Maulana Sheikh NazimYou must know that you have been created alone
Audhu bil-Lahi min ash-shaytan ar-rajim Bismillah hir-Rahman ar-Rahim
was-salaat was-Salaam 'ala RasulAllah
wa 'ala Alihi wa Sahbihi ajmaeen
Meded ya Rija'ullah. Destur ya Sultan al Awliya.
We are asking for Holy Support, Heavenly Support, Divine Support. Holy
Support comes from Awliyas, Heavenly Support comes from Rasulullah,
salAllahu alayhi wa sallim, Divine Support comes from Allah Almighty.
You must know that you have been created alone. Alone, that is how you were
created, through your mother's womb and you came from her alone. You think
that you are not alone because we are sitting here with so many people, but
we are alone, each one with himself or herself.
When you are working, you are alone.
When you are eating, you are alone.
When you are sleeping, you are alone.
When you are ill, you are alone.
Even if you are with hundreds of people you are still alone among them. No
one is with you. You are by yourself and you are dying alone. They will say
of him, "She is alone...being carried in her coffin...alone and buried, all
alone in her grave."
This is an important point, most people are heedless of this reality. Don't
say "I am with my wife, I am with my children." Everyone is with themself
and everyone is alone. Now if a person is healthy and wealthy, he or she
thinks they are not alone but when some disliked things come on them, either
in their business or with their health, then they realize they are alone.
Husbands are not able to be with their wives nor are wives able to be with
their husbands.
Perhaps when his wealth goes away, people will also run away from him.
People were circling him when he was rich, he was a big person but when he
lost those reasons, people ran away from him, he is looking and seeing even
his family and closest ones leave him. They don't like to be with him
anymore. They say, 'We must take him to the hospital or to an old folks'
home. We must put him where there are so many old ones, where he will be
happier, we can't carry this heavy burden anymore...'
They were crowding around him when he was healthy, but now when he is losing
his wealth they are running away. They are thinking, "There is nothing with
that person, leave him alone." Loneliness at that time is going to be clear,
particularly with unbelieving people. At the time that person arrives at the
old folks' home, he will look around and they will ask, "Who are you?"
He will say, "I am so and so."
"Did you have children?"
"Once upon a time, yes."
"Where are they?"
"At home, they brought me I am alone."
That is the end result of materialism, atheism, humanism, socialism,
feminism. It brings people to that point. All are false ideas, shaitanic
teachings. And a Heavenly Order, a Heavenly Command, says, "Oh My servants!
Be more kind to your parents, children, neighbours, humanity." This is what
Islam says. The anti-Islamic view says, "No, we are not accepting."
What is more perfect than Islam? Islam brought perfection. But atheism,
communism, humanism, socialism, feminism...all are
batil, false ways. If you are healthy and wealthy they say "Welcome!" If not
they are kicking you out to an old folks' home or to hospitals or mental
houses or prisons "to be happy". Only Islam is bringing perfect kindness to
people, teaching us how
we should be with each other.
And when their parents are dying, they quickly call the undertaker to come
and prepare him or her, then they ask to be told when the body is ready so
they can run behind the coffin to the cemetery. They dress in black clothes,
men and women, and with a white handkerchief in their hand show that they
are so sorry...
"Oh! Oh dad...oh mum!" they cry. They bring flowers and write on it "Dad" or
on another one "Mum".
That is their civilisation!
Shaitanic teachings teach the worst way. Shaitanic teachings are against
Heavenly Teachings and dying people are going to understand this when they
are so lonely. If they realize this before their time comes, they will ask
to keep themselves from such a bad situation at the end.
They have children and grandchildren and no one is coming to see them. They
are only cheating their mothers and fathers by giving one day for "Mother's
Day" - where they may take flowers and say "Mum it is your day". Once a year
they come
to their Mums and once a year they come to their Dads. That is their
And Islam is saying "Keep your old people -- keep respect for your Mums and
Dads, because I (Allah) am giving them My blessings." Allah is saying "My
blessings are on old people. Keep them in your homes, so that My blessing
comes on you also." If you are sending away your old Mum and Dad, those
blessings will be cut down. Maybe your family will no longer be blessed.
