If you cut the atmosphere of your ego you will reach the real freedom. You will then be controlled by your soul. Your soul belongs to Heavens. Heavens belongs to the Lord. You will then be the servant of the Lord of Heavens. You will then belong to the Lord of Heavens. You will be free of the slavery of the ego and of Satan. You will be clean, purified. If a person wants to come to the mosque, he must clean himself. And if someone wants to enter Heavens, he must be clean because it is Divine Territory. What is it he must be clean of? From the dirtiness of egos. The ego is dirty. With that dirtiness you cannot enter.
Fasting tries to clean people from the hegemony of the ego. It takes the power from the ego and your soul will be the controller on you and you will reach Heavens and the Divine Presence of the Lord of Heavens. That is why all of mankind has been offered to fast. Christians were also fasting. Although they now say that they have reached the days in which all that has been changed. They only keep the name, but they changed it according to the demands of their egos. It used to be like we are doing it. Then when they reached long days it became difficult so they changed. And they said, instead of doing it 30 days we will do it 40, to have a suitable season. One of their Kings even did a will for some purposes. And he said , "If what I am asking from my Lord will happen, then we will make 10 days more." But when it then became 50 days, people got up and complained. So the whole idea of fasting was changed and all that remained was an order not to eat meat on that day. That is of course a kind of fasting, but it will never give that kind of benefit for the soul and make them free from the control of the ego. The ego is still controlling them, because they are following their egos and their demands. They changed what Allah had ordered them to do, according to their egos. The purpose of fasting is to take the control away from the ego. If we continue to give the control to the ego, what is the benefit?
We must try to fast in the way which Allah Almighty commanded and ordered us to do. Even if this Easterfast is an easy one, the majority of Christians do not fast. Their ego is now saying to them that it was only for the olden days, for the uncivilised people. They feel that they are very civilised now and that they don't need it. Very few people do. Yesterday a bishop came to see me and when we wanted to serve him tea, he said that he was fasting because it was the first day of Lent. But the majority doesn't care even if it is that easy and only one day.
We must try to take the control away from our ego. If we don't do that, we will be donkeys of our ego. It means it will sit on you and control you. It is a training for mankind. Nothing can train our egos like fasting does. When His servant asks to please Him, Allah Almighty will give the same back to him. He will let you enter into the area of pleasure where you will find peace. Why are people not in peace? How should they be if they are under the control of their ego. It is impossibe to be in peace as long as your ego is controlling you. Small children maybe cry 40 times a day. Why? Because they are not feeling in peace. When you give them whatever they are asking for, they will stop. After a while they will start again. It means that they are not in peace. Our egos are always asking for something and then they stop. After a while they will want the next thing. But it only lasts for a short time. And then the next... You can't find your ego to be in peace for a whole day. It wants this and it wants that. It will never be satisfied. So someone who is under the control of their ego will always have great difficulties in reaching any peace. But when the ego is removed and you are with your soul, you will be peaceful.
Oh, people, try! If you try a little bit, Allah Almighty helps you a lot. Even if you just make a little bit, the Lord of Heavens will grant a lot of power to you. Even if our fasting is the lowest standard, the Lord of Heavens still grants something to us. At least you will fast peace in the moment of breaking your fast! It is the happiest and most peaceful time of your whole life. No invitation or restaurant in the world can give it to you, even if it only dry bread or dry dates. However simple, you will find a satisfaction, peace, happiness and enjoyment coming through your heart. No-one accept someone who fasts can find that peace. May Allah make that peace for ever in our hearts. You are the Sultan, oh our Lord, grant us forgiveness and blessings!
London - 01.03.1994
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