Maulana Sheikh NazimWill you be patient?
Patience is fighting all that the nafs likes. There are three types of patience: Patience with physical discomforts, such as getting up on cold mornings for prayer, having cold water for washing, waiting in line, being uncomfortable during illness, completing difficult tasks, and so forth. To remain patient and steadfast in your worship in spite of these difficulties is very valuable in the sight of Allah.
Even more valuable is the patience to refrain from forbidden things. A Hadith says: “To live as a servant and to keep away from forbidden things is more valuable than the worship of all the angels, men and jinn throughout the ages.”
The third type of patience is the best of all. It is to be patient with the people who trouble you. The Holy Quran says: “We are trying some of you with others of you.”
Patience is the most necessary thing in the life of man. If you have patience, all goodness is with you. Allah’s Eyes are on you...will you be patient?

- 01.04.1999
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