Maulana Sheikh NazimYou came with Khair, may you go with Khair
As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh... You came with Khair,
may you go with Khair… Allahumma salli ‘ala S.Muhammad wa ‘ala alihi wa
sahbihi ajmain. Ya Rabbi, ya Allah, grant us the Shafa’a of Your beloved
one, ya Allah!...

O people, welcome to you! As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh!
We are weak servants and we are asking a support from Someone that He
can support everything! If He is not supporting, even an atom can’t be
in existence, because nothing can be in existence by himself, by
herself, by itself. Therefore- everything (is) supported by their
Creator Allah Almighty.
May Allah bless you and forgive us and we are saying: Audhu bi-llahi
mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.

We are weak servants and we are sitting here, asking from our Lord Allah
Almighty heavenly Support. Really everyone must ask heavenly Support; if
not, no one can support another one or no any nation can support another
nation, no.
I am surprising that people, weak ones, (are) asking from a powerful one
a support and also I am looking some small group of nations asking a
support from another country.
As we are on this island Cyprus; we are a handful inhabitants here and
we are asking support from Turkey. And about 4o years Turkish government
(is) trying to give a support to this handful group of people in Cyprus,
but as much as Turks (are) asking to support this small group of people
living on this island, that small group (is) going to melt. Melting,
coming down, coming down, coming down and nearly going to disappear.
Because our people that (are) living here, their beliefs it is so weak.
You may say that (it is) so weak that they are loosing their beliefs to
the Lord of Heavens.
Everyone (is only) looking and asking a material support and material
(is) never giving a nation or a person or a group of people a support.
But yet they are insisting (and thinking) that: “If we are going to be
rich ones, we are not in need any support (from Heavens).” They are
thinking or believing that only material aspect may support persons or
companies or business or states or governments. No, never, it is so far
away (from reality)!
Yes. Now there is (a) patron state on earth, US. Americans, they are
fighting in Baghdad, in Iraq, but…! They are putting every possibility
that they have to be able to control a small area in Iraq, because (it
is) their beliefs, they are thinking, that weapons or ultra power
weapons, nuclear bombs and so quick planes, fighters, may help them, but
(they are) never helping (them), impossible. They are surprising: “How
we are not able to control a handful people in Iraq?” Yes- but they are
not asking. Ask, come and ask to me, I should say to you: “Because you-
Americans, or Russians, or Turks or British or Chinese or Japanese
people- their trust (is) on material aspects.“ But never helping that
material aspects to them, no! Yet they are surprising, astonishing: “How
we can be able to be winners? First we did something and we thought that
we winned, we are victorious, but…(then)…” Yet (since) two years or
more, they are looking and seeing that they can’t be able, they are not
In front of them (there are) no armies, in front of them (there are)
some single people that they are not like an army to come face to face
for fighting, (and) therefore it is so difficult to bring a good result.
They (were) so quickly conquering Iraq, but they are not able to put
their hegemony on people, to keep them silent, to keep them obedient!
They are now thinking on it…
And I am sending my message to whole nations and their leaders:

“O people, don’t trust your armies, don’t trust your unknown special
bombs, don’t trust on material aspects!
You must believe that spirituality (is) always winning and always
material aspects (are) going to be under the feet of spirituality and
spiritual powers!”

And now, (in the) Islamic world also, their beliefs (are) nearly coming
to the point of zero. After a while (they) may be under zero, their
beliefs- they are finishing also.
They are also trusting for their richness, for their monies, for their
oils, for their soldiers, armies, but no, even now their hearts (are)
trembling. They are saying: “What is going to be tomorrow?” No one can
be able to give a news from tomorrow, what is going to happen! It is
just shut down, closed. There is a heavy veil, curtain, you can’t see,
you can’t listen, you can’t (do not with your) mind, you can’t know what
is going to happen tomorrow! And Allah Almighty (is) saying: “…Kulli
yaumin Huwa fi sha’an…” Every day that opening, every day don’t think
that it is same; (that) today is same or a copy of yesterday! Don’t
think that tomorrow (is) going to be a copy for today! Every day (is)
coming in an unexpected events, because Allah Almighty (is) saying: “I
am doing for every day a new projects, new happenings. New everything,
(so) that (today) can’t be same as yesterday!”
And man- until now they are not thinking on it to say that: “Tomorrow we
are going to be winners” or not yet mankind they are thinking that they
should be able to make their hegemony on coming days and only Allah
Almighty He is giving every creation to be under His (Hegemony)- that it
is (a) heavenly Hegemony on everything- Dominions for Allah. No one can
be able to reach His Dominions.
We are so weak, only we can find a power through our spirituality. And
people just left to learn spirituality, to learn about themselves and
people (are) running after nonsense things, and (they are) dying and
killing, destroying and (being) destroyed…

