Ya Rasul Allah

Sh Mehmet Effendi is not from the common people, he is a murshid masha Allah. He has power.
Don't fear! Say "I will be a lion. I will be a lion in the way of Haqq!" We will destroy that
shaytan, we will scare him and make him run away. Shaytan will not rule dunya after today!
Dunya won't be left to him to do as he likes! I give permission, go on! The permission is not from
me but the spiritual energy (faydh) of the holy ones that comes from above can destroy even if
there are shaytans equal to the number of men. Have no fear!

Sit comfortably, lean on something. Sit on something, Mehmet. Don't look to such things. The
common people attribute... As-Salamu Alaikum, O clean servants of Allah. To find a clean
servant...There is none left now but Al Hamdulillah our children who were sent to us are clean,
our brothers are clean. As-Salamu Alaikum! Salam be upon you, may you be honoured, may
Nur come to our assembly. May Nur come down! May our troubles leave us and fall upon those
who are connected with shaytan. What can we do? Asbahna wa asbahal mulku Lillah wa Al
Hamdulillah, wa nahnu abidan Lillah. And we are from the nations of His Beloved, of His
Beloved Habib (sas). Shukur Allah, Ya Rabbi.

As-Salamu Alaikum. This is the greeting of the people of paradise; to greet with Salam. Greeting
with Salam dresses that person with the dress of safety. Dastur Ya Rijal Allah, madad Ya Sayyidi
wa Mawlay Sultan al-Awliya. Yawm al-jadid, rizq al-jadid. There is something appointed for
each day and what is appointed comes. Every day comes what is newly appointed. "What does
he want?" "He wants pearls and diamonds". "What does he want?" Wheat and barley. Ok then!
"Ati kulli dhi haqqin haqqa". Give! Order from the Malakut: "Who wants pearls, diamonds,
gold, who wants ruby, give them!" "This one wants barley". "Give! Give and he eats!"

As-Salamu Alaikum O believers! We may say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. We may
remember the Holy Name of our Lord Almighty. He (swt) granted us to recite the Bismillah.
Shukur Allah, shukur our Lord. Al Hamdulillah. Our GrandShaykh would say "Even if it is only
two words, even if it is only for a time of milking two sheep make a sohbat when you meet each
other". We also...What can we do? We also speak according to our capacity, whatever it is that is
appointed for us. They also send us what we seek. First we will open our assembly with Salam.
We greeted with Salam. May safety be upon you. Even if whole world is on fire nothing comes
on a man who greets with Salam. "Wa La Ya'uduhu Hifdhuhuma" (2:155). It means over all of
them; men & jinns, to protect them is not tiring for Him (swt). Hasha! Hasha thumma kalla.

The Lord Almighty (swt), O All-Rich Sultan, O our Allah Who created us! Allah Allah... "May
we remember Your Name first, O Allah". What a beautiful teaching. "Wa Dhakkir!" He (swt)
says "Remind them", "Fa'inna Adh-Dhikra Tanfa`u Al-Mu'uminina" (51:55). "We listen to this
everyday?" Yes, you listen every day. You take a new strength every day. The manifestation of
the Bismillah you say today, belongs to this day. The manifestation of yesterday's belonged to
yesterday. The manifestation of tomorrow's belongs to tomorrow. The virtue of the Bismillah and
the Nur it will dress are countless. O our Lord, O Lord of Baytu l-Atiq! In Kaba Al-Muazzama,
the dress of the virtues of the Bismillah is dressed on the believers who come to visit. Ask for it!
Even if you are in the West or in the East ask for it everyday.

Ya Rabbu l-Baytu l-Atiq! This Bayt that You sent... No one knows when it was built. But this
Bayt is not empty, O son. It is not empty. If it was empty why should we go there? It is loaded.
What is the key of the Baytu l-Atiq? Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. O our Lord! May we
remember Your Name and find strength. He (swt) says "Ask for it. Ask from there and I grant
you. It is loaded there, Kaaba Al-Muazzama, Baytullah. Different virtues come on the Nation
(Ummah). Ask for it and I dress you" says He (swt). O our Lord, may You dress us from the Nur
of the Bismillah, from the virtues of the the Bismillah. We may say the Bismillah first, we may say
Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. How beautiful it is, how beautiful it is. How beautiful it is to say
Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. This day of ours is a new day. We remembered Your Holy
Name O Lord. We sent Salatu Salam on Your Beloved. Allahumma Salli wa Sallim wa Barik ala
Sayyidina Muhammad, Sayyid al Awwalin wal Akhirin. Who wants to find honour should glorify
His Beloved who is the most honoured servant of Allah. Send Salatu Salam (salawat) on him and
have no fear. Have no fear.

