Maulana Sheikh NazimThe Wisdom Behind Satan - Nothing Created without Benefit
Our Grandsheikh was speaking about Alauddin AI Bukhari, the khalif of Shah Naqshbandi, the main pillar of the Naqshbandi Order. Our Grandsheikh said if Shah Naqshbandi had not existed, there would be no order. Grandsheikh was praising Alauddin, saying that he was a big man and he knew the secret wisdom of the existence of satan in the universe. Only a few people know. He was one of them in his time among the Ulema. All Awliya know, but as for ulema, only a few know. Grandsheikh asked: “What is the benefit to know the wisdom of satan's existence?” If a man is knowing this, he is able to conquer Satan. Whoever is not knowing this cannot conquer; he must be under his rule. This is an important point in every religion. Every Prophet and saint knew this, and this enabled them to fight and put Satan under their control.
When knowing, this, you may be on Satan, ego, this world and vain desires, their commander; not them commanding over you. These four are enemies. If not controlled they are terrible. If you can control, they give endless benefit. As with electricity, if not contained in protected wires, it is dangerous, a killer. If controlling these four, they are most useful for you; you may ride on them to the heavens. Allah never created anything without benefit. Americans asked for the secret power of electricity, and Allah gave it to them. To anyone asking, Allah promises to give. If you know the way to use it, everything has benefit.

There are so many creatures, visible and invisible. Satan is invisible, not seen by ordinary eyes, but seen by Prophets and saints. Before, he did appear before people, but after the time of the Prophet, Satan was prevented from appearing.

Sayyidina Ali was one of the most respectful people to all persons. He would never walk in front of an old man. Once in the time of the Prophet, he opened his door to go to the mosque for the fajr prayer, just then he saw an old person walking slowly ahead of him. For his respect Ali walked slowly behind him until reaching the mosque. But seeing the man not entering the mosque and turning away, and seeing the Prophet inside rising from the first rakat's prostration All understood that the old man was Satan, coming to make him late for prayer. Quickly he grabbed him by the neck and put him under a big stone. After the prayer the Prophet said: “0 Ali, what happened?” He replied: “0 my Prophet, you know what happened. The enemy of Allah tricked me today into losing one rakat”. Coming out with the Prophet and companions in order to look at Satan squirming under the rock, Ali was very angry. That one rakat behind the Prophet was more valuable to him than the whole world. He said: “My intention is to leave him here up until the last day, but I am ready for your command 0 my Prophet”. “0 All, don't be a robber. If keeping him you will cut the ways of my nation to their stations in the Divine Presence, to their fighting degrees. Don't be worried about him; he is only a servant to my nation. So many will reach to a high degree because of fighting him”. He means that we are more powerful than that satan, and he is indicating to us the secret wisdom that Satan is the main reason for improvement in spiritual life. You can accept him and also benefit from him. Ride on him and go; you may reach any station in the Divine Presence.

Our Grandsheikh said that if you know that in every happening is a secret wisdom, and you are looking after that, then you may find in yourself peace and satisfaction. If people knew that there is wisdom in every happening, then there would be no troubles between them on earth. Allah never gives permission for anything to appear without wisdom. Our Grandsheikh told of Saiyed Jamaluddin Ghumuqi, he was once sitting; a mureed in front of him and a plate of apples between them. He took one apple and tossed it up in the air, and before it came down tossed up another, catching them both and putting them back. The mureed said: “0 my lord, I know you are not playing, and that there is no action of yours without wisdom. What is the wisdom of this, 0 my lord”. He said: “0 my son, just now Divine anger was coming with the Angel of Death to two persons known to us. Throwing the apples made the Divine anger go away and mercy came in its place. Now they are coming to inform us”. Then came a knock on the door, announcing that two people had just died, would he please attend the funeral prayer. Know, that in every action is the will of the Creator. You must keep this good manner and then this good manner will keep you. For one looking for the wisdom in a happening, Allah keeps him, no harm comes to that person. Every time ask for the wisdom in every happening around you. When man takes from this wisdom, he may find in himself peace, no disturbance.

- 01.10.1979
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