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Destur, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Destur, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…By the Name of Allah Almighty, all Merciful, most Beneficent and most Magnificent…

It is an association. May Allah grant us something from His endless Favours to keep ourselves on His servanthood level, not to go on wrong directions. Wrong directions are wrong ways, reaching to Dunya.
When the Children of Israel were getting disobedient to their Lord, (when) they were refusing the Holy Commands of Allah Almighty, Allah Almighty (was) punishing them 4o years through the dessert of Sinai. 4o years. They did wrong and therefore they had been imprisoned. If you are not doing wrong, (you are) not going to be imprisoned. And it was their jail, prison.
They were sleeping in that prison, (it was the) first night, then they were saying: “Oh, now (the) sun (is) rising, we are looking and seeing everywhere, every direction. We are seeing (that) this place is a free prison- no guardians, no wires, no barbed wires, every direction we are looking it is an empty land, we are seeing that it is not a prison that Moses (is) saying (that) his Lord (is) imprisoning us through this land. We are looking it is not an ordinary prison, that means it is only as a symbol- outlooking looking like prison, but it is not (really a prison). Symbolic prison. Name is prison but it is not real prison.” They were sitting like you, heedless people, heedless heads and they were saying, big Rabbis: “We must not be here, we must move to get out”…each ones beard more than X’s beard…”We must move to find our ways from this prison, to make ourselves free! So that, oh tribes of Children of Israel, free march, we must move!” And they were beginning. Coming their provisions from Heavens, eating, drinking and they were saying: “We must not sit here, we must try to find our way out from this symbolic prison.” And they began. Beginning, from morning marching, walking, running to find their ways out of that land of Sinai. They were going, going, going, and beginning from sun rising to sunset. (Then) they were coming, looking: “Oh, we are on same place.” Then they were saying: “We must look tomorrow other directions, we are (yet) not using that direction, we must use another direction to get out”, and second day they were beginning a new march to get out from that symbolic prison. But really it was a real prison.
(The) first wrong thing of them was to think that it is a symbolic prison, they were not thinking that the Lord of Heavens has Power and Will to do everything as He wills! They were not thinking on it that who is saying that place to be prison for them that is not like themselves. Wrong thing! And they were running to get out and to jump or to get over the Will of their Lord- to jump and to run away. They were thinking to run away from that prison.
Another sin, another wrong, another big mistake, another big sin for them (was) to think that they may jump over the will of that One who (was) imprisoning them there. They were not thinking, they were saying: “We may get out.” Another bad manner, big sin; they were not coming to say: “Tubna wa raja’na illa-llah! We are mistaken, our Lord, You save ourselves!” Saying: “No, it is only symbolic prison, we may get out!” Allah Allah! Look! And they were under the teachings of S.Moses, Musa, a.s. And Musa a.s. was knowing that (the) punishment must continue, but they were not coming to say: “Musa, we are going to get out. What you are saying? What is your opinion?” No, they were saying like democratic people: “Get out, no need to ask Prophet!” And 4o years every day (they were) making another mistake, another wrong thing that (was) making the punishment from Allah Almighty to be fixed on them, not to be taken up, until all of them died and (were) buried on that land.
(The) biggest wrong or (the) biggest mistake for them what was it? (The) biggest mistake, (the) biggest fault for them? They were asking a direction, a way for their physical beings to be free; they were not asking the ways that (are) reaching to their Lord Allah Almighty! If they were asking (that), just that (same) night they should find themselves out of that prison! But 4o years they were asking a way to save themselves from that land to another land for the pleasure of their physical being, because they were unrest, unhappy and (there was) no peace for them. That feelings (that) are coming to every prisoner, just fell on them and they were thinking only for their physical being to save their physical being from that heavy burden, from that dark place, from the atmosphere of prison; they were asking only for their physical beings pleasure and peace.
They were never asking… that all was wrong way, every direction they were moving was
similar to the past direction and they were all moving on (the) same wrong direction. Even they were using different ways, but it was wrong directions; only were asking to save their physical being from that dessert and to be free with their physical beings to reach pleasure of their physical desires and to ask for their physical being a peace.
