Maulana Sheikh NazimYawm at Mashar - If Allah Allmighty will ask His angels to find one person who during his life had so much pleasure, who was most pleased with this life, every enjoyment for himself - Look for that one
"God Almighty will ask His angels to find one person who during his or her life had so much pleasure, who was most pleased with this life, every enjoyment for himself or herself - look for that one..."
The greatest good tidings for the people of faith (ahl al-iman), the people of paradise is that when they enter into paradise, angels come and say, "You are welcome to be in these paradises eternally. Whoever enters never goes out."

That is the greatest good tidings for them, the Divine guarantee that they will never leave. The greatest sorrow, however, is for the people of hellfire. They enter and never leave. If you could count as many as the whole universe has atoms, and also has electrons, for each electron you may be in it for one million years and then you come out. But still they are happy because it is a period of time which is counted and it is going to be finished one day. The hope of that one day gives them peace, even if they are in hellfire. It is such a huge, huge number of years, but they are still going to be happy and say "Praise belongs to God (al-hamd Allah), it is not eternal." There is going to be nothing, nothing, nothing beside eternity. Therefore, the people of hellfire, when they hear that they will stay in it eternally, that is the deepest suffering. And they ask to be taken out of hellfire, even one moment of it is so difficult.

Then, on the Day of the Gathering (yaum al-mashar), the Day of Resurrection, God Almighty will ask his angels to find one person who during his life had so much pleasure, who was most pleased with his life, every enjoyment for himself - "Look for that one." And they will bring a person who lived 1,700 years. He had been king of all the world. He had been given everything of enjoyment. That person will be brought and God Almighty will order, "Take this person into hellfire for one second. Put him in it and then bring him here."

They will put him and then bring him there. Then God Almighty will ask, "Oh My servant, what thing that you tasted throughout your life of more than one thousand years during which time you were given everything - what thing from those pleasures and enjoyments is with you now?" He will say, "Oh my Lord, I swear by Your Name that I have tasted nothing, nothing. That one second I was put into hellfire and taken out just finished everything that I tasted during the thousand-and-so years of this life." Then, what about being in hellfire for thousands, millions of years, billions of years, not finishing, not ending, no hope? That is terrible! Therefore, so many believers' eyes do not sleep from the fear of hellfire, the fear of the anger of their Lord.

Then He will order the angels to find one person among all the people in on that Day of Gathering who suffered so much. God Almighty will command, "Take this person for one second into paradise." The angels will put him in it. Then God Almighty will ask, "What kind of suffering did you have during your life?"

"Oh my Lord, nothing! Nothing for me, finished!" Nothing does he remember because of that paradise. If all the prophets, saints, and religious scholars, were to sit together from the beginning of this world up to the end and speak about paradise, it would be impossible for them to give a description of it. They could speak about only one drop from an ocean.

What would you think if the last person who enters paradise should be given ten-times of this world? In this world, out of four parts, one-fourth is continents and three-fourths is oceans. Of the continents, also, half of them are deserts or forests where no one lives. However, ten-times of this world is filled with every favor of our Lord Almighty. That is just for the last person who is to be given from paradise. Then what about for the others? Yes, this is also our life, counted days or months or years. It is going to finish. Every breath takes us towards the Day of Judgment, toward Eternal Life. Keep your breaths for your Lord, Almighty God, and say, "God! God" (Allah! Allah!). If you do not say it by your will, still your breath each time says, "Huwa. Huwa. Huwa. Huwa. Huwa. Huwa."7 This is going on, "Huwa" with each breath whether you like to say it or not, this "Huwa. Huwa. Huwa. Huwa" must be. May God Almighty call us to His remembrance (dhikr).

- 03.06.1985
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