Maulana Sheikh NazimYou Have Been Created to Pray
The foundation of knowledge which everyone should know, is that we are creatures, created by the Creator. If this is not being taught, those huge centres of learning, the universities, will be the centres of ignorance. If they do not teach that we have been created by a Creator, they are not teaching anything. The professors of the university are usually very proud people. Where were they 100 years ago? Did they create themselves? If so, tell them not to die! In 100 years no-one of us will be here. In 100 years you will be nothing. Try to learn something from this wisdom. Don't be cheated through your youth, wealth and titles. Even if you are professors, you will forget everything by the time you are 80 years old. Whoever created you, will make you come down.
Try to know about yourself before you start learning about your surroundings. Science today is the opposite. They want to know about everything but themselves. We are so occupied by everything around ourselves. This makes our belief weaker and weaker and our troubles reach a top point. Whenever the belief comes down, troubles will increase, because there is no balance to carry the heavy burdens of life without a belief. Even an elementary belief will give a person support. A cane can support a hat, but not a building. Man must ask for a belief which is firm enough not to fall down. The base for that belief must be according to the understanding of the people and both should be able to grow.

The Creator knows about the nature and characteristics of his servants. No-one can know more about us than He does. Which is why He sent Heavenly Messages through His Heavenly Servants to his people to teach them how to perform Divine Services, how to worship Him. That is what we have been created for. If you do not do that, you are nothing. If you want to be acceptable in Divine Presence, you must fulfil your Divine Services.

You find Divine Services within every religion. It is the strong base which should be well-known and protected by everyone. If people do not keep that rule, to do their Divine Services daily, they are wasting the honour of being humans. You do not tire eating so many times a day, but even praying once seems to be too difficult for most people. Divine Service is the highest honour which we have been given from our Lord. If a King would offer you a highest service and you would refuse, what would that mean?

Allah is hiding Himself, but He is nevertheless asking us to serve Him. It is not less than if a King would ask us. He is not less majestic, less glorious. He has ordered us to come to the Divine Service. You have not been created to fight each other, you have been ordered to pray.

The 20th century started with atheism which then reached its top point in materialism. The two world wars wanted to destroy everything, and now a third one is being prepared. Everyone is a servant. I am a servant, Her Majesty is a servant, the ministers, the sultans... all of them are servants. Prophets and saints are servants. They are proud to be servants to such a powerful and glorious king.

Everyone should have another look at themselves and see which destination they have. They should try to glorify their Lord as much as possible, try to stay away from evil in the community. Within mankind you can find so many representatives of devils whose only aim it is to make all religions support them instead of worshipping their Lord. They must be defeated.

Every day you hear on the television what they have accomplished. This is not what we were created for. We have been ordered to support humanity on earth, not to destroy it. But that is what the devil and his supporters want to do. Try to be with the true and trustworthy ones and you will reach peace on earth and the pleasures in the hereafter.

- 01.01.1996
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