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Bismillahi Al Rahman Al Rahim Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Wa Lillahi Al
Hamd. Allahu Akbar Kabira wa Al Hamdulillahi Kathiran Wa Subhana Allahi Bukratan wa
'Asila, La Ilaha illa Allah wa Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar wa Lillahi Al Hamd. Allahumma Salli
wa Sallim wa Barik 'Ala Habibika Sayidi Al Awwalin wa Al Akhirin Sayidina Muhammadin
(saws). wa 'ala Alihi wa Sah'bihi wa man Tabi'yhu ila Yawm Al Din. Astaghfirullah,
astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah from every sin and from everything that is against the rules of Islam.

O Allah Almighty grant us understanding. We are living in the most difficult days. And the
events are indicating the closeness of Judgement Day. Allah (swt) says Astaizzu Billah "Aqtarabati
As-Sa`atu Wa Anshaqqa Al-Qamaru" (The Hour (of Judgment) is near and the moon is split. 54:1)
People some of them understand and some of them
on the contrary, they do not understand. Allah (swt) made clear to the Prophets (as) that the
Hour will rise (Judgement Day will happen) and people will be called for Judgement Day. This is
mentioned in all the Holy Books. And all the Prophets (as) also said it and explained it, and made
clear to the servants of the Lord what will become of all humanity at the end; and what reached
us from the Prophet (saws), Master of the beginning & the end. He is a Prophet (saws) and a
messenger and has the prophecy and the Message.

The Holy Quran, O people! Audhu Billahi min al shaytan al rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al
Rahim. And especially for the Arab believers since the Prophet (saws) said about the Holy
Blessed Quran two simple words: "In it is news about the previous nations & about coming
nations."(Hadith) Finished! O Arabs think about this matter. That, "in it is news about the
previous nations". From the beginning of humanity, how it started. Sayidina Adam (as) and his
descendants how it began & how it spread. It is mentioned in details. And also it is known how at
the beginning of the world, mankind came to earth & how it started from Heavens. A thousand
books would not be enough to describe the details of the beginning of humanity. From the
beginning of the time of the Prophet Adam (as) to our time now, the news is in the Holy Quran.

Also the Prophet (saws) from his Prophecy gave news from the unseen of what will come upon
people in this world; how situations and people will change from one state to another. Then also
how they will end up. It is mentioned in the Heavenly Books and all the Prophets (as) specifically
mentioned & gave the news. The four Holy Books, the sacred books: The Holy Blessed Quran
The Honourable Torah, The Honourable Bible, The Psalms, mention about the matters of this
world from the beginning until which direction and at what point it will reach & where it will
stop. How it started & how the matters of this world will end.

Everything, all humanity, the believers they know and all the religious people they know this. No
one from the people of the Holy books can deny this, hasha! All of them they know & understand
it & believe in it. Subhana Allah Al 'Aliyi' Al Azim. And now we are in the time of the Prophet
(saws) of the end of times. This is his (saws) time, since it will reach its end when the Trumpet will
be blown for Judgement Day. We are in the time of the Prophet (saws) of the end of times.

Our Lord didn't leave anything hidden, or veiled, or without explanation. Everything is
understood, not closed, from the beginning of Dunya, and the life of this world ends at the Day
of Judgment. Then, The Lord of Heavens judges His servants and judges who will go to Heavens
and who will go to hell. This is the conclusion. But, O believers, shaytan is not sitting and doing
nothing! He is running after people, after believers and Prophets (as), Saints of Allah, and
Heavenly books. Meaning to corrupt the children of Adam (as); to ruin their lives, and their
beliefs, and so that they end up in hell fire! This is the quest of shaytan and those with him, his

It is mentioned in the Prophecy of the Prophet (saws) of the end of times, that there will be this &
that, this & that... O believers, take your guard. For what to be careful? Be careful... Take your
precaution from shaytan and his associates and their deception. Be careful so that no harm can
touch you in your worldy life or on Judgement Day. This is the conclusion of all that scholars can
talk about. This matter that all believers believe in! This is a detailed description of, or a
summary that is mentioned. And Prophet Adam (as) and all his children, Noah (as), Ibrahim (as)
and his children and grandchildren, till the end of time. This is mentioned and required from all
people to believe in. A duty on them to know how it all started with humans and how it will end.
The end of humanity in this world. La Ilaha illa Allah Sayidina Muhammad Rasulullah (saws).

Say La Ilaha illa Allah, Muhammad Rasulullah (saws). you will be saved.. You will be saved here
and in the Hereafter. These are few words to remind all of humanity in general. This maybe is
10 minutes that we spoke to remind all humanity. Let every person arrange his situation here and
Hereafter. Whoever wants to be happy in his life and be from the inhabitants of Heavens forever
"Inna Al-Ladhina Amanu Wa Amilu As-Salihati Kanat Lahum Jannatu Al-Firdawsi Nuzulan"
(18:107) "Khalidina Fiha La Yabghuna Anha Hiwalan" (18:108)

O people believe in it and you will be saved in your worldly lives and in your Hereafter. O our
Lord grant us tawba and grant us understanding, and following, and grant us belief and faith that
came upon Prophets (as), specially the Prophet (saws) of the end of times. Al Hamdulillah Rabbi
al Alamin.


Behind this there are things that I cannot carry now. Insha Allah there will be a chance and
Madad from the owner of Madad, to speak and I remind all humanity to be from the inhabitants
of Heavens forever for eternity. O people, listen and understand, and if you understand then you
must benifit.


Lefke, 12.07.2012

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