Maulana Sheikh NazimWHY DID PROPHETS COME?
Teachings from Prophets are teachings from Heavens. Muhammad, may peace be upon him, brought the Last Message, the Last Revelation. He had been with his nation for 40 years when Allah Almighty appointed him to be the Last Messenger. Allah Almighty dressed him with divine attributes. He then completely belonged to the Lord. Everything that he was doing or saying or acting for the next 23 years were Heavenly Messages to teach people. He brought a complete teaching to all of mankind. Everyone can find their way towards heavens through his teachings. Everyone can take what they are in need of from his sayings and from his actions to be able to move towards heavens. Because he was the biggest teacher for humanity, the greatest teacher for all of mankind. These teachings are for ever, and they are enough for ever. There is no need to change it or to bring another teaching. As much as mankind may improve through their brains and as much as they may learn to invent instruments and make so many technical elements to improve technology, they should. But technology will never be the main personality of man.
The characteristics of the first man were the same which we have. We do not believe in foolish theories of Darwin, no! We believe that the Lord of Heavens created everything on earth in their own specific characteristics. Every creature which is created is given their creation. An ant is an ant, a lion is a lion, a man a man, a fox a fox, a donkey a donkey, a turtle a turtle, even if man dress them like humans! Frogs are frogs, snakes are snakes, cobras are cobras, scorpions are scorpions, bees are bees, flies are flies, mosquitoes are mosquitoes, elephants are elephants, bears are bears. They are not like you. No! You are of mankind. Monkeys are monkeys, gorillas are gorillas, dogs are dogs and cats are cats, Micky Mouse is Micky Mouse. The Lord just created everything and He is the Designer. He designed for us to be like this, cats must be like that and donkeys like that and monkeys like that and Micky like that. He is the Designer. Nature is not the designer, the Lord is the designer. Even though there are thousands and thousands of kinds of creatures, the Lord gave them all oxygen to sustain their lives with. Even the animals in the ocean need it. That is the condition which He gave them all. The first ant carries the same characteristics as the ants now do. The first bee was making honey, just like the bees now do. The first man who was created had the same characteristics which we still have.

Don't run after imaginations. He is the Designer and the Creator. Don't think that these instruments, computers and so many strange inventions will change your characteristics. Your customs can be changed, but your real characteristics will stay the same. That is why the teachings that were brought to the Last Prophet are also suitable for you to arrange your characteristics to be in a perfect condition. That means, the Heavenly Messages are trying to give you a control of your spiritual being, of your soul.

That's the whole history of what all teachers are trying to do: give you the full control of your physical being by letting your spirituality be the controller of your physical being. Because if you lose that control, you will fall to the level of animals. And even animals will kick you and say, "We have an honour being animals, but you have lost your honour which the Lord gave to you: you are not controlling your physical being. You are falling onto our level, but we don't accept it."

It is important for everyone to know their main purpose. They must understand why prophets came. Why have they been given books. For what? What is the reason for the teachings of the Holy Books. Is it only for our brains to recite or for our ears to listen to? The whole purpose of that teaching is to give the authority back to your soul to be able to control your whole physical being and to ride on your horse. The ego is your horse and you must be able to control it. When you are able to control it, it will be the horse that will take you to heavens, a holy horse. It was such a horse that took the Prophet, may peace be upon him, to Heavens. What is the use of having a jet plane when you cannot control it? You can't move anywhere when you need it. You need a teacher, a trainer, to teach you how to use it. Our egos have huge powers to take ourselves from the lowest to the highest position. But if you don't know how to control it, then you can't go.

Every Prophet brought a method which was suitable for their period and whoever used their methods reached heavens. Finally the Seal of Prophets, may peace be upon him, brought the whole system for the whole of mankind. First of all he taught his companions, 124000 of them. All of them reached heavens. No-one remained on earth. The ones who follow their footsteps will also reach heavens. Until today whoever uses the teaching of the Prophet are reaching that goal. If you refuse and your ego is controlling you it will not let you leave this dirty life, to move towards heavens. As long as people are slaves of this world they will have no peace, no happiness, no love, no respect, no justice, no mercy and no goodness. No!

Everything which comes under the control of satan starts off in the ego. People are usually slaves of the kingdom of devils under the reign of satan. That is why Allah Almighty has ordered fasting from the first man Adam until today and the end of this world. Only fasting can help mankind to get a control over their ego. Because it means that you can stop it with your willpower: you can tell it not to eat or drink or tell any lies. It means that you are in control.

The practices of all Prophets were simple methods of how to be the controller of our ego. Until today no-one can say of any detail of the teachings of the last prophet Sayidina Muhammad, may peace be with him, that it is useless or unnecessary. We as Muslims are proud that the commands in Islam are all perfect and meant for perfection. All prohibited things in Islam harms mankind and harms humanity. It means that it harms people physically as well as spiritually. No-one has been able to say that something which is prohibited in Islam has turned out to be good for mankind, either physically or spiritually.

People from other religions may bring their lists of allowed and prohibited things and I will show them Islam. We could show it on all the channels of TV. I will invite those people to come and sit with me on my sheepskin flying on air. The time is coming closer now in which we can show the power that we have. We may show whether Islam has power or not. Islam is the biggest grant that Allah Almighty has ever given to His People, but the nations are too ignorant to understand it. Now time is approaching for everyone to be able to understand.
LONDON - 08.03.1993
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