Maulana Sheikh NazimWithout Beliefs Human Values Cannot Survive in the Hearts of People
Faith prevents men and women from being lazy. Faith gives believers hope. Faith gives people courage, love and trustworthiness. Faith makes the life of human beings sweet. Meetings like these are like supermarkets, you can get in, buy something, or leave it and get out. In this market we have the values of mankind on display. We are trying to bring our pearls or diamonds or rubies or emeralds to you. When you discover a precious stone, you may try to buy it, according to how much money you have. You can also pretend that it is plastic.
We have a saying in our language, that if you hang up some liver a cat will come, jump and try to catch it. But it can't, because people who buy liver wouldn't hang it that low. When the cat realises that it cannot reach it, it will console itself by imagining that the meat has a bad smell, and that is what it will tell other cats. If people do not want to reach any real human values, they will come out of meetings like these, and say that they are no good.

We are living in a time unlike any time before. It is the most difficult period mankind has ever experienced. In my high age I am following the events patiently, waiting for mankind to find happiness and to get rid of their problems. When I was in my teens, there was only one secondary school, and I thought, that if people would learn more, they would be happier. Nowadays the Turkish side of Cyprus only has a population of 200.000 people. But there are 10 secondary schools and after that there are several universities, even though the island is so small. Everyone is reading and studying excessively, but the problems are not decreasing. On the contrary, problems are increasing, enmity and envy is growing amongst people. Violence and unbelievers are on the increase from day to day. Craziness is on the increase. Fornication is increasing. People are drinking non-stop. It is very sad to watch your own community fall into such circumstances. And why, even though people are learning so much?

Then I look at what they are learning. No-one is teaching them about the values of mankind and that they are a result of belief. If there is no belief, values cannot survive in the hearts of people. Values are like fish. If there is no water, fish cannot survive. In that way, beliefs are like water for the values of mankind. This is just a small example from my homeland. When I walk around noon time the roads are full of students. But what is the benefit of any study, if it doesn't teach our children about beliefs? If the studies do not give values to our students, it is only a sorrowful event. When young people grow up without any knowledge about the values of mankind, the result can only be terror. In spite of that, most people are very proud of the 20th century. When people's values have been taken away, what remains? Farmers produce milk and send it to the factory. the factory takes the whole cream. So what remains? Water! It has no value.

- 01.01.1996
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