They (were) never thinking on (the) right direction that (the) right direction was only one: to Allah! Without moving 4o years on directions- if 4o million directions, all directions were wrong directions! And (the) right direction, true direction for saving themselves from the heavy burden of prison, to make them free from that prison, was only to direct themselves towards their Lord Allah Almighty. One (way), no need (a) second (way)!
And now, oh people, (the) whole world (is) imprisoned on this globe and (they are) making everything global, and (they are) using hundred or thousand kinds of directions that their imagination (is) bringing them into their minds and they are looking to find a way to save themselves (from) what now (the) whole world fell in it- Allah Almighty (is) imprisoning (the) 21st century people. All of them and all governments (are) running to find a way to release themselves from the heaviness and darkness and violence that they (are) saying: “Violence (is) climbing for the reason of terrorism” and everywhere terror seeds (are) just planted and growing up and they are not knowing what they can do; they are using so many ways to stop it- it is impossible. From (the) beginning (they are) on wrong ways, therefore no result. As long as looking and seeing: instead to come down, that (terror is) growing up, because they are using countless imaginated directions through their mentalities to stop it and it is impossible.
(The) only right way, right direction (is) to turn to the divine Presence of the Lord of Heavens and to say: “Oh our Lord, save ourselves!” As long as they are not coming to say: “Oh or Lord, save ourselves”, Allah Almighty is leaving them as He left the Children of Israel through the dessert of Sinai. All of them passed away and then (He brought a) new generation. Allah Almighty (was) ordering to be taken away (every disobedient one) and (then those), whom (they were) asking their Lords pleasure, their Lord’s pleasement, their Lord’s peace, (when they were) doing this, that time (for the) new generation Allah (Almighty was) sending them (Prophet Yusha a.s.) and taking them away from that prison and giving them honour, because they were saying: “Oh our Lord, save ourselves!”
21st century people all of them (are) heedless- Muslim world and Non-Muslim world, because they are not asking, not taking up their hands to say: “Oh Lord of Heavens, save ourselves from this bad situation, worst situation, from terrorism and violence!” As long as they are not saying (this), all of them should pass away. That time (the) Children of Israel were (only) one handful people, now (the) all world (is) on wrong direction, asking to save themselves, (but) it is impossible. Wrong directions countless, right direction only one: to say: “Oh our Lord, save ourselves!”
They are so proud people living now on earth. Everyone (is) claiming to be a Nimrod from king-size to miniature-size. Allah should take them away and (should) remaining on earth only (the) new generation, whom they are asking Lords pleasure and contentment, asking their Lord’s favours. They should be saved and granted what they were asking.
May Allah forgive me and bless you to understand that point that never going to finish. That is the key what we are saying now.
You heard (about) the prison of Sinai but today’s inspiration coming on it is just the declaration of truth and also it is a warning, heavenly warning for mankind on earth, that they should be under heavy punishment from Heavens to come on them and to save themselves, to carry themselves from this life to graveyard, as people whom they were with Prophets were saved and others just taken away.
Now a handful people asking from Allah Almighty (from) His endless Power Ocean to involve and to take away that ’sharr’, that cursing, to close down cursing, because cursing (is) coming from Heavens and (it is) growing under the feet of mankind.
I was hearing today that there was a hurricane coming to the capital of Turks- that never take any care for their Lords Commands- coming and taking one area away. That is a warning, that means: “Oh mankind, we are here! Any time we may come on you and we may take all of you! If I am sending a big hurricane, (it is) taking all of you inside and carrying you to an ocean, to sea, and leaving you inside and going to be your capital empty, and your houses empty and in ruins!” That is big warning that happened to Turkish government firstly.
May Allah forgive us and send us for His chosen and powerful, heavenly powered servants to take away wrong ones and to bring people (to the) right direction and (the) right direction (is) only towards their Lord Allah Almighty. For the honour of the most honoured one in His divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 20.06.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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