Maulana Sheikh NazimWisdom is the Essence of Knowledge
In our days it is unusual to find young people interested in mysticism. Nevertheless it is necessary for everyone to think about their spiritual life. We know that we are not only a physical being. A person can fall into water and drown. Then people will try to rescue him by turning him upside down to let the water run out. Still that person will not live, even though every part of the body is still sound. So why won't it live? What is the secret of life?
We are not only a physical being weighing 10, 12, 15 or 20 stones. There is something alive in our body which makes it able for us to stand up, walk, catch, speak, hear, feel or do.

Traditional knowledge informs us that we have something else which is part of the unseen worlds within ourselves. You cannot say that man can see everything. No! Our vision is limited. Beyond our vision there are unseen worlds which we cannot reach, see or hear.

That unseen world gives every creature power to move. When the limit has been reached, the power will cease to be transmitted and the person will die. There are so many tape-recorders standing here. They all function with batteries. We cannot see that power, but we notice that it sometimes is finished. The Creator created everything. No-one can claim to have created the earth, sun, moon, oceans, trees or the universes. But even if you did not see the creation, you cannot claim that it was created by itself. That would be foolish, only an idiot could do such a thing. Sometimes I see planes flying, but I cannot see the pilot. The moon is on its orbit, so is the sun and the moon. Are they doing that by themselves? Just like a plane has to be directed, so do the planets.

Thoughts like these have been lost in this century, because atheism has poisoned the minds of the young people. It denies the Creator. Materialistic people claim that everything has been created through itself. Science says, that the world is a piece of the sun which has been thrown away. For millions of years it was supposed to have been a globe of fire. It then cooled down and became materialised. They say, that the moon came into existence in the same way. So why doesn't the earth and the moon have exactly the same elements?

When we look on this earth, we see countless kinds of plants and creatures. But no-one who reached to the moon even found a leaf or an ant there! Why? We also know, that if you don't plant, no plant will grow. So who was the first one to plant? Who was the first farmer making barley, potatoes, tomatoes, figs, nuts, pears and apples to grow? Who was it?

Sometimes you see pine-trees growing on the edge of high mountains, even if you would go there by helicopter, you wouldn't be able to reach it. Who planted those trees there? Scientists do not comment this. They never ever want to mention a Creator. This is the main reason for the restlessness and the struggles going on. It causes misery and every sort of suffering in our days. But even the people of the church keep quiet, because they are living in a secular society.

God is not allowed to enter the universities. What foolishness! Scientists are causing this. What do they know? If I ask them to sit down and tell me what they know, so that I can write it down, they wouldn't be able to fill even one notebook. But they think they know everything and that they have reached every secret in nature. They think, that just because they own millions of books, they have so much knowledge. If a professor were to write a book from morning to evening, he would have to look in this book and in that. That is not considered to be knowledge.

Real knowledge is a grant from the Lord of Heavens. It is impossible for a person to have every knowledge which has been granted since beginning of time until today. Billions of information, impossible to remember. Even if you spend your whole life in university, what can you learn? 50 books, 60 books? I was once a student and did my A levels and O levels, but I have forgotten all that.

You are young. Don't claim that there is a limit for knowledge just because you don't know it. Always be humble. It is impossible for someone to know everything. Our knowledge does not reach far, even though there are oceans of knowledge.

After knowledge comes wisdom. That is the essence of knowledge. It is something else. It is the power of knowledge. It makes you move in this world and in the next. Wisdom is the authority which has been granted from the Lord of Heavens to enable his servants to move from earth to heavens. If you have not been given such wisdom, you are like a bird without wings, or a plane without engine, or a plane with an engine but no petrol. What you are learning now is beyond knowledge. Knowledge is an ocean within itself. You must pass that ocean safely to reach to the oceans of wisdom. The oceans of wisdom will give you the authority to move.

Within the countless creatures of this world, we, mankind, have been given the grant of a free will. There are countless animals and creatures, but no-one has been given will power and a mind with which to sit down and think. Did you ever see a cow thinking? They only think about eating and drinking. If someone wants to be like that, you may.

You must try to reach the essence of knowledge: wisdom. In particular you should try to learn traditional knowledge. It is full of wisdom. But when you have learned that, it is not enough. The question is how you are going to use it. A pharmacist has thousands of medicines in his shop, but he cannot give them without prescriptions.

Holy people have been given the license to pass from one world to the next, just like the prophets did on their night-journeys. You can only get into Heaven by special permission. Just like if you want to get into Buckingham Palace, you will only be permitted by a special pass. Holy people and prophets have a special license to pass between Heaven and earth in whichever way they want. If anyone is interested in their spiritual life, they can find a way, step by step to reach Heavens, just like Jesus* did. But if you prefer to stay on the ground like a lizard, you are also free to do that. May Allah bless you. Try to give your daily service to your Lord every day. That is important for your life and the biggest support for your future.

- 01.01.1996
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