Astaizu Billah "'Inna Allaha Wa Mala' ikatahu Yusalluna `Ala An-Nabiyi"(33:56) Allah (jwa)
Himself and His angels send Salatu Salam on His Beloved. So what does this mean? What a
great honour is this! O shameless people! They order "Don't make salawat after the adhan". May
it collapse on your heads! May what they built collapse over their heads! It is not even a mosque,
not a minaret! They removed them saying "it is innovation, imitated". What imitation, O foolish
ones? Allah Almighty... It is mudhari, isn't it? "Yusalluna `Ala An-Nabiyi" Does it not point to a
continuation, Shaykh Muhammad Effendi? "Yusalluna `Ala An-Nabiyi" Allah Jalla wa Ala (swt)
Himself says: "I send salatu salam on My Beloved! Whosoever prevents it, I will overcome them!
I will send them a creature which is not visible to the eye, that makes them lose their minds! Ala'
ad-dawam, "Yusalluna `Ala An-Nabiyi.I continuously send Salatu Salam" He (swt) says. "Ya
'Ayyuha Alladhina 'Amanu Sallu `Alayhi Wa Sallimu Taslimaan". O who believe, continuously
send salatu salam on him! Even if a person doesn't do anything else but says this, his dunya and
akhirah will be prosperous.

They say "There can't be salawat after the adhan! You can't recite salawat in the mosque" Where
do we recite salawat then, in a church, in the bell tower? You should recite it everywhere! Look
at the power, Sh Mehmet Effendi! It is heavy bombarding on them! Who makes them go astray
is shaytan. For Our Prophet, Sultan al-Qawnayn, Allah Almighty says that Allah Himself sends
Salatu Salam on His Beloved and you say "don't do it"? Allah will make you suffer. Don't trust
the little money you have. Don't trust a few golden coins or the lamp oil you have. Your imitated
titles can't save you either. Allah orders, informs. Inna li tahqiq, is it not so?

"'Inna Allaha", Aman ya Rabbi, tawba Astaghfirullah. Tawba Astaghfirullah, tawba
Astaghfirullah. It is for tahqiq, "Allah Dhul Jalal Wa Mala' ikatahu Yusalluna `Ala An-Nabiyi"
Allah! Allah! How crazy these people from the Arabs and Turks became! They came against
Allah's Order, saying "There is no Salatu Salam". May you disappear! Ala' ad-dawam
(continuously)"Yusalluna `Ala An-Nabiyi" says in Holy Quran. Is this Turkish? Arabic. Don't
you understand Arabic? They say "There is no salawat on the Prophet" May you disappear!
How can it not be? Allah Dhul Jalal says He continuously sends Salatu Salam, and His angels
too. Alam al-Malakut is busy with sending Salatu Salam on the Prophet (sas). How beautiful!
"What are you teaching these people, O you aged one!" I am aged but my mind does not age.
Because I say "the earth that Prophet (sas) stepped on is more honourable than me". I glorify,
show such a high respect for that Prophet (sas).

So salawat on the Prophet should be within limits according to your understanding: "say one
time and it is enough?" How can one time be enough? Mudhari indicates to continue. When we
say Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallim, He (swt) "Yusalluna `Ala An-Nabiyi" What an honour! Go on
speaking on this and don't fear Sh Mehmet Effendi! Whosoever sticks his nose up, his nose will be
broken! Allah Dhul Jalal will humiliate, degrade whoever lacks the glorification, respect to our
Prophet (sas) who is His Beloved, such a person will suffer greatly! Come to your senses, Arabs
and Turks! Masha Allah, this is an ocean. Don't give any other wird, tell them "Recite salawat.
Make 100 salawat and 100 doors of paradise open for you". Allah Allah. Allah Allah. May the
troubles leave us for the honour of these salawats O Lord of the Heavens! May we be a lion. But
these ones have become snails! There is lion-ness but shaytan says, "Don't make salawat. Don't
let the people make!" Because he knows that who recites salawat on the Prophet becomes a lion!

He (sas) is our Master, he is the Master of the Creation. He is the ONLY creation who is
accepted into the Presence of the Lord Almighty! "COME O My Beloved!" said the Almighty
Lord. He (swt) invited him to His Arsh Ar-Rahman in the night of Mi'raj. All the great angels
said salawat forthe Prophet, "Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam, Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam,
Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam..." The rotten, corrupted sects prohibit the making of salawat! May
their lives become haram! And whosoever prohibits the salawat on the Prophet may not ever be
at rest! May they lose their honor! Aman Ya Rabbi! Tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba... We can't know
how our faith is, how much our faith is. You (swt) send Salatu salam on Your Beloved. Then
some foolish, ignorant ones among us say "Don't recite it, don't do it..." May all of them
disappear O Lord! May who don't glorify, who don't show respect for Your Beloved as You
want, disappear O Lord!

