Maulana Sheikh NazimWrong Steps, Right Steps
We must try to correct our steps if they are wrong. Satan was the one who started to step in the wrong direction. People who use wrong steps will be thrown away. Allah the Almighty never lets people go without punishment if they use wrong steps. Divine Justice records and registers everything. If anything is wrong with you, it will be punished. In the same way you will be rewarded for every right step. Allah asks you to step in the right direction. He knows that we are very weak servants. When you feel weak, you must ask for Divine Help.
When Muhammad* was in the Divine Presence he begged Allah , "Don't leave me in the hands of my ego. It is so powerful and forces me to do wrong steps. Please grant me right steps!" This is what you must ask for. If you do, you will get whatever you ask Allah for, here and in the hereafter.

Once Harun Rashid was with his beloved servants and said to them, "Take whatever you want from here!" It was a huge hall full of treasures. They ran to get what they could. Only one of them got a hold of Harun Rashid and said that he was not interested in anything else but to be with him.

Ask what you want from Allah, but those who are on a perfect level will only ask for Him. Whoever loses the main aim is on a wrong path. The people of the 20th century are very far away from this. They only want this life. They are like cattle content with a little grass. They think that they are civilised, but they have the level of animals, instead of angels. They prefer the toilet to Heavens. When will they start to think about Allah the Almighty and His Divine Presence? May Allah grant us to ask for that which is precious.

- 01.01.1997
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