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Meded…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

Yesterday just passed away. This is a new day. Tomorrow this new day is going to be disappeared and tomorrow is going to be a new day. So many days, so many weeks, months, years, centuries, thousands of years passed away. Where they are now? Finished! Through passing time millions or billions of Children of Adam they disappeared also. Once upon a time they were in existence, living, working, fighting, running, asking to reach something that it is not possible to reach that targets. For example, we may say: Everyone that they were passing, (that) they passed away, they are (like) such a person who was asking to reach (to the)moon, and he was giving his whole effort (for that) and making (this) his main target. To reach to (the) moon, main target. And he was trying to build a building that that building only to be steps. Trying to make steps (and) he is thinking that: “With steps it is going to be possible to reach to (the) moon. Very good!” Another one (is) saying: “What are you doing?” “Just I am trying to reach to moon, because I heard that (the) moon (is) full with treasures and I heard that on each diamond (it is) just painted on it miraculously the picture of Archangel Gabriel. On each diamond or jewel it is painted miraculously Archangels Gabriel’s picture and I am trying to reach that.” “Oh, if you are trying, why we are going to sit down? We must try also to reach that treasures…”

It is an example; people they are not asking to reach to moon, but they are asking to reach treasures on this world and they are making their main target to reach as much as possible from (the) treasures of this world. What (is) happening? (This is) their target and (like) those people millions or billions of people just ran after it. It was their main target, they were saying: “Our main aim is to reach as much as possible much more treasures from this world.” “Okay, no one (is) saying: don’t do. Do it. You may do.” And they did. And finally, what happened to them? Perhaps they reached (something) from treasures and (the) most (successful) ones who reached to treasures they were Kings, Emperors, beginning from Pharaohs and Nimrods.

They were most powerful people to reach (to) golden treasures and jewel treasures. They collected, and what they did finally? They built pyramids and just carried what they collected from treasures of this planet, (of) this world and (they were) putting (these treasures) in it. And they were knowing that one day they must pass away and they were saying: “If we are passing, it is not our last life. Our life is never ending. It is (just) a changing from this life to another life. Therefore we must prepare for ourselves as much as possible treasures. We must carry (them with us).” Therefore they were loading and filling pyramids with treasures and finally they were making their bodies mummy. They passed away, but they never touched these treasures but another (one) after their generation, thousands of years (later). Coming new generations that they were looking, searching a way to reach to that treasure to what is in that pyramids and they reached and they found (the) treasure under pyramids. And (they were also) finding Pharaoh that (was) buried through that pyramid as a mummy; you can’t look at it- so ugly, so dirty shapes! You can’t look it; if you are looking perhaps you may loose your sleep or (that shape is) coming to you through your dreams (and) it is going to be trouble maker for you through your life… They passed away. They are now in passed time. Their existence just became imagination no one (is) saying (anymore) that: “That mummy was Pharaoh, King of Egypt and he did this or that…” Finished!

Now- what we are doing today, tomorrow (it is) going to be imagination, no reality. Reality is stable, not changing. Reality never changed; beyond reality everything is imagination. And imagination- if you can keep a sea, (the) surface of (an) ocean on (the) same situation, on (the) same condition even (for) one second, then you can keep passed time (also), or, beyond reality, imagination (is) going to be reality. (But) it is impossible (for) an ocean to be (the) same through even not seconds, thirds, fourths, fifths (of a second), (and further) down you can come- you may use your imagination to make (the) unit of time smaller- (you) can’t find (the) surface of (an) ocean to be same. You can’t keep (it). Therefore imagination is like that, changed, not stable. But reality (is) just stable, never changing.

Therefore everything (is) going to be changed, because (there is) no reality for their existence. Their existence is not a real existence. Real Existence (is only) for Allah Almighty, no changing (for Him). If (he was) changing, finished, (He) comes to the level of creation. He is (the) Creator, never changing, (and) everything that He is creating, (is) changing, Subhanallah! Finished. Yesterday just passed away, becoming an imagination, and we are in an imaginated life. Until we are reaching to Allah Almighty’s Unity Oceans we are in trouble, struggling, and asking to reach an existence through ourselves and it is impossible. When reaching to Unity Oceans- Unity Oceans (are) never changing, never accepting to be more or to be less. Solid, “Allahu Samad”. ‘Subud’(means:) never changing, finished.

But people they are thinking to reach something day by day. They are not looking what they are loosing. Every day they are loosing one day and asking from another day and they are saying: “We may reach something tomorrow” and when they are reaching tomorrow they are looking that: “We reached nothing also tomorrow” and: “We are looking if we can find (that) after tomorrow“ or they may say: ”This week we can’t reach anything. We hope to reach (something) next week”, or: “We are thinking to reach (it) next month” or: “We are thinking to reach what we are asking from real existence. Perhaps we may reach to a point that it is going to be (the) past point of our imagening and we may reach to a stable level that we may say: ‘Oh, I reached to my target, now I am in peace’...” “Innaka qadiun ila rabbik”- always people (are) running, running to reach something, personally, commonly, nationally and whole worldly. They are running, asking to reach to something and they can’t reach, because it is in (the) limits of (their) imagination, they are not in reality.

And everything that you are asking, it is through the limits of imagination. And you (are) never getting out of that limits for reaching to reality, because you are not preparing yourself to reach a stable ocean that (is) never moving, never changing, but you are running through your imaginations, through your imagening; you are not asking reality. That is (how) Shaitan (is) cheating people and people (are) running after Shaitan and finally they are understanding, when they reach the last point of their lives. (Then) they should understand that: “We ran after our imagination, our imagening, and we were thinking that it was a water there (on that horizon), but (now) we reached (there) and we (are) looking and seeing that it is (not an) oasis, (but a) mirage! Oh, we lost every chance for reaching (the) reality that it was with our Lord’s divinely Presence. We lost it and we have been cheated that (our) whole life just passed away ‘rah suda’, without any fruits. We lost it, finished!”

Therefore we are saying: Oh people, don’t run! Don’t run with your whole capacity or ability or your full effort after Dunya, because it is a mirage. It is an imagening, and one day Allah Almighty is saying for this planet: “How you came, from where you are coming in existence, go back to unexisted world, Unexistence Oceans, disappear!” La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

That is (the) main problem for mankind that we must understand and we must change our way from mirage to reality. Whole nations (are) running after imagening. Thousands of years Emperors, Kings, Sultans- everyone they gave their whole efforts and finally they were reaching to nothing. Only prophets- peace be upon them- and their followers they were turning their faces from imagination to reality. Reality (means): the Existence of our Lord Almighty Allah. And He is saying: “Fa ayna ma tuwalu fathabba wajhullah (?)…You may find Him, His Reality (everywhere)… Every direction (that) you my turn your face you may find His eternal divinely Face. Everywhere, but you are not looking to Him, you are looking (to) imagening worlds that it is going to be nothing.

May Allah forgive us and bless you, for the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

11.03.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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