Maulana Sheikh NazimYa Wadud...- The Fountain of Love
All creatures appeared through Allah's Divine Love. He loved them and they appeared; therefore everything in existence carries its share of Divine Love in it. The electrons of atoms turn around the nuclei with the speed of light, because they are alive with the Divine Love Power that their Lord has granted them. It is Allah who, through His Holy Name 'Ya Wadud', the All-Loving, gives His Divine Love to everything in the Universe. Those electrons spin at such high speed around the nuclei because they are drunk with Divine Love. That is how the influence of that Love is manifested by them. Through the Divine Name, 'Al Wadud', real, never-changing, permanent love is granted to us by the Lord. When we say 'Ya Wadud', we are opening ourselves up to that Divine Love, asking our Lord to awaken that unlimited and eternal love. I have been ordered to teach and advise people to call on our Lord, saying: "Ya Wadud", as this will enable the sincere to attain real love of their Lord Allah Almighty and to love everything around themselves for the sake of the Creator who loves all of His creation.
This love is the essence of all success in the way of spiritual purification. To realize that love, to come into contact with the Divine Love Oceans, is the challenge and fulfillment of human existence. We seek to awaken permanent love. Practices, prayers and rules are of no use in our time without that love, because the ego easily attaches itself to practices and uses them, so that they serve our vanity.
Everyone has a circle of friends, relations, acquaintances. Starting from those closest to us, our wives or husbands, parents and children, brothers and sisters, we must be generous in giving of our permanent love, making peace with them. Giving of our permanent love is the most important practice for our time. The lower self of man, the selfish ego, never wants to give permanent love to anyone exept himself. But Man has been created to love all creation, as he represents his Lord on Earth and has the greatest reservoir of Divine Love with him. He can be a great means of expression for that Divine Love in this world, a fountain of love that every creature may drink from.

- 01.04.1999
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