Maulana Sheikh NazimWithout Adab you are like grass, with Adab like a tree…Meded is the basis
Without Adab you are like grass, with Adab like a tree…Meded is the basis. The Prophet sws came as a help for the Sahabas; he was full of heybet. Who didn’t take help from him finished. And at every time there are his spiritual inheritors who also have heybet. Allah has granted them greatness, and no one can make them down. Who is made down by Allah, no one can make him high… Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim, Destur, ya Sayidi, Meded…Beliefs belong to Heavens, they are not mind products, but belong to the unseen worlds that belong to the spiritual world. Belief is based on spirituality, without spirituality there can’t be beliefs. Therefore in the materialist world there is no need for a person to believe anything, because it is based on positive knowledge, they say. The limits of their knowledge in comparison with the knowledge of Heavens are like a square millimetre. The moving area or the orbit of all the knowledge of the 21st century that scholars or technologicans are so proud with in comparison to the heavenly knowledge is like one square millimetre, no more. And I am giving more also, because their minds don’t accept less than a millimetre, and their imagination cannot reach, otherwise I would even say their moving area is one-millionth part of a square millimetre.
But the knowledge oceans belonging to Heavens, which are granted to mankind if asking to move in, are unlimited. And unlimited to our understanding also, because the knowledge, which belongs to Heavens, and in which spiritual people are swimming in, is not the same (like other knowledge).
And for everyone there is a special opening and a special ocean, which belongs to you. If he reaches it, there is another opening for him, and another ocean, that he can move in up to eternal. And if he is asking more he is given more; as long as he is asking, he is granted more and more.
Therefore- who believes enters heavenly oceans and enjoys, and he reaches more enjoyment by reaching more wisdom, by reaching more wisdom he reaches more peace, when reaching more peace, he reaches more beauty, and through endless beauty oceans he reaches eternal perfection oceans- eternal perfection and beauty oceans for the Lord of Heavens. And all this is only like a spot in the divinely Oneness, the Existence of Allah Almighty; never going to be more than a spot., sometimes appearing, sometimes disappearing…
Marifatullah- sometimes they grant us something to prepare your understanding for the Existence of Allah, His Attributes and holy Names, and then from His holy Names to Actions- endless. But the ignorance that just covered the whole world now is the thickest veil for mankind to reach to those unlimited oceans. People are only interested in the sewage; it is not clean, it is the dirtiest thing. The number one interest of the people of the 21st century, who claim that they reached the top of the civilization, is to continue their life through the sewage- nothing else. If you say: ’Get out and look’, they say: ’No, we don’t accept anything beyond this sewage. We are so happy, our life is in the sewage, we are not asking any other enjoyment. We are so enjoying to be in the sewage.’
And now, when the channels that run to the sewage get less, they get crazy. The whole world now is getting crazy. For what? Because the channels that supply the sewage are getting less, and people get crazy and say: ’Economic crisis, because our sewage is getting less and less and we fear that one day it is going to dry out and we will die.’
They reached to that point. Through their knowledge they reached to that limit, because that sewage is closed. Getting narrow and finishing. They don’t ask what is beyond that. The hereafter is not important for them, they are not interested in the true Paradises, they don’t believe in Hells, but they say: ’Everything is here. Our Paradise is here, our Hells are here. Paradise is for who can find much more dirty sewage to run in, and Hells are for those people who don’t find enough room in the sewage.’ That is their life philosophy; nothing else. Everyone is working on it now…Allah, Allah…
Therefore Allah Almighty is asking to destroy the sewage channels, and the heavenly bombardment is now coming with spiritually powerful people. They come now to destroy that sewage, to make it dry, to clean it and take it away, so that people may look what is there beyond this. Who is blind here, never seeing beyond seen worlds to unseen worlds, is blind, and all prophets come to take that veil from our eyes and to make us to look what is beyond this material world.
That is moon. It belongs to the material world, but where is it settled? The moon represents material; it is a mass, it is only in limits. What is around it? We say there is only the seen world. We understand. But beyond you say there is no unseen world. Why you say this? Look the skies, space. Millions of stars are settled through a dark darkness. What is space? Does it belong to the material world or you may say another name for it? Millions of stars and suns and galaxies run in it, they are settled in it. In which thing they are settled? In nothing? If it is nothing, we are nothing. If it is nothing, how can be something in it that you can see, you may touch, you may hear? What is that?
You must say that there must be unseen worlds, that space represents the unseen universe, the unseen existence. And these stars approve the existence of the unseen universe. You are looking to the unseen universe. If you wouldn’t see stars, you wouldn’t accept an unseen universe. But when we see millions and billions of stars in it, we must say that there is this darkness, there is another universe, an unseen universe, which our eyes can’t see, our power can’t reach to and our knowledge can’t reach to know about. Only our vision and understanding reaches to these lights that we see and call stars or galaxies, billions of suns and gigantic stars. If not (for these lights), we would not understand the existence of an unseen universe.
Allah Almighty just veiled it from His servants to know. What you are seeing from the material world through space, you must think on it- it can’t be by itself here or there or there, because we know that for every material there must be a base to be on: it must have a seat. What is the seat of the stars? The unseen universe, you must say, it is sitting in it.
In the unseen universe you can’t reach to anything through your materialist ideas; no, it is forbidden for blind people to understand the unseen universe, which belongs to Allah Almighty’s power oceans, endless power oceans. No comment on the unseen world, it is prohibited. Our mind can’t carry, it says: ’I finished, I can’t get up from earth even one foot. If I could, I would reach, but by myself I can’t get up from my seat even one foot, because the heaviness of my material prevents it. If I could use my spiritual power I might take my material to the end of this material universe and also beyond.’
Therefore science and its theories is all wrong, based on false, on wrong seats, which are never going to be real. They must tell me what is the seat of the universe, where it is sitting. We sit on earth, but this universe, where it is sitting? You can’t say: ‘On nothing’; mentality is not accepting that. If there is something there must be a seat. What is the seat for the material universe? That is the unseen universe, keeping it, and it is only giving signs to people.
If darkness is not coming, daytime you can’t see the Sultanate of the skies. Darkness makes you to see millions of stars. If tat is taken, there are no signs. Darkness gives signs through the stars for the unseen worlds. The sun is shining. It is so near to our earth in distance as Astronomy shows; it is so funny. Astronomy sees the sun and the earth in such a distance, so close, that you can’t imagine the sun to be seen here in such a way to cover everything and clean everything between us and sun and us to take away all darkness. And we say: ‘Nothing’…So many things…
Therefore we try to destroy false theories and wrong ideas that are given to students against religions and against heavenly knowledge. And we hope that their lies and cheating will appear soon. People should curse them and they should reach to their real positions. When they understand their real position and know about themselves, it is going to be so easy for them to reach to their destinations, to their real beings.
But as long as they build huge walls around the mind of youngsters they prevent them from looking beyond these walls what is there. We hope that in the 21st century there is going to be a full opening for mankind to see reality, to know about it and to try to reach it.
May Allah forgive me and bless you and give His most high respect to His most honoured Prophet S. Muhammad sws, bi hurmati-l Fatiha.
May Allah protect us from coming blind and going blind.
Lefke - 23.01.2002
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