O people, you may reach not 21st century- (even the) 21.000th century,
if passing, that rule (is) never going to be changed: always material
(is) going to be under (the) hegemony of spirituality. And (a) very
simple example: you have physical body and spirituality. When your
spiritual power (is) leaving your material being, it is going to (be)
useless; a person, when he is dying, the power that (is) making (him) to
act, every act going through this life (is) cut off from our material
being (and) our material being it is going (to be) so nonsense, so
useless, so dirty. Therefore people (are quickly) taking that dead body
(away) and burying (it is the) burial places. (It is) nothing, no any
But people are not thinking on it, Ya Hu, what is going to be (with)
that person that yesterday was running, speaking, doing everything and
today he is lying, not seeing, not hearing, not speaking, not knowing,
not catching… They are not making a research on it.
They are making nonsense research, asking: “How many kinds of ants? How
they are making their sexual work…?”… Yes, you know, how that ant (is)
bringing (its) generation?... They are looking (after) such a things,
for example, but not looking who is man, who are you, who we are? They
are not asking, no. We forget ourselves and we are occupied (with)
everything around ourselves. Ya Hu- first look for yourself!
If I am saying: “How you are looking?” “ I am opening my eyes and… (it
is) so simple!” “How this hand (is) getting up? How this (is) going to
move, (the) hands? Without any support, how it is?” “(If) my will (is)
leaving it, (it is) falling down, (if) my will (is) ordering ‘Get up’,
(it is) getting up. My willpower (is) saying ‘Walk’ and you can walk,
‘Run’ and you can run”… like rabbits…
(We are) not looking (to) ourselves, but we are wasting our energy and
power, every possibility that we have been granted by Allah Almighty for
nonsense. You must look after yourself first, who are you? We are not
knowing our identity! Yes. “Who are you?” “I am the son of Niyazudin”,
“I am the son of Perwin”, “I am the son of Ahmad”… that is your
personality? Who are you? I am asking to you: “Give a description on
yourself who are you!”… (Understanding?... Why looking to the wall? Look
to me!...)
Who are you? You must know, who are you. Very simple answer:
“I am Adams generation, I am (a) member of (the) big family of humanity,
belonging to Adam physically, belonging to our Prophet, (the) Seal of
Prophets, S.Muhammad spiritually!
And my nationality (is) Millati Ibrahim, (the) nation of Ibrahim. That
is our nationality. And we are from Zurriyati Adam, from his children,
(the) generation of Adam.
And from the Ummah of S.Muhammad sws and we are also from the nation of
Christian can’t say that: “We are not from the nation of Abraham”, no!
If they are saying: “I am German”, “I am English”, “I am Swedish”, “I am
Greek”, that is wrong. I am not asking your tribe and (the) tribe is not
important. Important (is) that (which is) giving to you an honour: To be
(a) member of the Children of Adam Safiyullah that Allah Almighty
dressed him (the) honor to be Caliph on earth! That is biggest, one
biggest honor that we have been granted.
But people (are) not saying (this). They are saying: “We are German”,
“English”, “Russian”, “Turkish”, “Arab”… No, Allah (is) not giving
honour to your tribes! Honor (is) that you have been honor to be (from)
the children (of Adam a.s.), one member… of (the) big family of mankind,
I am one member”. “And from which nation?” “ Nationality, (the) real
(one), (is) to belong (to the) Prophets group and we are also from the
nation, from (the) Ummah of S.Muhammad sws. -That we have been honoured,
even Anbiya a.s. they were asking to be one member of Ummah of
S.Muhammad sws. We have been honored!- And, 3rd, (our) nationality,
(our) real (nationality, is to be) Millati Ibrahim, from the nation of
S.Ibrahim a.s.
Allah (is) not, never saying: “Ya ayyuha-l Arab”, “Ya ayyuha-l Atrak”,
“Ya ayyuha-l Ajam”, “Ya ayyuha-l Rus”, no, (but): “Ya ayyuha-l-ladhina
amanu! O My honoured, most honoured servants! I am granted to you to be
from the generation of Adam and to be from the Ummah of S.Muhammad sws
and from the nation of Millati Ibrahim, Ibrahim Khalilullah!” We are not
knowing our identity yet, they (are) never teaching this. Before they
were teaching, now they are saying: “We are like other animals living on
earth, next (to them), as nextdoor to our neighbors...” This is not
honour!” (The) honour that granted Allah Almighty (is) to be from Adam-
alayhi salat wa salaam- (to be from his) children and from the Ummah of
S.Muhammad sws and from the nation of S.Ibrahim- may be greetings and
blessings on them, peace be upon them, and honour be upon them!
Who is asking to be with them, should be granted that honour more and more!

Mankind now they are on (the) wrong way. Their education (is on the)
wrong way, their teachings (are on the) wrong way, they are using,
everyone (is) using satanic methods and they are deceiving themselves
and people. Real reality (is) what Allah Almighty (is) sending and
ordering to you to believe!

O people, it is a very short life that we are in it. Years so quickly
(are) running, because time is running. Time (is) running, you can’t
stop it, and you must try to take something! For example: There is cars
on airports, they are standing on it and without walking (they are)
taking you from one side to another side. Now (it is the) same for
reaching for ourselves: they are thinking that we are not walking, but
time (is) taking ourselves- from month to years, from years up to old
age of a person…

May Allah forgive us and grant us a good understanding! Because people
(are) drinking and they are getting to be drunk ones. They are learning
something that you may say wholly they are satanic teachings, that also
making people to be more drunk.
Come and wake up! O people, wake up! Before your eyes (are) closed down,
look and understand your position here and Hereafter!

May Allah forgive us! For the honour of the most honoured servant of
Him, much more granted glory, glorified one in divine Presence
S.Muhammad sws.
For his honor Allah (is) dressing you and me, for every believer, to be
dressed Nur, Lights, here and Hereafter. Bi hurmati-l Fatiha...

Lefke, 18.3.2007

Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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