We must be a little bit patient. This place here is very crowded, but on Resurrection Day there will be 1000 people trying to put their feet on 1 square foot. Compared to that, this is a very wide place, thanks to God!
In the beginning when you plant, you need water. It is the water of life. You must also repeat it so that the plant will be firm and grow up. In the same way every authorised Sheik gives his spiritual powers to those present who are opening up their hearts. Those who have closed hearts will not receive anything.

The Prophet, may peace be upon him, used to speak, and many people listened to him; Jews, Christians and idol worshippers too. It was not a question of who they were, but if their hearts were open, the Divine Words would enter. I am saying this, because I hope no-one is here who does not want to be here. I myself do not want to be with people who I do not like. Even if you give me £1000.- I would not like to look into the face of someone who doesn't like me. In the same way I hope that no-one will come and look at me, if they are not pleased with me.

I hope you are happy with me. If you are happy with me, you are also happy with Grandsheik. If you are happy with Grandsheik, you are also happy with the Prophet, may peace be upon him. If you are happy with him, you are happy with Allah Almighty. For us the Prophet is the Sultan, for Allah he is the servant. Allah Almighty made him His Representative for all creation. Whoever has doubt is not a believer. It is impossible to reach the level on which he should be praised. Nothing is enough. He is forever the Praised-one. Who has praised him? Allah!

What are the jealous Wahabis saying when we want to praise him? Shirk? Allah is praising him! The meaning of his name Muhammad is the Praised-One. By whom? By his Lord! That is what we believe in. In spite of those foolish people who do not understand. No-one had been given the name Muhammad before him. And from pre-eternity to eternity he will be the Praised-One.

Oh, wrong-ones, correct your belief! Don't let this bida stay with you, it will ruin your faith. The Prophet warned his people, "Beware of satan, oh my nation! Because he will try to go against me by creating so many different ways. He will come to you and tell you that this is the right and the correct way. Use this way and not another one." Don't listen to satan. Beware of him! Oh, people, you must take your care if you want to keep your faith. We want to have closeness to holy people. That is our level. If we come closer to holy people we will be closer to our praised Prophet, may peace be upon him. You cannot jump over that station and go straight to the Prophet. That is the protocol, just like there is a protocol at official occasions, there is also protocol in Islam. It means that there is good behaviour which we must try to keep.

Who are we to think that we could jump past the holy people straight to the Prophet? Holy people are the entrance to the Prophet, who in his turn is representing the Lord. He is not dead. Dead are only those who say that he is dead. He has been granted life from pre-eternity to eternity. As long as his name is mentioned on the Throne of Allah, 'La illaha il'Allah, Muhammadun Rasul'Allah', we must know that he is alive. Allah Almighty would never put the name of a dead-one there, would He? He was saying that even when Allah Almighty was forming Adam out of clay, "I was looking, I was with Allah and Allah was with me. Allah was with me since the time when there was no time."

It is so important that we have the correct understanding, but nowadays people have knowledge like cassettes, just repeating and not understanding what they are saying. There are so many scholars who do not come to Islam. They know so many things, but they have not been given the real understanding, wisdom. This has only been granted to some people by Allah Almighty. He looks to our hearts whether He should put the wisdom into it, or not. If you put milk into a dirty pot, the whole milk will be spoiled. Milk will never accept even a little dirt. In the same way Allah Almighty will never put Heavenly Wisdom, milk, into your heart if it is not pure.

So if people do not try to purify themselves, they will not be clean. If someone comes without being clean, he cannot enter paradise. There is one main-gate to paradise, but according to holy people there are 700 000 doors under the 8 main gates. If you have even the smallest dirtiness with you, it is impossible to find any of those entrances to paradise. Because dirt may not enter paradise. Absolute purity is necessary. That is our mission, and it is the main mission of the Prophet, may peace be upon him, to clean people and to prepare them for the Divine Invitation. Allah Almighty invites his people to come through the Gate of Peace to his Divine Presence. That is why every Prophet tried to make people clean. If they are not clean they cannot be present in the Divine Presence.

Muhammad, may peace be upon him, taught his people the perfect methods of being clean. This is also the mission of every tariqat. Just like today when we are invited to Woking, I will first of all ask, 'Where is Woking? And how can we get there?' That is because we have been invited. The Lord, Almighty Allah has also invited us to His Divine Presence. So the next question is how to get there. If Her Majesty the Queen would invite you, you would be very cautious with all the preparations: what to wear, although it would be written clearly in the invitation. But no-one asks what to wear for an invitation with Allah Almighty.

Allah Almighty is not interested in whether you are wearing gold or not, He wants you to come with a most clean and pure heart. That is what we are doing, cleaning hearts. People may ask how that is possible. I can only say that we have methods from the Prophet, may peace be upon him, and that you must be patient. All tariqats are praying for purification, fasting for purification, go to Hadj for purification, make zikr for purification, recite the Holy Quran for purification, make charities for purification. Everyone is doing that within the tariqats, but they are all using their special methods. You must be trained by someone who has reached that purification so that you can become clean. That is our intention. I do not come here to collect worldly goods, that is under my feet.

In Divine Presence the worldly goods are so cheap. It has no value. So whoever runs after that will only reach dirtiness coming from it. That is why we are trying to take it away from our hearts. If we are able to do that, then we will have Allah in our hearts. Our hearts will be pure. As long as we have the world in our hearts it will be like a toilet for satan. Anytime he needs to unload, he will put it in the heart of the person who is filled with worldly desires. You can have worldly desires but don't put them in your heart, put them in your hands and leave your hands open. If anyone wants to come and take some, let them. Give it to them. If anyone wants to put something, they can do that. If you are tight-fisted no-one can take and no-one can put anything inside. Grandsheik was telling me that his mother had always advised him to leave his hands open.

If you are in a vessel in the ocean, the water surrounding you is vast, but it doesn't matter, as long as you don't enter it you will be safe. If you try to go inside, you will drown. In the same way worldly goods may surround you, that doesn't matter, but if it enters your heart you will be jealous and start to quarrel.

That is why you must look after your heart and ask for protection from Allah Almighty that He may take the worldly desires away from you and that your heart may belong to Him. When the worldly desires leave our heart, the love of Allah Almighty will be there. When Divine Love gets in, we will be in love with everyone who has Divine Love in their hearts. But when our hearts are full with the love of the world, everyone will be your enemy. But with His Love we will be friends with each other.
WOKING - 01.04.1993
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