Therefore family problems are increasing. They are not going down. But
shaitanic teachings say, "No! Take them away, so there are only young ones."
They are taking those who are old and close to death away, and now Muslims
are also learning shaitanic ways from Europeans, from Western countries.
They are sending their sick parents quickly in an emergency ambulance, to
take them to a hospital, so they do not die at home. That person who made
that building and put everything in it. Their children can't even carry
their mothers or fathers for even two hours up to death. Saying, "No, it is
no good for a person to die in their home, let them go to the hospital and
then the cemetery." That is civilisation?
There are curses on such a civilisation. There is a curse of seventy times
on those who say that is civilisation. Humanity is finished, now only
robots. No feeling, no kindness to each other. Perhaps much closer ones
understand they are alone, but now so many people are not feeling this, but
are saying, "It is okay, we are not alone".
But after a while they will understand that they are alone. But by then they
will be taken from their beds, from their families, and from their children.
They will be taken by force, shouting and crying, not happy to go but but
they will be forced, taken and carried to another wild place to be there up
to their death.
Therefore, now in our days, Rahma (Mercy) is cut off from Heavens. Mercy is
coming in a few drops for some reasons for some people. It is not coming
generally, but only specially for some people and some places. Therefore in
our days living people have no pity for anyone. If they do not have pity for
their own parents and next of kin, then what about other peoples and
nations? If they are not taking care of weak ones and running to others, how
can you believe they have pity in their hearts for anything? Their hearts
are just empty of mercy. Their hearts are like rocks and nothing can enter
them. The whole crisis that is coming is because people aren't giving their
mercy and pity even for their most closest ones. Pity and mercy are going,
and wildness and terrible (Divine) revenge is coming on them. Every where
you look now, you will find signs of the revenge of Allah Almighty.
For the past three or four months I am hearing, "Flood! Flood! Flood!" Rains
are coming and carrying away hundreds of people and houses, taking away so
many fields, and carrying away so many things that they were going to use
and eat. That is the result of not having pity for weak ones, and Allah
Almighty is punishing them for such things. Europeans are claiming
they are such civilised people, even more than Americans, U.S. They are
saying this, but whole floods came on them this summertime.
Everything went underwater. Rivers came over bridges and destroyed
everything. Hundreds of people drowned, but they said there were only twenty
to twenty five deaths. No! Hundreds of people were carried away and hundreds
of thousands of animals were carried away and centuries old houses and
furniture and their books and everything they are keeping for hundreds of
years are carried away by the flood. It is not a sign of mercy! It is not a
sign of satisfaction or pleasure from Allah Almighty. That means Allah
Almighty is angry with them, particularly Europeans.
European countries, why have there been so many floods there for so many
years now? Now something is coming. It is a sign of anger of the Lord of
Heavens because Europeans are running after false ways and saying
'democracy', that is false. Saying 'humanism', that is of no reality.
Communism is worst. Socialism is worst. Capitalism is worst. Every 'ism'
that is coming is making the Lord of Heavens angry with them, because Allah
Almighty sent to them His Divine Rules to arrange the lives of mankind
peacefully with pleasure, but they are sending them away. They are coming
against the Lord's rules.
And now Allah Almighty is hitting them with a whip, whipping them, yet they
are not saying "Oh Allah! Oh our Lord! Oh our Lord! We are asking for Your
Forgiveness!" They are not saying that. I never heard of people coming to
churches and cathederals in Europe to say "We repent ya Rabbi, forgive us!"
No. People are saying that they are natural, natural events...natural
We must look at what at these "natural" events really mean.
May Allah forgive us. It is coming. I was not going to speak on this, but
our Grandsheikh is sending me such an association to reach to the whole of
mankind, so that they may say, when they are asked in the Divine Presence,
"Did any warning
come to you or not?"
They will be forced to say, "Yes, but we did not heed those warnings."
They are claiming that all of these events are from nature. No, it is not
from nature. But it is from their Lord's side, from Allah Almighty.
May Allah forgive me and bless you!
Bi hurmatil Habib, bi hurmatil Surah al-Fatihah!
Lefke - 01.10.2002
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