Maulana Sheikh NazimWithout saying: 'Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim' no action is good, and
Shaitan is interfering 7o x in it to spoil it

Without saying: 'Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim' no action is good, and Shaitan is interfering 7o x in it to spoil it. To forget the Besmela means
to forget Allah, and without Allah there is no foundation and no support for
Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim has been granted to the Prophet's Ummah of the
Last Days, and it is the biggest mercy. When Allah created the Tablet and
the Pen and ordered the Pen to write B.r.r., it needed 7oo years for this
magnificient writing. Who can say B.r.r. with ta'ziem gets the reward of 7oo
Now all ways are closed except the way of B.r.r., no matter what is to do.
If you use B.r.r. all doors open, if not, they are closed and of no use.
When they took away the Besmela everything went down. So now they are asking: What is going to become
of us? Their way is toward Hell, for them it is finished in Dunya and in
Write B.r.r. everywhere- on your house, over the door, that people may go in
with the blessings of the Besmela, write it in the car- write and don't be
afraid, with B.r.r. nothing bad can happen. They are asking you to have a
strong faith.
Allah was saying that the Holy Quran is the reason for some nations to rise
and for others to fall down to ,Asfala safilien'. Yesterday the Quran was
our crown and the reason for the Ottomans to reign for 7oo years. Now they
are gone and down, disrespected, because they are not respecting Allah's
Word. It means they don't respect Him, and therefore Allah has made them
dishonoured. Our grandfathers were honoured, and the grandchildren became
Sultan Mahmoud (jannat makan) passed by a place where two blind men were
sitting making Dhikr: One was saying and repeating: ,Ya Ma'bud, ya
Ma'bud...' , the other one: ,Ya Mahmoud, ya Mahmoud...'. The Sultan was
pleased with the one who called his name, and so he ordered him to be
rewarded. He sent a chicken stuffed with gold. As that man was not hungry
and he didn't discover the gold inside, he asked the other one: 'If you like
to take this chicken, I am selling it to you for two pieces of money.' The
other one agreed. When he discovered the gold inside, he quickly excused
himself, went home, ate the chicken and hid the gold. Then he returned and
with full power continued his Dhikr: ,Ya Ma'bud, ya Ma'bud.' The other one
also continued his Dhikr. When the Sultan passed again by the place to see
what happened to the man he rewarded, he was surprised to find the other man
making his Dhikr with full power, and his favourite being the same like
before. So the Sultan asked his soldiers if they had not given the gold to
him. As they said they did, he ordered them to give more gold to him. The
same happened. As the Sultan's favourite was not so exited about the
chicken, he offered it again to his neighbour who took it home quickly and
hid the gold. Coming back his Dhikr was more powerful than ever. The Sultan
was very surprised. As he didn't understand what was happening, he oredered
his favourite to be brought into the palace, so he could reward him there.
They brought him and told him to take the shavvel and take as much gold as
he could. As he was blind, he held the shavvel the wrong way and no gold
stayed in it- everything fell down and he was left with nothing... So
finally the Sultan understood, that whoever is not calling Allah, will never
be successful...
So Allah is not giving to people now. They are fighting Him and He is not
pleased with them.,Inna li-llahi wa inna ilayhi rajiun'- may Allah keep us far from those people...
S.Mehdi a.s. will invite to his table. The chosen ones will use keramet,
miraculous powers, and with the second step they will arrive... Some others
will come just by opening and closing their eyes and they are there...
Another group just thinks and wishes in their heart to be there, and it is
enough to bring them. It depends on their rank...
We have the power to save people, who say: ,Meded, ya Rasulullah' , or who
call my name. Even they say that this is Shirk...Holy ones can change their
appearance, not to be recognized, like Ubaidullah Ahrar, a big wali, who was
dressed the attribute of Jalal, and used to appear in different forms to
people. Once they tried to make a case for him, but they couldn't decide
which one of his appearances was to be punished... Like this holy ones may
dress and who calls them for help, may be saved.
Lefke - 22.11.2001
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