Prophet (sas) says "Ana sahib liwa al-Hamd! I am the owner of the flag of Praise. Who don't
recite Salatu Salam on me cannot enter under my flag!" This is an ocean! This is the ocean they
opened for us today. If you want honour, say salawat. Say 100, say 1000. Say 10 000. And let
them look at your face. Let them look at your face! Such a Nur will come. If you look in
majesty, they will tremble. There is such a power in it: Astaizubillah "'Inna Allaha Wa Mala'
ikatahu Yusalluna `Ala An-Nabiyi Ya 'Ayyuha Alladhina 'Amanu Sallu `Alayhi Wa Sallimu
Taslimaan" It points to a continuation. They say "There will be no salawat after adhan! No
salawat inside the mosque..." Where should it be then? Where will we recite the salawat then?
We recite Salawat, Salatu Salam on him who is Beloved to the Owner of the Religion
everywhere, every moment!

I will destroy the unbelief with this Salatu Salam. I have no weapons or cannons. No need! I
don't need it! People should not abandon reciting at least 100 Salawat everyday. They should
recite 100 or more. Instead of speaking empty words, say "Allahumma Salli ala Muhammadin
wa ala. Allahumma Salli ala Muhammadin wa ala..." Troubles will be lifted off you. Sadness and
hardness leave you. Illnesses, troubles leave you. Ya Rabbi! We send Salatu Salam on the
Prophet You love. May You give strength to our body. May You grant us honour and our
honour rise. Whosoever glorifies the Prophet gains honour. Who forgets the Prophet is
dishonoured. Who speak against him are unbelievers!

Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar! May our army be ever victorious.
Allahu Akbar. (Ottoman anthem) They would call it Gulbank Muhammadi and recite it. (Dua
after mahtar) The castles would tremble when the Ottoman army came, erected their flag and
started reciting the Gulbank Muhammadi; the castles would tremble and be destroyed, without
even firing cannons. It has such a power! There are forty holy ones now, who are appointed for
this. They will destroy all this unbelief (with the) Salatu Salam and Takbir. Takbir; Allahu Akbar
Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. May You grant us the sword of glory and power and
we pass over destroying the sultanate of shaytan.

O our Lord! How beautiful, our hearts opened. We were sitting here lazy. I am opened, masha
Allah it opens. This is not with eating and drinking, it is the power that comesfrom above. How
beautiful is our assembly; look at Sh Mehmet Effendi, he is like a moon. Kiss his hand! Shaykh
Mehmet has Nur on him, masha Allah! Go on! Haji Mastan would say like this, go on! You are
authorized Shaykh Mohammad Effendi, our son. Our son is Shaykh Muhammad Effendi, I kiss
his hand as well as his feet! He is now being given faydh (spiritual energy).

Allah Ya Rabbi. We may say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. We may say "Sallu `Ala An-
Nabiyi"! Allahumma Salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad. Sayyidil Awwalin wal Akhirin. Allah! O
Beloved! May You grant me strength, I will destroy this unbelief! I have no strength but they say
"even if it doesn't rain, let it at least roar". So I am also like this, calling. A person won't be
dressed with strength if he does less than 1000 Salawat daily. Recite Salawat. Recite more and
your majesty, your strength be more. We may say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. O our Lord!

O our Lord! Qawwi dha'fi fi ridak. O our Lord, may You take away our weakness in the way of
Your Rida (acceptance) and grant us the power to make whole world tremble O Lord! May You
grant us the power to destroy the sultanate of shaytan and destroy those who are with him O
Lord. I have nothing but... They make me roar! I didn't even have the strength to open my
mouth today! I am gaining majesty. I am gaining majesty! O our Lord!

Those who come against Your Holy Orders, if He (swt) did not have the Holy Name As-Sabur,
He (swt) would burn and destroy them. He would destroy! What is the meaning of a minaret if
Salawat is not recited? Why do they build minarets? The are built for the honour and glory of
our Prophet (sas), to send Salatu Salam on him. It is called Adhan al-Muhammadi! You should
recite the Adhan and then recite Salawat after it. Allahu Akbar! Allah bless you! I know what I
am speaking! And I can teach it also with the permission of Allah, with the order of Allah, with
the honour of the Beloved of Allah! O Glorious Prophet! Grant us from your compassion and
intercession. May I raise your flags, at every point across the whole world: La ilaha illa Allah
Sayyidina Muhammad Rasulullah. I make them recite Salawat. Allahu Akbar wa Lillah al
Hamd. Fatiha.

May Allah increase your strength, your love. O listeners, listen! You get saved from every
trouble. You are saved from every torment. He is from their lions. La yadurru ma'a Ismihi
shay'un... May you have no heaviness left on you. May you be a lion! May your roaring be as the
roaring of the Heavens for the unbelief, from East to West. Fatiha. Go on strong and have no
fear! Recite Salawat. In the mosque they should recite Salawat before the Adhan and after the
adhan. Let these people who don't want it see it! When those who prevent reciting of the Salawat
for the Prophet die, shaytan blows on them saying "may your fire be plenty". Aman Ya Rabbi,
may You not leave us into the hands of shaytan and our ego. May You not seperate us from
being under the flag of the Glorious Prophet. This is the barakah of our Umm Hiram Sultan for

Fatiha for her soul, for our Umm Hiram Sultan Hz.

Lefke, 03.02.2013

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